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  1. Cantar X3 Mini

    30% off the Cantar X3 Mini , but only for Black Friday: https://www.aaton.com/page/black-friday
  2. Marantz PMD-706 Six Channel DSLR Recorder

    Yeah, if you already own a DR70D then I think this is certainly not for you, as the benefits is hardly worth the change. At the bare minimum you should get the Zoom F4 (which is on sale today for only US$499!) or something even better. Haha!

    Was that the one up for sale for $1.5K? Yeah I was seriously thinking about it too, but in the end its excessive weight just was too off-putting for me. But it sold very quickly anyway.
  4. Zoom F4

    Black Friday Deal: The Zoom F4 is $499: https://www.amazon.com/Zoom-F4-Multitrack-Field-Recorder/dp/B01KZHQWY0 Damn, what a bargain! I spent more than that, but don't regret a single penny of it.
  5. Is an orphan! No transmitter came with it :-P But I do have a fair few transmitters, so I'll give a try at setting them all to the same hexadecimal code and see if by luck it receives any. Then if I get lucky, I'll mark the transceiver myself, so I know for the future. Only if that fails, then I'll try bothering Lectrosonics with the serial number!
  6. Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals 2017

    Hope TCS' Black Friday deal isn't better than its special launch package price for USO! :-o As only just got them.
  7. Marantz PMD-706 Six Channel DSLR Recorder

    As you only need to access internal batteries/media once a day, this isn't a deal breaker to me. Four channels with the DR70D is sufficient for most low budget things, but having 6 is nice gravy on the top at the same sub $300 price! BTW, your Tascam does also do safety track recording levels as well.
  8. Ouch! What did you move on to instead last year? By the way, I'd seen some of your posts before about using it, when I was researching this out of curiosity, and because you are local to me I had wondered if you were still using it? (but I'd guessed not, because Id also seen you'd put a license up for sale)
  9. ISO's vs. Mix Track

    I like to sometimes have the lavs a little bit lower in my ear, as then I find it easier to give full concentration to just the boom when I want to (as that is the most important track of all, usually).
  10. Ah yes, I should have said they're without antennas. Otherwise that would make it very easy! Guess I have to do that, was hoping there might already be online a hidden list of info which explains it all.
  11. These are UCR210D, so no stickers inside the battery compartment.
  12. So usually the info is on the sliding door which covers up the hexadecimal rotary dials, but that door is gone. is there any other way to easily figure out what frequency block the receiver is?
  13. Marantz PMD-706 Six Channel DSLR Recorder

    I just got emailed a notification that finally this is in Stock at B&H: https://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/1340332-REG/marantz_professional_pmd_706_6_channel_dslr_recorder_recording/BI/E15 This might *maybe* just perhaps replace the Tascam DR70D as the best recorder at this price point for film shoots, as they are both priced the same at a teeny bit under US$300. Who is going to be brave an order one first? :-D (not me, I already have an F4! But I might start recommending this to people starting out, once I've seen some reviews)
  14. Zoom F8

    Yeah that is what I meant, the vast majority of the time when a person says 23.98 they mean 23.976
  15. Zoom F8

    23.976 rounds up to 23.98 They're the same thing, just being expressed with different levels of precision.