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  1. no noise issues, but you have to use an external antenna. Or bring down zaxnet power down to 5.
  2. Getting some Howy help and reprograming a control mixer does sound like a long shot. But is it impossible? I would imagine you need a very strong understanding of how sax gear is programmed.
  3. I do think there is a market for something like that. I would love it if zax made a new mix 8 with those qualities. Maybe the cheaper part they would leave out.. but still. Howard Stark could answer many of your questions or at least point you in the right direction I would think.
  4. Maybe its the difference in sound between the microphones and their placement?
  5. beautiful work on the wood.
  6. great stuff. Id love to hear some sound samples. adx1m micro body pac looks really interesting.
  7. I want to see them try their tests when the stadiums full..
  8. it would be great if zaxcom made one like the zmt. But just 48v supply no transmitter.
  9. I like the idea of the bose noise canceling headphones. I have never tried them for location sound work but I have tried them on many times and think they are incredible. Also having such good noise canceling would be great. I wonder how they would compare to the sound of my 7506. I agree that it should not sound good, it needs to sound accurate. If your getting too much ear fatigue you might be monitoring too loudly.
  10. if you are doing nature ambient recording and want to plant the recorder for a few hours something like power safe or MARF are pretty useful. If you ran out of batteries you want to make sure the file won't be corrupted, specially if you are going to be using AA's.
  11. I think i'll still use a regular TRX with a separate 48v power box for the boom. This setup is a bit heavier but you have another transmitter plus Neverclip. (which i like to have on the boom, just in case) I would really like it if zaxcom add to the line of tiny black boxes a 48V power supply with no transmitting capabilities. It could even be the exact same box. I think it could be more affordable, and have longer battery times.
  12. you ask for too much
  13. I like the gold deity 3CPO. I wonder if one can remove the black paint somehow? to me the diety sounds really amazing. Very low self noise, and very directional. In my cheap monitors the 416 sounds a lot more natural but with more background noise. The deity sounds a lot more directional but with a strange colored sound compared. It reminded me a little of how camera mics sound sometimes, not in a bad way tho. It might work nicely in SOME situations. The CMIT 5u, is as directional and sounds very natural i felt..
  14. does it have neverclip? The ZMT3 PH looks amazing also.
  15. thanks for sharing