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  1. I have been using the KentLi PH5 AA batteries for about 6 months now. I get a minimum of 3hrs out of SMv @100mW. The beauty of them is that you can measure the unregulated voltage with a multimeter - the positive end has two terminals, one regulated and one unregulated. None has failed yet, so I am happy with these.
  2. Any Exciting New Lavs?

    I have been using Rode lavs for several years and think they are in the same ball park as COS-11s at half the price.
  3. Ambient Master Lockit Test Video

    Yes, the MLC-HID usb wire was faulty. Exchanged by John Barry in Sydney and now the system works perfectly.
  4. Ambient Master Lockit Test Video

    Trying to link to SD 688, but web app it just says offline. Seems not to work. All firmware up to date, correct cables. Pity, I really want the sound reports to work.
  5. I had ORCA 32 for 688, SL6, CL6, and ORCA 30 for 633+2SLR. I just got annoyed with the lack of space and couldn't handle the inability to access the memory cards. Replaced with the KTek Large and small respectively and couldn't be happier. ORCAs are in EBay as I write.