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  1. How long should a JWSOUND seller warranty a sale?

    Hello all. Thanks for your input, but what I'm looking for here is a number. How long after it arrives? Thank you, Martin Jim, Exactly what I was looking for. Thank you, Martin
  2. Hello, If there is no stated warranty period, if I buy something on JWSOUND from a fellow member, how long should they allow me to take, after I received the product, for me to cover the cost of a repair? In other words, how much time should they allow me to discover any defects in the product I received? Thank you.
  3. Quick question about tentacle sync

    Hello,I think that furthers my point. If you can't look at one led and calculate when it is "on", due to the ramp up and bleed down of the leds, how can you come to a conclusion on 2 leds located on 2 different units. In that scenario, your eyes would have to be able to see both leds at the same time, and calculate when both leds are at full illumination, since that would indicate when these 2 were "in sync". That's ever harder than analyzing one led. A dog that can't catch one car can't catch 2 cars. Sincerely, Martin
  4. Quick question about tentacle sync

    Hello, I think Steve has a good point there about humans not being able to see that. But I think the bigger problem, in this scenario, is one would also need to know how long that led was staying "on". And what is the definition of "on"? The led has to ramp up to full brightness, and then has to diminish down. So, what part of that illumination is considered "on"? If you look at a Denecke slate, When it is clapped, if you have it programmed to flash for 2 frames, that's a 12th of a second. Does anyone here read that display? Or even see the flash? Sincerely, Martin
  5. Worth buying IFB200 for a simple mono system?

    Hello, The IFB200 works great for control of freq. and gain. So will all the current Nomads except lite. The IFB100 can't be easily mounted in a bag, so you can't get access to the controls to operate the freq change and gain change. But, the IFB100 has more power, but this doesn't make much real world difference. I have used the 200 in a bag with no need for any filters or power supplies. Sincerely, Martin
  6. M/S mic for documentaries

    Ivan, It's only blasphemy if you tell anyone you did it, of course if you happened to record 2 tracks, maybe one not quite so hot, and that track saved the day, then your sins are forgiven. The problem in reality, is that it has gotten tough for post to listen, or comprehend, or something. So you may cause more problems then you fix, if you hand post too many tracks. Dealing with post often reminds me of a friend who had a child who was about seven at the time, and who was adopted as a baby. The child knew he was adopted, and the mother would explain to him that she went to the hospital to pick him up after he was born. And at the end of that story, every time, he would say "Okay, go back to the part where I came out of you". Which of course was very cute. But life with post can be like this when you explain something in perfect detail and then they ask what you just explained. I don't know if it's because they're busy texting "lol" and "OMG" in the middle the conversation or what, but often they just don't get it. And of course whatever is best for the finished product is what's best to do. Sincerely, Martin
  7. M/S mic for documentaries

    Hello, I can't picture how come you wouldn't be able to do that in post, but maybe im missing something here. Sincerely, Martin
  8. Cedar DNS and Schoeps Super CMIT

    C, I'm no post mixer but I do get in there and play around with the files just to see what I could have done better, and I really think it has more to do with what job you're doing. If you have off axis noise to deal with, it's the digital Schoeps. If you are sound staging, it would be, in my case, the DPA 4017. The ability for the Schoeps to reject reverb is far superior to the DPA. I think subject to mic distance greatly comes into play. The "reach" from the digital Schoeps is far greater. So, pick your poision I guess. As far as setting 2, which was part of your question, again, what are you recording? If your working on something noisy, like "Billy Bob's Goat farm and Dry Cleaning Wars" season 2, then the Schoeps might be best, unless you need to pickup grandpa way off axis arguing with the tv over who stole the horse on Bonanza in the background. Sincerely, Martin
  9. talent freq vs hop freq?

    Alen, Maybe it was just someone's way of remembering? So they could keep them separated? As in, I see what the hop is, so I just have to keep everything below that? In other words, leaving out actual frequencies, if my hop is on 20, then I know I have 1-10 available for talent. Where as, if I have my hop on 10, then I can't get farther away using 1-9, or 11-20 for talent. Sincerely, Martin
  10. Zaxcom ERX Tone Won't Filter Off

    Daniel, Thank you for the input. I don't know whats going on with it. Tuesday it blasted a director, yesterday, it's working fine. I guess I will just test it everytime I hand it to someone. I feel like I might be doing something, I just don't know what I might have started doing, that I didn't do for a long time before that. It might be a combination of something, that would explain why I can't duplicate it now. Obviously when you're in the middle of working you can't say "Hey everybody, let's come to a work stoppage so I can play with my equipment and figure something out." Thank you. Sincerely, Martin
  11. Zaxcom ERX Tone Won't Filter Off

    Patrick, A couple of things. I just tried it and now it works fine. It works on multiple erx's, so I'm guessing it is a Nomad issue? So it is intermittent, I just don't know if I did anything to cause it working or not working. Also, you mentioned that you are on Nomad v.7.81. I never had a problem in the 7.81 era. Certainly someone would have said something, probably a lot of something, if I had blasted them with tone. Thanks again for your help. Sincerely, Martin
  12. Zaxcom ERX Tone Won't Filter Off

    Patrick, What version Nomad software are you on? I can't think of anything else that could be different from yours to mine. Thanks again. Sincerely, Martin
  13. Zaxcom ERX Tone Won't Filter Off

    Patrick, Thank you for checking yours, I am not in front of them right now, but I think they are 2.11. Are you turning on the switch that says 1k filter on in the ERX menu? Is that how your blocking it? And can you cycle your 1k switch on and off to see if you can here it and go back and forth to see if you can block and unblock it? Also, what are you using to send tone to the ERX, what device? Sincerely, Martin
  14. Zaxcom ERX Tone Won't Filter Off

    Afew, Yes, Thanks, that was a bit of a joke. Well, I really am considering putting a plug in device that would simply go between whatever someone is wearing, a type of inline 1k filter, and the erx. Sincerely, Martin
  15. Zaxcom ERX Tone Won't Filter Off

    Hello, Who all is having the issue with the ERX no longer filtering out the test tone sent to it for camera use? And, how are you dealing with this? If you have them mounted on camera, and as a comtek, do you just yell out, "Everyone who has a headset on, take it off for a minute." And has anyone figured out how to "fix" this? I guess I could build headsets with 1k filters built in. Those with useless smarmy responses can go smarm on another post. Sincerely, Martin