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    Musician/performer interested in gaining more knowledge about extending the performative options using two Nagra 4.2s.
  1. Hello again To Sound-men would you say you used a mono Nagra, for film sound, longer than the Nagra stereo? I would be interested to know how long you used a mono Nagra machine in comparison to a stereo Nagra. Also when was it when the digital framework began to interest you? How long was it till you moved from analogue to digital? What about microphones? Did the technology develop in parallel? All the best MarkC REQUEST: Nagra Mastrclass Video's If any of you master's would be interested in a walk through of how you used to or still do setup your Nagra, I would love to see any video's. General Setup and Tips and Tricks please. Always here to learn!! MarkC
  2. Hi Dela, Thank you for your reply regarding the QSEF. I will get it looked at. Again, apologies for the diversion. Cheers MarkC
  3. What a fascinating story Dela. TCO is a great acronym, especially for my car. Built for european climate and disastrously unreliable in Australia. This tool kit inside the Nagra is quirky? How many pieces were in it? Is the E smaller than the IVs and 4.2s? Was it a competitor to the Stellavox? Apologies for diverting this discussion but I have a question regarding this accessory QSEF. I am comparing the quality to the QSCE cable, which is great, but for some reason the sound is degraded using the QSEF. Could someone help me here, I was expecting the QSEF to sound better. Thank you all in advance Mark
  4. Was the release of the Nagra Stereo recorder anything like the anticipation some people have for the next new Apple product back then?
  5. To The Immoral Mr Teas, evidently you have answered my issue regarding my most recent work, the higher frequencies do tend to be emphasised, however this is ideal considering the majority of music comes from the double bass. I am privileged to have this IV-S.
  6. Hi JBond, I use the iv-s for music recording. The Nagramaster is very useful for me and the sound is heaven. I am curious as to whether the wider heads would suit my purposes better, but I am content. I was not aware the counter was settable, or should I say that it never occurred to me. Thanks for the tip! Cheers MarkC
  7. Could one of these Stellavox tape counters work on a Nagra IV-S? Can anyone suggest an alternate option? Peace MarkC
  8. The Nagra III is also featured in the Britney Spears Femme Fatale Live Concert DVD. Sexy it is....
  9. That NP Elektroakustik looks intriguing. Personally, I can't afford another mixer especially after having my Stellavox AMI48 refurbished unfortunately, I am fond of these vintage mixers nevertheless. By the way, anyone got an Eltro Information Regulator laying around? Apparently Stanley Kubrick used one. I would be very interested in buying one!!! Best MarkC
  10. HI Dela, Recently I purchased a dual -30v power supply by David Lane. I don't own an ATN but would like to say how impressed I am with the build quality. It feels very heavy and solid. My Nagra 4.2s actually sound quieter than with the wallwart type power supplies I used previously. On another note, an eBay seller says this was a custom mixer by Nagra!? Any ideas? Not for me, but would love to hear more about it.
  11. To The Immoral Mr Teas, My iV-S which happens to have the Harvey Mod, also has the ruby guides. I wonder if the screw holes don't require drilling for the QRAC accessory? Funny you mention David Lane, I recently purchased a twin power supply from the UK. If you can, could you show us the David Lane 3rd mic input, is it an external module? Peace Mark
  12. To dela and The Immortal Mr Teas, Thank you for your responses. Dela I was not aware that these were constructed from ruby!? The Immortal Mr Teas, I hope one day I will too be able to add one to my Nagra Stereo Recorder. Is your IV-S fitted with the middle head? Peace Mark
  13. Dear Friends, And are those brown coloured erase heads on IV-S made of wood? I do not have pictures but they seem to crop up frequently on the internet. Best MarkC
  14. Although Sir JBond I can't confirm what your QDAN does. Is that number 3 glowing from a valve? The case looks immaculate, is it an unused piece of vintage equipment? Congratulations on your rare acquisition!! If you have time, can you post more of your curious Nagra accessories? I am hoping to one day find a tape cleaning blade. Best MarkC
  15. Hi Courtney, I find the tape counter on the Nagra hard read. This seems like a useful tool. Cheers Mark