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  1. Thought I'd bump this thread to ask if anyone has since made a small adapter for Sony to Sennheiser? (or the reverse) As would be very handy indeed for those of us who have a mix of Sennheiser/Sony wireless. (or in my case where I have nearly all Sony, but if I need extras then a few more Sennheiser G3 is easy enough to borrow/beg/steal/rent, while Sony UWP-D11 is kinda nearly non-existent if I needed a few more of them specifically)
  2. Guess you're stuck with COS11 then? Though you might want to take a look at Oscar SoundTech if you haven't already, if what you're looking around for is a lower priced alternative.
  3. I've got the exact some one myself from WMB, am happy with it.
  4. So you are telling me I should make my antennas thicker? ;-) But seriously, would it be an ok idea to put a layer of shrink wrap cable over them to make them more robust and last longer? As especially TX antennas can suffer a lot of abuse over their life span. Interesting point to keep in mind, as it then means if I've got a block I know I won't be using half of (such as blk27) then I could slightly optimize the antenna length by cutting it to the length to match the middle of the first half of that block.
  5. Unfortunately true, often nearly everyone on set knows what camera is being used..... does anyone ever look in my bag? Nope! That was only the one shoot I've done with an Alexa though, and many of the people were working on it for free, so it was a pretty low budget shoot.
  6. Yup, two very good reasons to use the MixPre name.
  7. With the addon accessory you can even get 10 inputs
  8. They do look quite different. A quick and easy way to tell the difference between the original Mini and the Mini Pro is look and see if it has built in ND filters or not. If none, then the original. But if it has built in ND filters then it is the Pro.
  9. Two is ideal but if you only have one Tentacle you can get by. Just put it on the camera and make sure you never ever turn off your F8 (as then it will lose TC). You'll need an external battery for the F8 to be able to run it all day long. This is exactly the approach I've been taking with my F4 and an Alexa lately.
  10. Well snap, I'm thinking about a pretty similar situation to you. Which dual receiver option and transmitters to go with. Probably will try and go with a secondhand Lectrosonics SRb with 2x Lectrosonics SMa (or SMQV or SMV. Or LT?? Or SSM?), but really trying to do my research to the max before laying out all this cash. So considering other options such as perhaps based around a Zaxcom QRX100 (maybe with 2x TRX900LA) instead.
  11. Already by random chance watched one of your videos yesterday while looking up NAB news!
  12. Haha! But wait... That sounds like quite a nifty idea :-o
  13. This doesn't have a built in microphone, is the Tentacle Sync still the only tiny product like this out there with this feature? Even after the announcement of all these new timecode boxes.
  14. Ah bummer, I hope these new TC boxes don't lack this feature.
  15. Ah, thanks for reminding me of this. So if I get say just one Tentacle Sync plus one Nanolockit then I'll be missing out on the benefits of having Nanolockits. It would make more sense for all the TC boxes I have to be Nanolockit, or none of them. Ahhhh.... ha, let's throw yet one more into the mix just to make that decision even tougher! :-P Will be announced at NAB? Guess we'll find out very soon.