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  1. Hello, Jack was close, you can use Nomad keys on face to enter zaxnet frequency in zaxnet menu. When I read that, it sounded good to me. I think it takes less than 10 seconds to go from one end of the frequency range to the other end of the frequency range. Sometimes 10 seconds seems like a long time. I don't use the function of entering numbers via the front faceplate, but I believe there are other numbers you can enter via this method. Sincerely, Martin
  2. Hello all, I'm glad Jack caught that. I wasn't thinking about that zaxnet tc comment. I guess I'm thinking your still ok, your still going to get timecode to the rx200, even if you don't want it. Sincerely, Martin
  3. Matthias, Don't worry. People that don't know me never spoil my day. Sincerely, Martin
  4. All, some of you just enjoy inflicting misery instead of just simply solving a problem, your were just built like that and we will have to learn to live with that. I have people who send me private messages asking me questions because they don't want to be criticized by many of you, one person on this site surmised that this is born out of fear. I.e. , "if you learn what I know then they won't need me". There may be truth to that. I mentioned Nomad and someone could have simply said "Nomad doesn't have it Deva does". But that would have just been too easy with no drama. Sincerely, Martin
  5. Jeff, There is no such feature on the Nomad. I thought in the beginning of this someone may have figured out a "workaround". Something such as I do to combat computer viruses. I don't use Antivirus software, I have a work around. It soon started to be obvious that many on here were just having fun, as opposed to providing any instructional help. There is no Nomad menu that has that, if a Deva has it, someone could have just said so, and probably with many fewer words than they used to not say it. Sincerely, Martin
  6. 1 Yet another non-answer.
  7. Thank you for another non answer. Hello, yes I would like to know the answer that question too. Sincerely, Martin Hello all, I just got off the phone with Zaxcom. I believe they too would be curious to know where this menu item is. It has become, once again, the electronic Bigfoot. Sincerely, Martin
  8. VAS, Do I need to just guess why you just simply cut and pasted what I said? Or would you care to share with the rest of the class? Sincerely, Martin
  9. Daniel, I don't believe I ever said anything that would discuss the merits of reading. I simply made a statement that if you have a zaxcom versus the "other brand", you're just going to have to read more. There is no matter of people telling me something that I'm not getting, I'm well-versed in zaxcom and I simply don't believe there's any way to do with they're talking about. I've already said that in this thread. I'm not sure how to make that any clearer. I don't have any communication problems with Zaxcom. And indeed there is a menu item in the Zaxcom that was created after communication between myself and Zaxcom. I consider myself a very calm person. And no, not three or four people have tried to help, one person gave an answer that's not correct. Someone posting that somebody else said something is not an answer. I don't like false information dis-information, rumors or speculation. If someone says they have a fact why not present it. I own 2 Nomads and there are no such menu item as mentioned by Bash. What if somebody reads that, thinking that that feature actually exists and buys a Zaxcom based on that in misinformation? Not good for anyone, especially the person that just laid out thousands of dollars. If you would like, I can start a new thread with all of this nonsense and we can hash it out, all the while, still on the same site. I don't need to contact Zaxcom to ask them about a feature that doesn't exist. Sincerely, Martin
  10. All, I am being sincere. I guess I should have said, "Since that idea doesn't work, what is your next possible way to make this work.?" This has been nonstop non-information. The beginners on this site must stay really confused at some peoples guesswork. If someone asked me how to do something, which happens quite often, I would walk them thru it and show them, all the while making sure not to make them feel stupid in any way. Making someone feel stupid is probably not going to help them learn faster. Why do people take so much joy in doing that? What kind of person enjoys making young and or inexperienced people feel stupid? I just don't get it. So many people have commented here with more words that didn't help solve the equation, with some pretending that, "of course, I know the answer, It's just so obvious, I'm not going to tell you." Would you sit in the back of an advanced math classroom, and raise your hand and say "I know the answer, but I'm just raising my hand to make snide comments?" Of course not. So why do it here? And why type "RTFM"? Does that really help? Why not just type something useful using the same amount of words? Why do people treat others this way? In the words of one sound mixer, whom many of you know, "its poor potty training" that causes people to act this way. My mother would be appalled if I told someone something like "RTFM". I enjoy teaching someone something new and watching how they modify my process to make it better for the way they do things. Sometimes their modification of a process modifys my process. We both win. I probably haven't taught any of the snide commenters anything from this post, so let's see your best non- productive snide comments. Sincerely, Martin
  11. Bash, Ok, and your next best guess on how to do this with Zaxcom would be?? Sincerely, Martin
  12. Nevo, when you say you have to switch them out what are you mechanically doing and for that matter why are you doing it? Sincerely, Martin
  13. Hello, I don't think I'm ranting, I guess your referring to me. I don't think anyone else ranted, they would have had to say something in order to "rant". I'm not sure why start the same conversation somewhere else. We are all right here. We are not at the library and we're too loud and need to go outside. You saw that I asked Bash what he was talking about. If he doesn't answer, that is the end of it. Sincerely, Martin
  14. Bash, Are you going to regale us with your tales of how you accomplished this with Zaxcom? Sincerely, Martin Constantin, Thank you. Sincerely, Martin
  15. I don't have any questions about Zaxcom items. I have a question about people. Humans. Not devices. A human made reference to a way they used their Zaxcom. I don't think there exists any way to do what they are saying. Maybe somebody Soldered aGizmo on the side of his Zaxcom, I don't know only the people that are claiming to have this can tell us.