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  1. External antenna for Sennheiser G2

    A lot of good information guys. Much appreciated!
  2. External antenna for Sennheiser G2

    Mark, that's reassuring. I found the antenna length by using this frequency wavelength calculator. I read somewhere that you should measure the antenna length from where it's connected to the circuit board. But this is a while ago and I don't know if the information is correct. My plan is to replace the original G3 antennas with a SMA connectors, and also adding a second one for the receiver like Dave has shown earlier in this thread.
  3. External antenna for Sennheiser G2

    When making new antennas, where do you start measuring to get the correct length for your frequency? I got a few 1/4 Wave Whip Antennas from eBay that I cut down myself, but I suspect I've done it wrong. The seller told me to include everything except the connector (silver part) in my measurements. After doing so they are still about an inch longer then the external portion of the original G3 antenna.
  4. Seinnheiser MKH 8060

    Thanks guys for the reassuring replies. It seems I don't have much to worry about. Will definitely go get me a 8060 now. Thanks again!
  5. Seinnheiser MKH 8060

    I'm currently considering getting a 8060, but the more I search around and read about it the more I doubt if I should take the chance. It seems like the perfect mic for my needs, granted that it work as intended and stay reliable. Are there any news about these issues and whether they have been fixed or not? All of you who have sent your microphones back to Sennheiser, are yours working fine now? Inputs are much appreciated.
  6. Hi guys I was wondering if anyone of you who have a PSC Elite Pole could do me a little favor. I need to know the largest outer diameter of the pole, whether it is the biggest knuckle or the base. I sent an email to PSC but they haven't responded yet, and my large pole won't arrive until next week. I would be very grateful if someone could help me out. Thanks, - Alex