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  1. DPA 4063 loud pops

    Well it would seem that it still might be covered by the warranty. I am still in the process of contacting DPA. I think i can rule out the microdot as the problem since I have swapped microdot adaptors and the problem persists, I have also triple checked that the microdot is screwed on correctly. I also find the flexibility of the microdot very useful, however I would not be against having some hardwired 4063s. Either way its my lav of choice.
  2. DPA 4063 loud pops

    It is true that it does not appear to be the actual microdot, but like you said the cable near it. It is good to hear that it can be fixed.
  3. DPA 4063 loud pops

    Definitely not good.. the mic is about a year and a half old. I do not think its under warranty but it is insured so I think ill be able to replace it. However I would like to try and save it to keep it as a back up. I have already contacted DPA and waiting on their reply. I will report back on what they say.
  4. DPA 4063 loud pops

    One of my beloved DPA 4063 has begun to make really loud pops when the cable at the microdot end is moved. Sounds like a bad connection somewhere even though the microdot is properly tightened and connected. I would like to try and fix it, but don't really know what could be wrong. Has anybody had any experience with this?
  5. Equipment wishes for 2017

    lol can't argue with that.
  6. They do have the most dynamic range on any transmitter I have used. I think that if you can't get it with zax you wont get it with any other. Maybe have a second transmitter set lower as a safety.
  7. Equipment wishes for 2017

    exactly! I think this would be amazing. But it would be very expensive. And if you do not have zax wireless it would not make sense. Sound Devices take on this is the SL-6 which I think is very nice.
  8. Equipment wishes for 2017

    I would love if zaxcom made an actual zaxhub so I can use the rx12 with an fp8 or a mix 8 without nomad touch.
  9. Cart video monitor feedback wanted

    The marshall can pivot so you can change the viewing angle. That is a huge plus for me.
  10. Cheapo boom pole

    Great article shared by David.
  11. Cheapo boom pole

    that looks like a fine investment.
  12. Cheapo boom pole

    Love this! Aginzo, I am sorry if I came off as hostile. However it is all friendly debating between fellow soundies. It is fun to talk about and I understand you are just tying to make a point, as was I. Nothing personal. It is a good topic tho, I mean not just directed at you. Buying gear online from B&H or amazon is becoming cheaper and easier than ever (i am guilty of this as well)
  13. Cheapo boom pole

    I agree, lets forget walmart, but you are still giving money to who knows where. Better buy from your trusted sound shop. Even at a slightly elevated cost. Then you also guarantee what you are paying for. Why settle for cheap knock offs? Its all fun and games until a boom falls on talent. But like you said, to each his own. Also, regarding chepo boom poles: I bought I chepo K&M boom pole not more than two years ago and it already needs to be replaced. It has become very squeaky and a tightening collar has broken. Better buy a quality item once and be done with it. Thats what I say.
  14. Cheapo boom pole

    You bring up a good point. We have power as consumers and we should think to whom we give our moneys. Given the choice I would rather give my money to remote audio than to walmart..
  15. Cart building day!!!

    Looks great, but I think the wheels are too much. The lighter the better.