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  1. Sanken Cs-M1 new mike

    dirt cheap!
  2. Deva 24

    im confident Zaxcom will get zaxnet in there. Nobody wants it more than they do I bet.
  3. Deva 24

    Whats with the FCC tho??!! No zaxnet would be a huge blow.
  4. 'Being There'

    Thank you for sharing! amazing movie! Ima go get a CMC641.
  5. What are peoples thoughts on the matter of compression in the location sound scenario? Thank you
  6. 600 MHz gear

    mexico all the way.
  7. Deva 24 seminar

    im just really happy we are going to have something like the deva 24 soon. Deva 24 + rx12. Id rather they finish it well than give out something thats not done. Time it took to make something has no relevance once its already made. On a side note I feel there should be another serial port extra. Who nows what the future will bring? also to hook up two rx12s to the deva 24. so badass.
  8. Deva 24 seminar

    Looks amazing! I would prefer a deva over a cantar. However I am not a fan of those deva faders.. I feel it would be hard mixing on them since they have no grooves or tips. Mixing multiple faders at once looks very challenging.
  9. Production Mix Structure

    I am glad you are considering mixing. It all depends on the situation. Go with what sounds best to your ears for which ever particular situation you are in. I have no problem with my mix consisting of only the boom if that is what sounds best. I will then feed lavs into the mix as needed or vice versa. To me the biggest challenge in a mix is to avoid phasing issues.. The fewer mics you have open at once the better as a general rule of thumb. You can monitor all of your tracks using your PFLs or different headphone presets, like boom on the left and lavs on the right. Also, remember that you can make things sound louder with the faders not just quieter. Trying to achieve a consistent sound across the entire scene is top advice. Also depending on what you are shooting to try and make it sound how it looks, like CrewC mentioned. To me, all of this is the difference between storytelling and just recording isos..
  10. DPA 4063 loud pops

    Well it would seem that it still might be covered by the warranty. I am still in the process of contacting DPA. I think i can rule out the microdot as the problem since I have swapped microdot adaptors and the problem persists, I have also triple checked that the microdot is screwed on correctly. I also find the flexibility of the microdot very useful, however I would not be against having some hardwired 4063s. Either way its my lav of choice.
  11. DPA 4063 loud pops

    It is true that it does not appear to be the actual microdot, but like you said the cable near it. It is good to hear that it can be fixed.
  12. DPA 4063 loud pops

    Definitely not good.. the mic is about a year and a half old. I do not think its under warranty but it is insured so I think ill be able to replace it. However I would like to try and save it to keep it as a back up. I have already contacted DPA and waiting on their reply. I will report back on what they say.
  13. DPA 4063 loud pops

    One of my beloved DPA 4063 has begun to make really loud pops when the cable at the microdot end is moved. Sounds like a bad connection somewhere even though the microdot is properly tightened and connected. I would like to try and fix it, but don't really know what could be wrong. Has anybody had any experience with this?
  14. Equipment wishes for 2017

    lol can't argue with that.
  15. They do have the most dynamic range on any transmitter I have used. I think that if you can't get it with zax you wont get it with any other. Maybe have a second transmitter set lower as a safety.