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  1. if you are doing nature ambient recording and want to plant the recorder for a few hours something like power safe or MARF are pretty useful. If you ran out of batteries you want to make sure the file won't be corrupted, specially if you are going to be using AA's.
  2. I think i'll still use a regular TRX with a separate 48v power box for the boom. This setup is a bit heavier but you have another transmitter plus Neverclip. (which i like to have on the boom, just in case) I would really like it if zaxcom add to the line of tiny black boxes a 48V power supply with no transmitting capabilities. It could even be the exact same box. I think it could be more affordable, and have longer battery times.
  3. you ask for too much
  4. I like the gold deity 3CPO. I wonder if one can remove the black paint somehow? to me the diety sounds really amazing. Very low self noise, and very directional. In my cheap monitors the 416 sounds a lot more natural but with more background noise. The deity sounds a lot more directional but with a strange colored sound compared. It reminded me a little of how camera mics sound sometimes, not in a bad way tho. It might work nicely in SOME situations. The CMIT 5u, is as directional and sounds very natural i felt..
  5. does it have neverclip? The ZMT3 PH looks amazing also.
  6. thanks for sharing
  7. powerex is great. You have to charge them the night before tho, then they beat enloop blacks. Enloop black can stay charged many weeks no problem.
  8. amazing fanny pack recorder! this is the DR701D done right. and it has faders!!
  9. yes I believe so. I think the DAD 6034 is the adaptor for that.
  10. very true. you realistically need many mics for different scenarios.
  11. these look like an interesting option. Very low self noise, and very cheap.
  12. I like the idea of the stereo 4060s for ambiance recording. Then with a tiny recorder you can have an extremely small footprint stereo recording. You can also get the adaptor so you can use a 4060 with your G2 for dialogue. Portability and easy set up are key. Also they are very easy to protect against wind, which is essential. The less equipment you need to carry the better. When you can fit your multi track recorder in a fanny pack or your pocket it makes things very easy. Also discreet, you want to try and attract as little attention to your equipment as possible. Specially if your going to be alone. Great article by soundmanjohn, awesome stuff.
  13. lol
  14. Seems like science fiction, but perhaps in the near future active noise cancellation might help location sound mixers get clean dialogue.
  15. personally i would rather spend my money on microphones than on the recorder. If you want to get good ambiance recordings find a good mic with very low self noise. I would not use the NTG3 for anything else than outdoor interviews. For ambiance better get a stereo mic or even better a stereo matched pair. For simplicity the audio technica BP4025 comes to mind. The nice thing is you can use it inside your blimp and have a nice stereo image with wind protection. For interviews and dialogue you can use your G2 and NTG3. A used SD device or a zoom f4 should do the job nicely. Sounds like an amazing project.