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  1. Update on the upcoming Tentacle Sync-E

    And this is why even though I bought the Ultrasync ONE kit, I'll still be keeping my Tentacles. Would have rather seen the Tentacle update get locking 3.5mm connection + 3.5mm audio input for the scratch tract. (as built in scratch mic is nice, but giving other options instead as well is nice)
  2. Show me your bag

    Anyone have any lightweight MixPre6 bags to share? :-)
  3. "Standard" Gear Packages

    Genius! Thanks David. I'm going to use this line of thinking in an email I'm in the midst of writing right now, as the producer of this web series doesn't wish to pay rental fees for my gear but instead use their (certainly deficient!) borrowed gear instead. Which is silly, because even though camera gear gets checked over and prepped by the rental facility beforehand, the camera department still will get a prep day for themselves to also check the gear too to their satisfaction.
  4. "Standard" Gear Packages

    What is a reasonable rate to charge for rechargeables? As they are cheaper in the long run than single user batteries, however they are also providing the same services, so arguably should be paid the same??? (but you've taken on the large up front investment of getting into rechargeables)
  5. On today's shoot the DoP (somewhat jokingly) complained about my plant mic being in shot (after I'd just checked before that shot with him that it wasn't!), my response: "It was your camera that put my mic in shot not me!" :-P Ah if only it was always that way round..... camera's fault for having the mic in shot, not our fault for having it there!
  6. Would throw up so many red flags! Don't know if they'd be easy to work with.... :-o Could be a difficult time on set trying to do your job with them interfering.
  7. I need some used sound equipment

    I use an F4 not an F8, do you really need to send out stereo to each camera, and different for each camera? (& it is preferable to record in the F4 itself, not the camera) You certainly could send that out! The F4 is capable of that. But more likely on an F4 level of budget production, you'd just have one transmitter and two receivers tuned to the same frequency. Too easy!
  8. I'm certainly warming up to the idea of a Mac Mini + BoomRecorder, rather than Windows. Has been a very interesting thread! Lots of good points. Thank you everyone.
  9. Using G3's in the USA

    Depends entirely on what frequency band they're on...
  10. NEW: Timecode Systems | UltraSync One

    Have you used the app with the Ultrasync much? As that seems like quite a big appeal of the Ultrasync how you could worth with others to share TC and metadata.
  11. Ohhhh! This is an interesting path to look into instead, a Mac Mini which runs on DC power, Gotham Sound has themselves covered this: https://www.gothamsound.com/library/mod-mac-mini-dc-power http://www.mvtanglewood.com/2013/12/converting-mac-mini-to-12vdc.html https://ips.org.uk/2010/02/laptops-on-location/ This looks like a pretty good interface for it: https://www.proaudiosolutions.com/MOTU-Ultralite-mk3-Compact-Hybrid-p/ultralitemk3-hybrid.htm http://jwsoundgroup.net/index.php?/topic/28223-mac-mini-2012-dc-input-specs/ Heh, there is even a David in Auckland NZ who has been doing exactly this for a number of years! (I'm also a David in Auckland.....)
  12. Thanks! Interesting avenue to look down, although when I googled it a bit, I saw this thread on jwsoundgroup discussing it many years ago: Although yes, they have dropped their price significantly: https://www.soundonsound.com/news/lower-cost-sadie-6-versions-released But at that price, it still makes more sense to get a dedicated Apple computer and use BoomRecorder.
  13. Just curious, why does the person have to be Belgian? Is it because it is a Belgian co-production so needs a certain minimum number of Belgian crew members?
  14. Simple Mac video editing....Resolve?

    Audio editing in DaVinci Resolve has taking a massive leap forward now they are including Farlight within in DaVinci Resolve: https://www.blackmagicdesign.com/nz/products/davinciresolve/fairlight