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  1. You are being very generous.
  2. Sony UWP Wireless System

    Do it! I have five Sony UWP-D11 kits. (six Lectrosonics too, and a couple of RodeLinks) Picked up at amazing eBay prices (lots and lots of patience and constantly checking, goes a long way!). Even though I've used G3 units many times (because everyone has!), I still decided to go for UWP-D11 as I find I prefer them. In my eyes, there is nothing which can match either the secondhand or new prices of the UWP-D11 kits If you're looking at new prices, you need to leap up a lot higher before you can find anything worthwhile. And going cheaper is dangerous, likely just throwing your money away. (although, I would like to see more reviews of the new Senal wireless. Maybe it might take the throne as the new low budget wireless?? Who knows, I want to see more reviews first. Also, Aputure is meant to be developing new wireless too) If you're looking at secondhand prices, the G4 is unlikely to make the secondhand G3 notably cheaper than secondhand Sony. The only keen competitor to secondhand Sonys is if you are willing to spend a bit more and get secondhand 200 series Lectrosonics. (which will mean better quality, but at the costs of: extra cost, using 9V instead of AA, and greater weight)
  3. Panny GH5s

    I'll be very surprised if Sony delivers any of the features like dual native ISO, 10bit, waveforms, or TC with the a7Smk3. And by the time the a7Smk3 ships then the GH5S will have been around long enough we might start to see some little sale prices on it. The FS5mk2 probably will get FS7 specs but in a smaller form factor, perhaps. But that is at a totally different price point to a GH5S, and who knows how long away the next FS series camera update is. Perhaps not at all this year, or perhaps not.
  4. Reading a client

    I like to ask what camera they use for a couple of reasons: 1) to check if it needs a TC cable I might still be missing in my kit so I need to sort that out beforehand, and if it is a camera I haven't worked with in a while I might brush up on the manual for the audio menus so I don't need to rely upon the AC knowing how to do it 2) can instantly give a good feel for the kind of job it is if they say "Arri Alexa" or "RED Dragon" vs if the answer is "Sony FS7" or "C300" vs or even if they say "Canon 7D" or "Panasonic GH4"! Just to give a few examples. Bonus reason: 3) they might in the process be telling you if they're shooting with multiple cameras or not, otherwise that is an extra question to ask as well
  5. Paypal payment options

    Exactly. Anywhere / anytime you use the "gift" option on PayPal then you're taking on all the risk yourself.
  6. What's your day rate?

    The link he gave to his rate sheet seems to be down now? Or at least it is asking me to sign in now, and I don't recall that. But it was a year ago. It was a mixer/recorder he had, and I assume the rates he was saying is USD as he is in San Diego.
  7. David Letterman new show

    The beard is an awesome place to hide a lav behind! But I imagine I'd prefer a little longer beard than the one he has in that pic?! I did a couple of years ago a web series in Wellington which was a twist on LotR and our "Gandalf" had a fake beard which was even longer than the one I had then myself! The sound positioned behind that was divine.
  8. Lectro SRc field reports?

    Have you tried borrowing other people's transmitters? That should quickly show up if it is an issue with the transmitter, or a bigger problem with the receiver itself.
  9. NEW: Timecode Systems | UltraSync One

    Never been in a situation where you got told prior to the shoot that fps is 24, but then midway through set up you find out it is really 25fps? Happens now and then on these disorganised low budget shoots. Wireless could be beautifully handy for such a situation. In the end, wireless is nowhere even close to *essential* (well, for most of us. Am sure there is someone here who thinks it is!), but in the end it is nicer to have it than not have it.
  10. NEW: Timecode Systems | UltraSync One

    I'm guessing the person who told you that it doesn't hold adhesives well got it wrong. As I've had no such issues ever. You never know when something silly might happen like a clumsy AC drops a timecode box so it loses sync, at least wireless helps you stay on top of errors like this popping up. I'd be curious to see a pic of this if you have a photo to share, sounds interesting. Yup, and this is why I'm not leaping to sell my Tentacles v1 just yet. You can start/stop GoPros via the blink network which I reckon is pretty nifty.
  11. NEW: Timecode Systems | UltraSync One

    Wow. Wow. Just wow! Astonishing, glad I've never came across that myself! Not just iOS, Android too!
  12. Paypal payment options

    Don't send it as a "gift" via Paypal's payment system, as then if anything goes wrong (such as the seller disappearing) you've got no way out to sort the problem. Not worth it for the small savings on Paypal fees.
  13. Will ADR turn into automatic pix replacement?

    These are starting to remind me of the "Edit Button" software: At least we now need to never care about if boom is in shot! ;-) We can go as close in as we like for the best sound.
  14. North Korea microphone surplus.

    The more mics you have, the more important you are! If the five star general has five mics, then god forbid if our dear leader has ever less than six, better make it seven to be safe! (can't do any more than seven, as that all the mics we have in North Korea)
  15. Panny GH5s

    I was super stoked when I saw the Panasonic GH5S, as not only is it groundbreaking with say its awesome lowlight and DCI 4K 60fps, but also more importantly for us it is the first stills camera to have a TC input on the camera body itself. Even blogged about it before the official announcement, as soon as the specs leaked: http://ironfilm.co.nz/leaked-the-specs-of-the-panasonic-gh5s-finally-we-get-the-first-stills-camera-with-timecode-i-o/ However, early reports are maybe the TC isn't working so perfectly, so let's hold our breath for now to see how it actually performs once it is shipping. The shipping GH5S might have fixed this in firmware vs the pre-release ones at the moment.
  16. Battery life of the G3 is pretty ok, you'll easily get through to lunch with a couple of Eneloops in each. And you only have two of them anyway, I wouldn't worry too much about it. Just have spare Eneloops at hand, and change at lunch break I'm not sure about the battery life of the MixPre10T? You might want to power both that and the 302 from a NP1. Once you have say half a dozen G3 in your bag, then you might want to more seriously consider external powering so it is less hassle to juggle them.
  17. NEW: Timecode Systems | UltraSync One

    Only has half as many connectors however, as it has no genlock. With velcro. Easily. Not at all in the slightest. Never even ever entered my mind. Agreed, the first time I used my USO units I had not put the app on my phone (as my phone is a total piece of sh*t!! Spent the $$$ on buying new TC toys instead... ha!). But it was still super easy to set up the USO without a phone, thanks to the nice big screen on the unit itself (heck, it is so easy you don't even need to read the manual! If you want to live life on the edge). Why do they need that mix of settings?
  18. Sound is no longer respected on set?

    Saw a movie recently where in the credits the sound mixer was credited relatively early ish in the credit roll but then everyone else in the sound department was right near the end! Bit unusual I thought to chop up the sound department like that in the credits.
  19. Adapters are so cheap that it wouldn't cost anything to have one in your back up kit as an emergency. But keep a CF card in the Tascam at all times. But that way in an extreme emergency where you've had to resort to your back up recorder *AND* your CF media failed (or you've somehow ran out of space), at least then you've got yet another safety net to fall back on and you can grab any of your many SD cards and still carry on to save the day.
  20. Sound is no longer respected on set?

    Why does he even need a walkie talkie? Clearly his ears are only painted on, he isn't using them. Never too late! Do it. (either that, or these "talkies" are just a passing fad which are going to end any moment now) If anything, that kind of advice is more timeless than say technical books are.
  21. Sound is no longer respected on set?

    Did a shoot which was framed square ratio for instagram, thus the actors at the table had a tonne of headroom and I found myself in one of those rare scenarios when I simply wasn't tall enough!!
  22. Creating Slow Motion Sound

    That was cool! Thanks for sharing.
  23. Hello… again!

    Oh darn! I own a Pocket, never realised it was missing. Used to be vlogging my sound adventures with a Samsung J2 (which is shi*t, doesn't even do FHD!), but now I've switched to doing them mostly with my Pocket Cinema Camera (which is tricky though, as no forward facing screen! But then again my J2 didn't have that either. Some of the unboxings are done with my Sony PMW-F3 instead, with a friend holding it): https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCniNTuAtkFiSCQNfIaw9SJw At least BMD has been very good to us with firmware updates in the past, the Pocket today is a totally different camera to when it was first released! (BMCC at release vs BMCC today is even more drastic!) The rumor mills is that they are working on a small 4K camera at the moment, but have heat issues etc to overcome first. And won't be announcing it early until it is 100% ready to ship. (like they used to do in the past. But stopped doing now, when they announced the latest URSA Mini Pro it was 100% ready to ship)
  24. Time code audio and video issue, any help appreciated

    But where is the fun in that?!