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  1. The Deity will retail at $369 USD or $429 in a kit with a Rycote Lyre shock handle. Their launch video from yesterday: Curtis Judd reviewed it: TubeShooterMag also reviewed it: Other coverage:
  2. Haha! But wait... That sounds like quite a nifty idea :-o
  3. This doesn't have a built in microphone, is the Tentacle Sync still the only tiny product like this out there with this feature? Even after the announcement of all these new timecode boxes.
  4. Ah bummer, I hope these new TC boxes don't lack this feature.
  5. Ah, thanks for reminding me of this. So if I get say just one Tentacle Sync plus one Nanolockit then I'll be missing out on the benefits of having Nanolockits. It would make more sense for all the TC boxes I have to be Nanolockit, or none of them. Ahhhh.... ha, let's throw yet one more into the mix just to make that decision even tougher! :-P Will be announced at NAB? Guess we'll find out very soon.
  6. Exactly! Use the 788T when it is justified, and have the MixPre6 for the smaller jobs (and also as a back up to your 788T in a worst case scenario when things go to sh*t). But it depends entirely on the mix of jobs you're doing, if a 633 fits 95% of what you're doing then absolutely go for that.
  7. Probably the biggest feature I like about the MP6 vs my Zoom F4
  8. Another quick question about the Tentacle Sync..... what reasons are there now to still get it vs UltraSync One vs Mozegear Qbit (battery life is the 1st obvious reason) vs Ambient NanoLockit? Yup! It sure turned out that way.
  9. Wow, being spoiled for choice. And that thing is TINY!
  10. Yeah as now the 788T / CL-8 + MixPre 6 is a tempting big/small combo you could choose. Then you have options to match bigger/smaller projects.
  11. These empty cities would be a great set to film in.
  12. This is probably the recent thread on this topic that people are referring to.
  13. Yup! But seems like it is very easy enough to reprogram them.
  14. Thanks for the tip about the BaoFeng UV5! Seems to have a little mini cult following in the HAM radio world. What about BaoFeng BF-888S?
  15. Where is the price for it?
  16. Those auctions send me crazy, & there are so many of them! But sometimes you get lucky and figure out the frequency from looking carefully at the pictures (& you snag yourself a bargain because most people don't bid on it due to lack of info).
  17. I do prefer my BP-U60 batteries for their battery check lights, than the NPF970 batteries I have.
  18. Tascam DR70D is a bit better pre amps than the DR680 mk1. But the DR680 mk2 is similar. However any of these three would be good. In fact.... if you have zero wireless I'd recommend saving a few $$$ and just buy the Tascam DR60D mk2 instead :-)
  19. Tracks and inputs is not the same thing ;-) And you can use the camera return to access 5/6 if you do not want to use the proprietary Zoom accessory. Although I puchased that accessory before I realised it. But it does not matter, as it is very cheap to buy.
  20. Indeed, would be nifty!
  21. Your B Kit is an 8 track recorder, not 4 :-)
  22. Ah well that is good to hear :-)
  23. "Buy once cry once" is a nice philosophy but doesn't work if you're left with an incomplete usable kit but you don't live near a gear rental house and/or they're unusually prohibitively expensive and/or you don't yet have the network of contacts that can always afford your day rate plus full rental rates. So for some people a balance needs to be struck, of going the "buy once cry once" path of getting the best kit you can afford at the time but also at the same time a reasonably well balanced kit without major gaps.
  24. You'd get more than a single year out of them. But you should view them as close to disposable anyway. And you'd be moving on up to Lectrosonics asap as soon as you can pay for them from the future work you get.
  25. Wow. Welllllllll..... it is screamingly blatantly obviously your boom op is not a professional sound mixer. I fully expect a Zoom H4n would be a backwards step in quality over the FS7's audio circuitry. I'd run away fast, & run very fast, from every using the original Zoom H4n. Though it completely boggles the mind as to why anyone would ever recorded the audio for a feature directly in camera when the Zoom F4 is so dirt dirt dirt cheap these days.