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  1. Thanks Robert
  2. I appreciate everyone's feedback, but maybe I was unclear. I was hired on this job as VTR. I have seen producers expect sound mixer to run playback but obviously the mixer said "no that's Not how it works, according to contract." but that's not the case here. My question is more about the gray area between video ( local 52) and camera (local 600) and who can touch/use what in regards to bnc cable and monitors. Also about whether or not it's kosher for a VTR to show up with just an odyssey 7q (for example) on a film with a relatively low budget.
  3. Jeff, definitely. The classification is specific and jurisdiction borders on the play button. Camera, sound and script supervisor can all have playback monitors - but if anyone's going to watch it, there must be a video assist on the payroll. The problem that comes up though, is that the budget rarely calls for anything more than a video recorder with a 7 inch screen and bnc cable. Tensions rise when actors want a better picture and camera department has 4 monitor screens.
  4. Hey everyone Evidently it's common for members of the sound department to be cleared for VTR (video playback) positions on lower tier films. I'm about to do my second. Usually a convergent design odyssey 7q or a video devices pix e5 suffices. My questions: is it ideal/expected for me to provide monitor screens as well? As to not tie in with camera department's monitors? Are lower tier productions willing to pay so much for an extensive kit? They've already given a kit fee quote and it definitely only covers the recorder. Any insight and shared experiences are more than welcome. Thanks!
  5. Indeed. Sorry to hear that you missed Sept. Hope you're keeping busy.
  6. I've never used any of the Cooper CS mixers but I'm assuming they have much better sounding preamps than that of say the Allen&Heath Zed series? I'm apprehensive about using the same mixer I'd use for mixing a band, for a panel and even reality tv.
  7. Anyone on here awaiting a test date for local 52? I ask in the interest of making connections with others in my boat - or generation, if you will.
  8. Hey Everyone I am available for any (last minute) sound utility calls you may need to fill. I am a well-versed Local 52 sound applicant. I'd be happy to share my resume, which outlines my skills and experience, if necessary. Regards, Greg DeCellio