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  1. Sony UWP vs Sennheiser G3

    For me it is a no brainer to go with Sony UWP-D11. I have 5 of them!! But why do we see so many G3 around? Simple. Force of habit. The G3 (& G2, & G1) have been around for a very very loooong time! Thus have become the "default" choice for no budget work. As the UWP-D11 have only been around for a few years, many people haven't even seen them beforehand!
  2. Cheapo boom pole

    Sounds like it should be made into a movie!
  3. Sound Devices Mix Pre-3 and Mix Pre-6

    Nice, good to hear Mike! Sounds like the Wingman app is an essential piece of kit with this.
  4. Rode Newsshooter simple test

    That is basically what I am doing. RodeLink Newsshooter Kit = Plant Mic RodeLink Filmmakers Kit = Camera Hop (or super ultra desperate extra lav mic for talent, but rarely happens now that I've got more wireless in my kit)
  5. Sound Devices Mix Pre-3 and Mix Pre-6

    Oh phew, glad to hear that! (was half wondering from the other comments if you didn't have control over folder structures) But what about my other questions, can the MixPre3/6 do that? These things:
  6. Rode Newsshooter simple test

    Yikes! I think I paid around NZ$530 for mine. I don't see the RodeLink Filmmakers Kit (which is different to the Newsshooter Kit that is discussed here) as a replacement for the G3, due to the hideous size of their TX packs.
  7. Sound Devices Mix Pre-3 and Mix Pre-6

    Wait.... what? Does the MixPre3/6 have no ability to create and navigate around multiple folders? Makes me wonder, does it also have the ability to name tracks? What fine level control does it have over file naming? Can notes be added to the metadata both before and after a recording?
  8. Rode Newsshooter simple test

    Am curious, what was the "ridiculous" price you paid for yours? As I've noticed they're a bit more expensive than the RodeLink Filmmakers Kits.
  9. Low-End Saramonic Wireless

    Generally speaking I've thought anything priced below the likes of the classic G3/RodeLink/UWP-D11 is total crap and should be avoided, but after hearing so many good reviews of the Saramonic UwMic9/10 I thought I'd give it a chance and ordered one pair for myself. Worked out ok ish enough for a few shoots.... then died on me. Maybe I just got unlucky? Who knows. But for me it was money wasted. I think eventually we'll see some wireless arrive at the lower end of the market which will deliver a bigger punch for your $ than you'd expect, but that day hasn't arrived yet (I suspect however that day isn't too far away, I know about some products under development at the moment...). So if you're looking for a super budget item then just wait around and you can get lucky on a secondhand G3/RodeLink/UWP-D11 at some very cheap prices (although personally I intensely dislike the RodeLinks due to their ultra bulky sized TX packs!! Grrrrr). Or for only a small further stretch of the budget, you could pick up an older Lectrosonics 200 series kit.
  10. Cheapo boom pole

    You are the chosen one!! All bow before the power of aginzo's word....
  11. Tascam DR-70D

    You're probably on an extremely tight budget if you're consider the DR70D, but please consider stretching to a Zoom F4 if you can as it is very worthwhile! (however if a DR70D is all you can afford, well... at least the DR70D is the best there is in its price range!)
  12. Cheapo boom pole

    Exactly. We are all running a business here. Thus like any other business we have carefully analyze where our expenses are going. I wouldn't be surprised at all if such a product is under greater peak stress while fishing than what we use them for!
  13. Cheapo boom pole

    Don't forget about the rubber casing too! Very complex technology there. Totally unimaginable how anyone outside the USA would be capable of this.
  14. Multiple operator monitors

    Why not get a Blackmagic Design Video Assist 4K? They're pretty cheap, and packed with heaps more features!!
  15. "The Art of Windmill Maintenance"

    Wow! That is impressively quiet.
  16. Multi camera question

    Keep an eye out for the Shure FP23 ;-) It is identical to the Sound Devices MP-1! Also, you probably want to get yourself 3x Sony UWP-D11 as well. As there are times when having lavs can really save your ass. Get yourself as well something like an Audix SCX1-HC for when a 416 is not appropriate for indoors. Lastly, get yourself a USB powerbank to run your Tascam DR70D (you can velcro the powerbank to the back of the recorder! Is what I did. Then hang the record from your neck using a standard camera neck strap, and clip your wireless TXs to it. Saves needing a proper mixing bag at this starting point of your career), I did the same with my DR60D back when I was just starting out: http://ironfilm.co.nz/firmware-update-for-tascam-dr-60d-mk1-fixes-recording-interruptions-when-running-on-external-usb-power-packs/ However... if you haven't purchased a DR70D yet, I would very strongly recommend getting a Zoom F4 instead! As is massively more powerful, yet still rather dirt cheap and affordable.
  17. Sound Devices Mix Pre-3 and Mix Pre-6

    I wonder when the 600 series will get their next addition? As that is what I'm most keen to see.
  18. Advice on sound kit R4+/SD/Zax/Zoom

    I think that main group might be set to secret? As I can't find it! Although I've been a member of the sales group for quite a while now, almost bought something from there a few times.
  19. Cheapo boom pole

    Yup, although I prefer at the moment external cabling so I haven't done that. Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay better!!! I have that too! ;-) It really is such a simple thing, hard to go wrong with it. I wouldn't at all be surprised if the Boomboy is the exact identical item, but with its own branding and marketed better. Thus they can then ask a higher price for it. This happens a ***LOT*** with products out of China. Exactly my plan! That will be the future usage of my current Sony UWP-D11 wireless, Oktava MK012, Zoom F4, etc etc... once they each get upgraded (hopefully in the near-ish future!).
  20. Zoom F8 and IFB

    You have four options to use here: Main 1/2 or Sub 1/2 Pick one and go with it. They're all there in your routing menu on the Zoom F8. My Zoom F4 that I own is basically the same set up, I use it often.
  21. Cheapo boom pole

    I've been using a Miliboo boom pole for a couple of years now, a 3m one. Got a 5m one off Aliexpress earlier this year. They're not as great as one costing many many times more, but for their price? They are surprisingly good! I've done an entire feature film with them overseas, plus many many more shoots. They're holding up ok. If the budget is tight and it is hard to justify spending any more than a little, then it is hard go wrong with these (the fact they have free international shipping is a bonus fact for many non-Americans like myself! Or otherwise living in a more remote-ish country outside Europe/America).
  22. best preamps in a small 2 track recorder?

    For size and bang for buck the MixPre3 has to win! (although for only a little bit more money you can get the much more useful MixPre6, and it is still quite small)
  23. The new Behringer X32 little brothers

    Sorry, is a really old thread, but just curious as to if anyone is using theirs battery powered now? Especially their newer Behringer X18 interests me, would be very interested to see anyone's battery powered set up with that.
  24. Need 3 wirless mics

    Get OST to make you up one! Although given how low budget those wireless are.... maybe rewire an Aspen Mic one instead?