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  1. Zoom F8 and IFB

    Hi all, I'm using the great but somewhat limited zoom F8 today, and have just been asked to feed 3 clients an audio mix. What's the best way to set up an IFB - comtek most likely - with the Zoom F8? thanks!
  2. Good evening guys, Long term lurker, first time poster. Please be gentle. I'm a sound editor and general audio-post guy by trade, and have over the past year had an opportunity to make a somewhat logical step into location sound. I've had a small singleboom, single wireless system and lav - the Sony UWP D-series - but want to add another. I'm wondering if I should go for the same frequency system or not? I'm currently using the 470 to 542 MHz (UHF Channels 14/25) system and am unsure weather to get another system of the same or not. I believe I should get the same range as the manual states the following: "When operating two or more UWP-D series packages simultaneously with different channel groups, make sure that they are at least 100 meters (330 feet) apart if they are used within clear sight of each other (actual distance may vary depending on the circumstances)." Just want to be 100% sure. Hope you can help!