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  1. Lectrosonics Gear Stolen from NAB

    we will keep a big eye out thats for sure. sorry for the huge lose. the word is out. Frank.
  2. Lectrosonics Gear Stolen from NAB

    +1 big time
  3. Lectrosonics Gear Stolen from NAB

    To have two major manufacturers hit like this, not to this degree. much smaller items in the past. a mic or lower ticket items here and there, but the list from these 2 companies is outrageous. PS- D-Fisk. the security was minimal to say the least, thats BS. I walked out at closing with a couple exhibitors and as you said the yellow jacket security force of the past was not present.
  4. Zaxcom Theft at NAB 2012.

    Sorry Glenn. Im sure all of us will keep a look out for those items and the matching sn#'s D-Fisk I do remember the security walking around at wrap time and show time as well. a vendor told me that when something was stolen from there booth a few years ago. it was a inside job and the security teams were in on it. in the past products on display were "covered" with black cloth and pelican cases hidden underneath the display cases , when that happens, the night security crew has a easier chance to take those items.
  5. My 2c. the B6 is actually considered "water resistant". the VT500 omni lav has been IPX-7 certified as a true"waterproof" lavalier. not to disrespect countryman we have supplied B6's on Deadliest Catch for the last 8 years. and the VT500's for the Air rescue teams. for more info re: the certification & some video clips of the lavs in use, - check out there website: www.voicetechnologies.net PS- we are dealers for both lav manufacturers, and cant wait to interface them with the Lectro WM TX's Thank you- Frank
  6. Hi everybody, In honor or April showers - just a reminder we have the MTO Ponchos & Audio (mixer) slickers in stock. Helps you- the sound mixer stay dry. and the AUSL keeps your valuable gear dry as well. check them out: http://www.shootersl...-slate-products SOSL Ponchos retail @ $ 219 AUSL Audio slickers @ $236 Thank you, ' Frank
  7. New product from K-Tek

    Dave bring it to NAB.
  8. Star Trek: The Next Generation

    Spencer- pretty funny man. "this hallway is long" I laughed I cried
  9. Boom Operators Gear/Equipment

    They are awesome. the Matte color works for me.
  10. Pro-Sound has Nomad 8's Available

    Hello, We have a NOMAD-8 in stock (as of today- 3/16/12 @ 1:12 west coast) Thank you, SOLD; 3/21/12
  11. Other names for "boom buddies"

    +2 RM Boom Boy
  12. okay, so whats the deal with Louisiana?

    Atlanta seems to be another big tax incentive state.
  13. Who's the BEST looking sound mixer in our group?

    ok- check out Ailetchers new hair cut.
  14. Who's the BEST looking sound mixer in our group?

    might have to go w/ Taylor, w/ Senator a close second.
  15. Act of Valor #1 @ the Box Office

    RS- I thought so. I know your a good mixer and have much respect.