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  1. Induction Kitchen Nightmare

    Strange because both countries are 50khz
  2. Show me your bag

    What was it about the OR-32 that meant you couldn't use your Stingray harness before?
  3. Best Reporters Microphone

    I like that a few plug in transmitters have the option for headphones output, then the reporter can have a listen in to what s/he is doing with their earphones while they're shooting, and hopefully fix it themselves! (if their ears are not painted on....) Handy to have both (but only if you do this kind of work a lot), then you can pick one or the other depending on the interviewer's skill and/or the shooting location.
  4. Gear Appraisal

    Even if it is older gear such as say a 552 or original MixPre or Lectro 200 series?! Some of those are not even sold any longer.
  5. Show me your bag

    I am wondering what that is being used for though, when there is already a 688 in the bag. Not sure I can see a clear use for the 302 by looking at the rest of the gear there, as to where the 302 fits in with them.
  6. The "Best client/producer/agency quotes" thread

    Not me personally, but heard this from a friend today: Now why is she thinking "photoshop it in post"? (or is that "soundshop it in post"! :-P ha) Because: Oh dear... two minutes of thought and experience on location could have saved a world of pain.
  7. Sound Devices MixPre-3 vs Zoom F4

    This will explain it for you: http://www.rane.com/note145.html But basically the core point you can take away from this is you're unlikely to ever tell the difference between a well recorded F4/F8 recording and a well recorded MixPre3/6/10 recording in anything but a carefully done A/B test under controlled environments (like the excellent one INARI did). So personally, I wouldn't let the noise floor of the pre amps between the F4 and the MixPre3 be any factor at all in your decision. Instead concentrating on other factors such as their functionality and how they help make your day smoother or not when actually shooting on location. (this is where things like layout, user interface, internal TC generator, full size XLR outputs, etc... end up matter. And mattering far more than the noise floor of one pre amp vs another)
  8. From Post to Field recording

    You might want to check what headphones you're using, or try others? As yeah there is a bit higher noise floor (which doesn't exist at all in the actual recordings) when you crank the gain really high on the F4/F8, but I almost never push it that high for a whole shoot! (it would be awfully bad for my hearing if I did!!! Surely none of us want that?!?! And at a more reasonable volume level, I can't detect an issue with the headphones on the F4) Audix and Oktava are both solid indoor boom mics at the entry point for low budget mics. AT4053b & AKG Blueline series are worth a mention too. Did a shoot out last week of a ME66/K6 vs Aputure Deity vs 416 vs CS3e (& threw in an AKG hypercardioid as well, for the contrast), although who knows when I'll be able to edit this all together for my YouTube channel. One day soon I hope! But I do encourage you to get the best shotgun you can afford. Practice and experience is absolutely essential to progress further. And if you can't get a job on a bigger sound department (as a utility, then later a boom op) and the low budget student/amateur projects won't cover all the costs for rental gear, then you can find it tough to move forward at all. But at least with a basic kit you can put your first foot on the ladder, then with time grow your experience and kit. Then rinse and repeat that a thousand times over until you get yourself up to a professional standard. Well RodeLinks are arguably the cheapest wireless which meet the minimum acceptable quality threshold. Thus no surprise their popularity in the zero budget level end of the market. However their size just makes them impractical if you need to hide the bodypacks on a regular basis! So if you have any thoughts at all about in the long term making this a side career (which it seems you do) then I highly recommend spending the little bit more for Sony UWP-D11 instead (the best sub $1K choice for new wireless).
  9. The "Best client/producer/agency quotes" thread

    Had the reverse of this on the weekend, the loud racket created by the air conditioner machines mounted on the outsides of the buildings in Fort Lane was doing a decently good job at drowning out the music coming from the night clubs we were in front of! Heh. Ah well, at least the awful location made me less worried about the location's lighting (*and* shooting multicamera) which made it impossible to get boom anywhere near the actors without epic massive shadows! So wireless lavs it is.
  10. Sound Devices MixPre-3 vs Zoom F4

    Maximum of three channels I feel automatically rules out the MixPre3 as your primary/only recorder (however as a supplementary secondary recorder the MixPre3 could perhaps be an excellent choice for some people). While I'll routinely enough use all six inputs of the Zoom F4. However you're currently happily using a FR2LE then perhaps 3 is plenty for your all needs, but I know it wouldn't be for me personally. Plus the MixPre3 needs an external timecode box, which pushes the price of the MixPre3 up even higher (when the MixPre3 is already more expensive than the F4, a worthwhile point to ponder if you're very budget conscious). Additionally the F4 just has more features/functionality than the MixPre3, such as: TC out, hirose powering, full size XLR outputs, Zoom's FRC accessory, etc While I have never done myself or even heard of an A/B comparison with the FR2LE and the F4/MixPre3, I'd be quite surprised indeed if the FR2LE is cleaner than both of them. Out of curiosity I went and looked up the claimed specs of each of them: FR2LE: Measured: Ein = -122dBu (unweighted, 22kHz BW) Ein (A) = -126dBu (A weighted, 20kHz BW) https://www.wildlife-sound.org/resources/equipment/2-uncategorised/48-fostex-fr2le And a similar result from here: https://www.avisoft.com/recordertests.htm MixPre3 F4:
  11. The MixPreT with the new paid firmware upgrade is basically a merged T & M.
  12. The "Best client/producer/agency quotes" thread

    Ha! That would be a very funny video to do an A/B test of, just to show how silly the (non) result is. :-P
  13. Buying a used Schoeps Colette?

    Please share the source if you can find it for that price! ;-) Exactly..... This btw is one I just purchased myself, it should be arriving soon. For now I'm using AKG's Blueline series hypercardioid.
  14. From Post to Field recording

    This can get you in the right direction: http://www.ic.gc.ca/eic/site/smt-gst.nsf/eng/h_sf01678.html A shortcut to the PDF chart of Canadian spectrum allocations: https://www.ic.gc.ca/eic/site/smt-gst.nsf/vwapj/2014_Canadian_Radio_Spectrum_Chart.pdf/$file/2014_Canadian_Radio_Spectrum_Chart.pdf If you cross into the USA, both Sennheiser and Shure have online tools that make it easy.
  15. From Post to Field recording

    Well this is a very real danger, it is quite easy to buy the wrong things when you don't really know what it is you're buying (as you've got no experience with it). This is why I often recommend people start out with the "minimum" investment they can, then learn from there. And also buy items in stages, rather an all at once "big bang" approach to purchases. (it is so so so much worse on camera forums, you'll very often see people with zero experience wanting to spend up large on everything! While I'll be "whoa whoa... slow down, just get yourself a secondhand Panasonic G7 with a lens and monopod for under four hundred bucks in total to use for the first year while you figure this out") As these are small enough sums of money, be it sub four hundred bucks (which would be an extreme minimalism approach to take of a secondhand Tascam DR60D + Audio-Technica AT875R with a basic boom pole / Rode WS6 / shockmount / etc, which even this almost nothing kit would still be better than a large number of student / no budget films would be doing, and a person like this would be gladly welcomed on board. And I'd suggest a person would be better off doing this on small shoots than sitting around at home for their first year. Although OP might very well want to take a different path, as he likely has better contacts and a faster learning curve than someone else random in their first year) or their full US$3K budget. As even US$3K is but a small amount compared to what some people spend on their hobbies, so you can think of it not as money spent for their career/business (which might indeed end up "wasted") but money that even if he decides not to go down this path, is still well spent money on his hobby that he can use a few weekends a year making films with his buddies. So no, not money "wasted" in the end.