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  1. Hello all, I was just going to be both impressed and feel sorry for him if he had to do 2 twenty hour days in a row. Or 1 twenty hour day in a row. And no, I still won't take a Zoom anything for free. I think those of us who say that, might sound like snobs. And I know I don't mean to. I think if someone is trying to get started in this business, I wouldn't like to think they didn't buy their mixer and start out on their path to success because I said Zoom is low quality, and then they subsequently decided instead to work at walmart. Not that their's anything wrong with that, as long as you want to work at walmart. It's just that this site is a mix of levels of not just experience and of ability, but of the type of "thing" we are all recording. If someone is here learning how they can best record their garage band, then yes, if it leaves you more money to buy higher quality mics, go get a Zoom. If the zoom fails, you guys and girls can practice for another week, and record next Saturday night instead. You should buy whatever total package will give you the best sound for your budget. That's all that counts. If you have 5 thousand, pounds, dollars, whatever, it doesn't make sense to spend 4000 on a recorder. The only thing that counts is what the best package for sound is that you can get. If your drummer is diabetic, and you spend 100,000 for sound equipment, and he falls over from lack of sugar, you should have spent a buck on a candy bar, because all that equipment you bought is now sitting there while the ambulance totes off your drummer. And Constantin, I have learned to save all this stuff I write, so if the site fails to upload it, I won't have to retype all of this. Sincerely, Martin
  2. Christian, You didn't dare go the analogy via parable route, did you? Sincerely, Martin
  3. Constantin, Clarification is why you ask questions. I am glad you are not an air traffic controller. Sincerely, Martin
  4. Out, 2 twenty hour days? Is that what you meant? And how is timecode holding up? Any idea? Sincerely, Martin
  5. Constantin, Yes at all. You are wrong. This is my fourth response that I have spent time typing, this website failed to post the first 2, so I simply typed "this is my third time". What I typed earlier, is that I want YOU to tell me what to send them, what YOU think they should respond to. I didn't ask them about global warming or Toyota corporate fuel economy projections for 2018. I asked them a business question. And as far as proof. Yes, if I see something myself, yes, that is proof. Brace yourself for an analogy. If a driver smashes into your car, and you saw them, that proves to YOU that it happened. Someone else doubting that you saw what you saw, does not diminish what you saw. It's a very simple premise. And this wraps up response number 4. Sincerely, Martin
  6. AL, Because it's a lot easier and cheaper to overcome the mic manufacturers missteps by flipping a switch than it is to buy a lot of mics. Sincerely, Martin
  7. AL, replace them with what? Sincerely, Martin
  8. I have responded to this 3 times.
  9. I'm still waiting for them to respond to my first message from over a year ago and I'm still waiting for the response from my message to them about 2 weeks ago. Why are they not asking on this forum what they can do for anyone who says they didn't get a return to their email? I think that says it right there.
  10. VM, I sent one, I posted when, but I think it was about 15 months ago from memory. I also sent one 5 days ago. No answer to either. I think the proof is right here, or the lack of it. Why is there no response from Wysicom on any of this conversation. Zero. As a joke maybe every New Year's day I'll just start putting on my calendar, make it my annual joke to send Wysicom an email. Sincerely, Martin
  11. Phillip, This isn't exactly what you asked, but, I use the 2k filter on the transmitters. That works great, when I use a particular set of lav mics. I managed to get an upper level manufacturer person, after much aggravation and stalling, to tell me they "didn't ground the capsule end" of the mic. So, I use that trans 2k filter for that, so get rid of non-grounded capsule end induced noise. I will try, when I get a chance, to try using the mixer filter for this and see what happens. I can see why the op would talk about the manual, I will say, the manuals could use improving for Zaxcom. I will leave the analogies out, so I won't offend anyone. Ok, I can't stop myself. Brace for incoming analogy. The Zaxcom manual, in some parts, reads like a car driving manual that talks about how the car was designed and functions, and the like, but you have to have a manual that is written by someone driving the car and not the person that engineered it. I actually make notes on the pdf so I can be prepped if I need to look something up. Sorry I can't better answer your notch question at this point. Sincerely, Martin
  12. Christian, I just had something interesting happen recently that's related partly to what you're saying. I had an editor say that said he was missing two audio files. First thing I say is send me a picture of the slate, the actual clapping and the bright flash of the Denecke slate. That does two things, one it tells me what time code to look for, and 2, if they can't send me the picture of the slate clapping, there's no file for me to have to give them. So, for whatever reason they had misplaced the files and I gave them to them after looking at the time code. I realize I should just be able to go by the slates scene and take, but I'm going to give them exactly what the time code says that just makes more sense to me, and of course it should match up anyway. So, I get another call, we are missing another file. Ok, great, send me a screenshot of the slate clapping. This of course does something else also, if I see fingers in between the slate and Clapper, I know I can stop looking. Keep in mind there was a bit of a language barrier between the editor and myself and the editor and the director. This time when I asked for a screen capture of the slate the answer I get from the editor is "there is no slate, it's in the middle". This was a message sent to both the director and myself. We both had a pretty good laugh over that because we didn't know what to do with that information. I asked the director what does that mean he said he didn't know. So finally the director actually sits down in front of the computer with the editor. And he decides that he will just go through all the files and listen. We had a very experienced sag actor, an older gentleman, who had screwed up his lines and he said cut. Well I'm not cutting because an actor says cut. So I kept rolling, I look over at the director and I asked "are we cut"?. He says no. So I keep rolling. So what happened is the editor had heard that actor say cut on that file and he stopped listening. The director was actually looking at the wave file and he was curious what all that was after he hears the actor yell cut. So the director kept listening to the file and he asked the editor why he couldn't simply find that and he just said that "I stopped listening after I heard the actor yell cut." And I know there's so many things wrong with everything that I just told you, the actor yelling cut, the editor not paying attention and on and on. Sincerely, Martin
  13. Glenn, That is my understanding too. If I have 4 people seated for dinner, I can, from across the room, adjust the gain, and I like that a lot. Did I miss it before I had it? No. Here comes an analogy, brace yourselves. Did I miss my microwave oven before I had it? No. But cooking would be tough for me without it now. Sincerely, Martin Few, I certainly see what you're saying. It looks like you're adding used equipment to the list of possibilities. I think that changes a lot of considerations. I was strictly talking brand new, because then you have to get into a conversation of what manufacturer makes the best equipment from what year vs. the current value of that equipment. You're spot-on with several comments here. Although I think it would be nice if production paid more to people who had gear that would make (audio) life easier, that's just rarely the case. There's too many people in production that don't have a clue what it takes to do audio. Oh they know they have to have a Red this or an Arri that, but ask them anything audio and they are lost. They can't even tell you the name of a good tripod to stick that expensive camera on, but they know the camera. I don't know why this is, I certainly don't understand it. Brace for an analogy. It seems like a building contractor who knows Plumbing, drywall, how to pour a foundation, but doesn't have a clue about electrical. And you're right about one thing, if you pay a whole lot for that gear, and you're simply wearing it out doing lower-paying jobs, you're just working to replace the worn-out gear as it gets worn out and not making any money. Brace for another analogy. I'm not sure if these Uber drivers are making much of anything, after they pay for gas, insurance, wear and tear on the vehicle itself, tires, oil changes, normal depreciation, depreciation from excessive mileage, damage, etc. and that's where we are as sound mixers if you're not getting paid more why should you be paying more for the equipment? Sincerely, Martin
  14. Also, on battery life. Comparing Lectro to Zaxcom as far as battery life, are we talking turning features off on Zaxcom? In other words, are we turning off recording, and turning off the transceiver part of Zaxcom, in order to compare the 2? I wouldn't think so. So, at this point, we then have to ask, are we powering the Zaxcom units down, as I would in between scenes, or even between problem induced stop downs between takes? If yes to that, I think advantage almost certainly goes to Zaxcom. If we are talking live, or live to tape, then the advantage might be Lectro, I would have to measure the Lectros to know for sure. Larry can probably speak to power consumption for Lectro Transmitters.
  15. Hello all, Sorry if some didn't get my analogies. Sincerely, Martin