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  1. Sound Devices Wireless (rebranded Audio Ltd)

    As stated by Derek, you can rotate the display orientation on the A10-RX, though the chassis orientation of the receiver in the SL-6 is fixed. A key benefit of using SuperSlot-compatible wireless in the SL-6/688 is that you can control these systems directly from the 688. And to clarify, the A10 Digital Wireless System is an Audio Limited product.
  2. Sound Devices Mix Pre-3 and Mix Pre-6

    This should give you a scale perspective...if you know how big my hands are... MixPre-3 and 633 shown.
  3. 744T Discontinued (so it seems)

    We know a great many 744T's are in continued use. We will continue to support and service them for many years.
  4. Sound Devices at NAB

    Please make certain to stop at see us at NAB, stand #C6040. Take a listen to the difference between our two automix choices, Dugan and MixAssist, on the 688, and see how simple frequency scans are when initiated from the 688 with an SL-6 and compatible SuperSlot receiver. On a personal note, in 1991, my first NAB, I was with Shure. Shure introduced the FP410, the very first battery-powered automatic mixer, at that show. I built the show demo for it with a four-track cassette machine running on an endless loop cassette tape for the demo audio source. Here we are in 2016 again highlighting automatic mixing technology. What goes around comes around. Jon
  5. If you happen to find yourself at Cine Gear at Paramount this Friday or Saturday, please stop by the Sound Devices stand (#94 - outside on NY Street) and say hello. I will be there, along with Vojtech Pokorny, our European sales manager. We are showing the 688 with SL-6 and will have SuperSlot versions of Wisycom and Lectrosonics receivers. We are also showing the PIX-E monitor/recorders and PIX-LR audio interface. While not sound kit, I know many of you interface with PIX recorders on set, and these are the next generation of our camera-mounted monitor/recorders. Jon
  6. Gentleman, thank you for doing all the work for me to define the benefits of a mix to newbie sound mixers from several different perspectives. Copy/paste, perfect! On a related note, Glen Trew brought up a good point regarding the "two-track mix". That doesn't mean much for dialog when isos are recorded, too. No longer is two-track...multi-track.
  7. I am putting together material for a training seminar, and I am at the point of discussing projects demanding full multi-track (iso) audio recordings from production. In this scenario, how relevant is a production mix track? Even when post isn't asking for it? Thoughts?
  8. SD Web Site

    If you visit Sound Devices website, sounddevices.com, you'll notice that it has been updated. If you bookmarked any hard links into the site, they may have moved, so please make notice. Thanks, Jon
  9. AES is in LA for the first time since 2002. To kick off the show, DPA, Lectrosonics, and Sound Devices are hosting the Sound Summit LA the evening before the AES program begins (exhibits open on October 10). This isn't particularly formal, but there are scheduled presentations. Details here: www.thesoundsummit.org/la
  10. Product Development Cycles

    Per GAAP, of course!!
  11. Product Development Cycles

    Not certain what tax law is in Japan, but in the US, material sits out on the balance sheet as an asset (inventory) and wouldn't be subject to tax until a sale generates realized income.
  12. Minor update, though recommended for all 788T and 788T-SSD users: http://www.sounddevices.com/download/788t-firmware/
  13. PIX 260i Firmware 2.00

    Firmware revision 2.00 is now available for the PIX 260i. Full change log and updated user guide available from: http://www.sounddevices.com/download/pix260i-firmware/full-detail/
  14. Sound Devices 633 Keyboard Issue

    That bluetooth model of the Riitek keyboard is different than MWK01 listed as compatible in the 633 firmware page. If possible use the MWK01 version.
  15. This year we have a few presentations at our NAB stand, #C2546. Here are a couple that will be of particular interest to the JW faithful. Please join us if your schedule allows: Monday, April 7, 2014 - 2:00 p.m. Alex Lindsay - Founder, Pixel Corp. Alex Lindsay has been working in computer graphics and video production for over 25 years. Starting in Programming and Computer Aided Drafting, Alex has worked in radio, print, games, interactive, broadcast, and film. He spent three years working at Lucasfilm and Industrial Light and Magic on "Star Wars: Episode 1" before starting his own companies, dvGarage and the Pixel Corps. dvGarage builds tools for the Visual Effects community. In addition to Visual Effects, the Pixel Corps has become a world leader in Live Interactive Streaming events - producing over 300 events per year around the world. Tuesday, April 8, 2014 - 4:00 p.m. Dave Ruddick - Location Sound Mixer Dave Ruddick records audio in some of the most beautiful, treacherous, and remote locations in the world. An accomplished mountain climber and outdoorsman, Dave is in demand when the conditions are the most challenging, including productions summiting Everest, following the Iditarod in Alaska, and scaling glaciers in Greenland. His customers include National Geographic, Discovery Channel, PBS Nova, WGBH Boston, History Channel, and Skywalker Sound. Dave will discuss the challenges of audio production in extreme locations, far from mains, and technical support.