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    Musician/performer interested in gaining more knowledge about extending the performative options using two Nagra 4.2s.
  1. Dear Friends, And are those brown coloured erase heads on IV-S made of wood? I do not have pictures but they seem to crop up frequently on the internet. Best MarkC
  2. Although Sir JBond I can't confirm what your QDAN does. Is that number 3 glowing from a valve? The case looks immaculate, is it an unused piece of vintage equipment? Congratulations on your rare acquisition!! If you have time, can you post more of your curious Nagra accessories? I am hoping to one day find a tape cleaning blade. Best MarkC
  3. Hi Courtney, I find the tape counter on the Nagra hard read. This seems like a useful tool. Cheers Mark
  4. Power Supply swapper advice please

    Hi Glen and thank you very much for your reply. Could you please advise me which pin or pins i need to connect the negative power to. Is it just the negative to 5? So no positive connection?
  5. Dpa 4061 and double bass in beach

    The mic is attached to the inside of the tailpiece and the transmitter to the endpin. I insert the 4061 inside the heart of the bridge with a foam windscreen and then cable tie the transmitter to the inside of the tailpiece. The sound I get from my double bass is very nice for me too. I am also attracted to the 4061 because it doesn't inhibit/dampen the vibrating parts of the instrument. Strange setting for a double bass, what is the film? markcauvin.com
  6. Dpa 4061 and double bass in beach

    Nice, I can hear a bit of the 2nd Movement from the Koussevitzy Double Bass Concerto
  7. I like the look of that!
  8. Hello, I am hoping to receive advice on what I need. I want to connect two power supplies -12v and -30v to my Nagra 4.2 and be able to switch between the two using a switch. I imagine two power supply inputs and one output connecting directly into the Nagra. Could someone tell me what this would be called and if a product exists, I imagine the tuchel connectors would need to be installed. Really hope to be able to realise this. Thanks in advance Mark C
  9. Apologies for shifting the direction of conversation abruptly, but I would was hoping to receive some information about how well the Stellavox AMI48 mixer has worked with the Nagra IV-S for the Sound-men. Any preferences for connectors? Banana plugs vs Tuchel, things to look out for? Cheers Mark
  10. Thanks for posting those iv-s head images Dela.
  11. Thanks Dela so a 0.75mm difference in head width is the difference. What do the 2mm and 2.75mm look like? Can somebody share photos please? Peace
  12. Hi Dearest Friends from OZ, Is there an audible difference between the NAGRA IV-S stereo and X4S to record music? Regards Mark
  13. Would LOVE to see a Stellavox thread MBM. For recording and music composition my Nagra's are incredibly reliable. I have an overhauled AMI 48 (2016), which is ideal. The head assemblies on Stellavox's aren't suitable for my purposes. MBM thank you for the super interesting info.
  14. Can any Sound-men shed light on what this contraption is like to use? I have never seen one before. http://www.ebay.de/itm/Nagra-lVL-4-2-lVs-Recorder-Tape-Counter-Sound-Assist/162587364051?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&_trksid=p2055119.m1438.l2649