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  1. Which Schoeps mics for documentaries?

    Schoeps CCM41 (and CCM8 for stereo) with Cinela Windscreen / Shockmount
  2. Boompole's cable options for SILENT run&gun

    If you decide for external cable: Just cut a cable to the right length then you don't have any problems with excessive cable. My way is for a 4 meter boompole something like a 5.25 meter cable (maybe 5 or 5,5m depends on your length i guess) and if you go shorter just wrap some cable to your bag with velcro
  3. Show me your bag

    I picked up my Zaxcom QRX200, 2x TRXLA2 and the AudioRoot vmDBOX today. I feel like i finally have a serious rig now. (i had/have 2x Sennheiser EW100's). Very happy with this new setup, although because i dont have zaxnet i have to manually jam the tx's everytime i power them up. Other items: Cinela Pianissimo, OSIX 2, MINIX CCM, Schoeps CMC6MK41, CCM41, Panamic pole, PSC travelpole, 2x Sennheiser EK300 for director, K-tek Harness, Tentaclesync. I power everything with a V-lock accu in the K-tek bag.
  4. G3 system as "Comtek" IEM

    did you check what all of your limiter, high boost, volume boost settings are on the 300? And if you have the right line input cable for the sk TX?
  5. DUGAN for the 633!! Firmware update 4.50!!

    @rodpaul This is a interesting read about the different options (Mix Assist and Dan Dugan): https://soundandpicture.com/2016/09/a-perfect-mix-sound-devices-and-dan-dugan/ quoting Jon Tatooles from SD: "It (MixAssist) may be better suited for tougher applications where you need it to be a little more aggressive. The MixAssist algorithm attenuates microphones in a different way than the Dugan algorithm. Whereas Dan’s algorithm is super smooth, MixAssist may have more noticeable transitions. " , but because of this more aggressive way of attenuating inputs, the noise floor is also lower in certain situations
  6. SD633 x1x2 vs SD302 tape out

    You have x3 and x4 for that on jack 3,5mm
  7. DIY- Right Angle XLRs

  8. DIY- Right Angle XLRs

    Hi, thanks. The receipt says translated to English 'Insert cap circular', Not really specific. I picked it up at a local hardware store for 30 eurocent each. I only had to cut off some of the plastic screw-thread and it fit well. Fixed but not too tight so its removable with fingers. Btw - your's matches nice with the battery cap of the 633
  9. DIY- Right Angle XLRs

    First post - Many thanks for all the ideas here on this forum. I still have to solder this one but i already like how this looks and feels