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  1. Sound sync advice using film 0.01%

    Thank you all very much for the feedback. Very helpful.
  2. Sound sync advice using film 0.01%

    Hey Jim. I don't have a set overall budget. I wing it. I shoot on weekends over period of a few/several months so I can space out my expenses. But it's several thousand. Approx. total, included post expenses, will not be over 35,000.
  3. Sound sync advice using film 0.01%

    Jay - u are the man. Very informative. Thank you very much.
  4. Sound sync advice using film 0.01%

    Thanks John for the reply. Back to my question...Can the Mixpre3 slow it down by 01%?
  5. Sound sync advice using film 0.01%

    Alright. I will do my best to give background and explain concern. Shooting micro budget feature film on S16mm Arri SR2. We have the Senn 416 that will go directly into a recorder/preamp. I used a clapper and sync sound and film using FCP. We do not have a sound guy on set (y'all kill me everytime with that comment) I was leaning towards the MixPre3 but a sound pro offered this advice below: What you have to worry about is the sound and the speed shift due to shooting at 24.000FPS and transferring at 23.976 FPS so the AUDIO has to slow down by 0.01%. The SD 702 can do that for you automatically. If you use one of the cheeper recorders - your SYNC will be off. He said he does not believe the MixPre3 will not do that pull down function. Would using the MixPre3 create a major problem for me? Or is this pull down advice geared more towards music where it's one longer take? as oppose to manually syncing short takes for film? I hope I made sense...all advice welcome. Thanks. Eric.
  6. Expert Advice Wanted. Sound for Film.

    i understand. thank-you.
  7. Expert Advice Wanted. Sound for Film.

    I am learning from these questions and I am improving; skills, technique, knowledge...AND gear. I need a mic for both in and outdoors. I keep reading where the 50 is great for indoor, but not so much outdoor. And the 416 is just the opposite. Is the MKH 8060 good for both indoor and outdoor
  8. Expert Advice Wanted. Sound for Film.

    Thanks Abe. I just watched some reviews and test on the MKH50. Impressive. It sounds great and may be best bet for my guerrilla style shooting. No, I do not need 8 channels but someone strongly recommended due to the preamp (all in one) package.
  9. Expert Advice Wanted. Sound for Film.

    Hello, Ironfilm. The same camera. Arri SR2 Super 16.
  10. Expert Advice Wanted. Sound for Film.

    I believe i need to just stick with one mic. we are not advanced enough to be switching equipment out on set. About the boom...lol. Okay. I feel I have a quality boom. No problems with it. Works great.
  11. Expert Advice Wanted. Sound for Film.

    I have a really nice Rode boom. A cheap plastic AT mount but it works fine. Wind protection....I put on a Rode "dead cat" that I just left on throughout the whole film. A fella mentioned earlier about some sound blankets and stuff. I'm going to look into that too.
  12. Expert Advice Wanted. Sound for Film.

    Thanks Chris. Good stuff. My budget would be a few/several hundred dollars over a period of a couple months. I can cover the items that have been mentioned.
  13. Expert Advice Wanted. Sound for Film.

    I certainly understand all of what is being said. Thanks for y'alls input. Jeff - I can't get rid of the "micro budget". I wish I had financial backing but I don't. I wish I could do the traditional formula and shoot for 3 weeks straight with a hired sound man, but that cost $$. I shoot on the weekends when everyone is off. I work full time Monday - Friday. Even if I could afford a quality sound guy, that schedule would not work with him. Glen - I believe that (AT875) is my weak link too. What would you recommend? Steve - I understand I have inferior products, but if you were in my shoes and with your sound knowledge, what would you be considering?
  14. Expert Advice Wanted. Sound for Film.

    I will try and make this brief so I will not bore you. I shot a feature film a year or two ago and it went well, but I need to improve my sound. I self funded the film. No paid crew or no paid actors. I shot it on Super 16mm. Despite the limitations, the film went great and I plan to do another one. In my film, I had one sound person. My wife. lol. She is an RN by trade, but we have studied quite a bit on mic placement and positioning, so I don't want to replace my free labor. I use a boom mic throughout the whole film. These are my 3 components. 1) Audio Technica AT875R Line & Gradient CondenserMicrophone. 2) Sound Devices MM-1 Single Channel Portable Microphone Preamp. 3) Zoom H4N Handy Reconder. That is my setup. Mic on Boom Pole > Preamp > H4N. Then I download my wave files from the H4N onto computer and I edit in FCP. My questions/concerns. I want to improve sound for next film, but I can't scratch and start over with a whole new sound set-up. Keep my micro budget in mind. If these 3 components are good? Then what should I have my preamp settings on? Should I replace one of these components? If so, what? And what should I get? Not sure if I can replace two components due to $$. I realize I need improvement but just lack the funds to go all out. I could and would definitely drop a few hundred if need be to get the most out of the above setup. Any advice wanted. Thank-you. Eric.