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    Musician/performer interested in gaining more knowledge about extending the performative options using two Nagra 4.2s.
  1. JBond, I am amazed at how fine the Nagra II sounds in your video. How frequently do you have to wind it up? Love those reels. Regarding the IS, I do not own one, but they look very beautiful. Did they ever come out in stereo? Congratulations!!
  2. I admit even the simplest parts of the Nagra fascinate me. The battery image in the Nagra III battery compartment is so stylish. Could Monsieur Bond and Dela please share the battery graphics in their Nagra collections for reference. So far this is the one I would hang one my wall.
  3. What is it that makes these cables so expensive?
  4. FWIW I made a three way connector cable to operate output, input and start stop today and it works flawlessly. Thanks Mike, your advice was exactly what I needed. Thanks everyone
  5. Thanks for the replies. It seems to be a dangerous experiment. I certainly don't want to destroy the Nagra. Thanks Mike, do you know if the rewind speed is connected to the voltage of the power supply? I mean my 12v is much slower than my other 18v so I thought increasing to 30v would speed up even more. From what I can gather pin 5 is right but no idea which other pin or pins, maybe the battery pins? Hi Philip, I would love to see that you end up finding it, sounds very interesting
  6. Hello, I am considering adding a DC speed control to my Nagra 4.2 power supply, which is -30v, so that I can speed up or slow down when rewinding. I am not sure which pins to connect for power. Could someone please advise me. Thank you in advance MarkC
  7. Yes, I read some reviews on which noted this hum too.
  8. Great to hear mention of the AMI 48. I recently had my old one overhauled by J.P. Gurtner in Switzerland. I am so pleased with it. Jemshaw, are you referring to the AMI 48 being 2 channels? Gurtner also built a new power supply/charger (APS15) for it and it now operates without hum. Mr West your $100 purchase was extraordinary!
  9. Thanks Mike, I really appreciate it! MarkC
  10. Hello Everyone, I am seeking advice on making a dual purpose cable to connect to the Nagra 4.2 7 pin mixer connector. I have a remote start/stop box and a playback preamplifier output cable. I want to connect both to the mixer connection at the same time. Correct if I am wrong please. If I had a single 7 pin tuchel and connected the remote on/off switch to pins 2 6 7 and a playback cable connected to 5 7 that then went out to two separate female 7 pin tuchels could I run both stop/start and receive an output signal simultaneously? I would be very grateful for your advice. Thank you MarkC
  11. Dear All, Did Nagra ever supply screw drivers with their recorders? If not, I am interested in buying some screw drivers to use that fit the flat headed adjustment screws properly. I would appreciate it if someone could share the metric sizes. Kind Regards MarkC
  12. Mr JBond, I could not agree more. This is my unit with a yellowed 7" lid. I am so thankful to have this. If the Michell Reference turntable was not used in A Clockwork Orange I wonder if the X4S may have been considered. Your reference to the Apollo 13 is priceless.
  13. Peace and Friendship for New Year from Australia! Maestro JBOND, I look forward, as always, to your intimate perspectives into Nagra-ology. Even though P. Perkins confirmed this I am thrilled to say, "Yes, the 7" QSET Nagra accessory fits perfectly with my IV-S with Harvey Modification, X4S." Even though I will not be using my machine for film sound I wonder if having the tinted lid would have reduced the readability of the digital panel because it is so dark. It seems that every Nagra I have seen and read about is utterly unique. For instance, I have two 4.2s one from Australia the other from Switzerland, and they have vastly different rewind speeds, tape guides and lid latches. So so mysterious. Both sound beautifully amazing with Kontrabass recording.
  14. Dear Friends, Have any of you used the Nagra IV-SJ as an audio recorder? I have read alot saying that they were primarily designed for scientific purposes by Nagra etc. What was the sound like? Were there any modifications made to the IV-SJ like the IV-S, such as the mods by H. Warnke and Ruck. Just curious....Also were there any other countries besides the USA where non-Nagra modifications took place on a significant scale. To Mr Bond, do you have any modifications to recorders, that are not Nagra based, in your collection that some how enhance a specific capability? Best Regards MarkC