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  1. Get OST to make you up one! Although given how low budget those wireless are.... maybe rewire an Aspen Mic one instead?
  2. Thank you again for the help everyone! Have ordered now the parts I think I need to power my UCR210D receivers (next step: figuring out how to build antennas myself.... but I think I've worked out most of that already, shall find out soon!).
  3. If they are talking too quiet, then getting the mic closer will help a lot. As it is for a live festival performance, could you get away using a Countryman E6 (or even H6?), or does it have to be more discrete than that?
  4. Thanks! So male 2.1x5.5 is what I should be looking for in terms of size?
  5. Well that did not take long at all to come out. And I expect we'll be seeing more.
  6. I've read the entire manual for the UCR210D, but it doesn't seem to specify anywhere exactly what is the connector for using external power? As my intention is to build myself four cables (one for each Lectrosonics UCR210D) going from that connection at one end to D-tap male at the other end. So then I can use them together with this attached to my BP-U60 battery in my bag: Should work well, yes?
  7. Oh wow, congrats on wrapping! & you're already online on filmmaking forums only 3hrs later. You should be out celebrating your accomplishment! ;-) I'm only a few days away from wrapping up finally on my first full feature film (I've been involved on quite a lot of other features, but usually only just for small sections of it. This is my first time I'll be there from start to finish).
  8. I'd love to hear more about the shoot! As it is looking possible I'll be headed to India early next year myself for a feature film. From the trailer it seems like you mostly shot in more rural areas, which probably helped with being quieter environments? Did you shoot in noisy big cities too in uncontrolled locations?
  9. Ah ha, "Providence", I recognize that name! Realised just now I've seen you post in the dvxuser forums, as I hang out and lurk a lot in their F3/F5/F55/FS7/FS5 subforum (because I own one of them myself, & use the others quite a lot).
  10. Do you just hand over the TC boxes and trust they'll do it, or do you supervise it every time?
  11. Thought I'd bump this thread to ask if anyone has since made a small adapter for Sony to Sennheiser? (or the reverse) As would be very handy indeed for those of us who have a mix of Sennheiser/Sony wireless. (or in my case where I have nearly all Sony, but if I need extras then a few more Sennheiser G3 is easy enough to borrow/beg/steal/rent, while Sony UWP-D11 is kinda nearly non-existent if I needed a few more of them specifically)
  12. Guess you're stuck with COS11 then? Though you might want to take a look at Oscar SoundTech if you haven't already, if what you're looking around for is a lower priced alternative.
  13. I've got the exact some one myself from WMB, am happy with it.
  14. So you are telling me I should make my antennas thicker? ;-) But seriously, would it be an ok idea to put a layer of shrink wrap cable over them to make them more robust and last longer? As especially TX antennas can suffer a lot of abuse over their life span. Interesting point to keep in mind, as it then means if I've got a block I know I won't be using half of (such as blk27) then I could slightly optimize the antenna length by cutting it to the length to match the middle of the first half of that block.