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  1. Rycote Kit 1 and 8060 observation UPDATE

    Yes, two washers under each screw, no washers on the inside. In noisy situations (red carpets, mixed zones in sports) I'd hope that I am working for a reportage where handheld microphones “are allowed“. I worked on a noisy fair the other day and I was lucky to be able to boom from below so the bodies were blocking much of the noise. And if you do tests with the MKH 416 and the MKH 8060 please write about this!
  2. Rycote Kit 1 and 8060 observation UPDATE

    Hi, I am using the WS1 + MZL for a Sennheiser 8060. (My basket has the ridge as well.) And yes, there is a little bit of a plus of handling noise when the basket is mounted. But it is not as crass as you describe it. May be you have a defective item? I still love this set up because it is so comfortably small and along with a short ambient boom (QP 450) I can work all day almost effortlessly.