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  1. Show me your bag

    Awesome. Trs cable for hops or comms?
  2. Any soundies based out of Amsterdam on the forum? I'll be in the area mid March and would love to meet up for a coffee while I'm there. Cheers.
  3. Lectro SRc field reports?

    Is lectro mailing the aes bottomplates to people individually? Or would it be possible to send one to trew audio here in Vancouver different people in the community can access.
  4. Remote Audio Hi-Q Batteries

    +1 There's a huge difference between the RA and audioroot cups. Get the audioroot one.
  5. Remote Audio Hi-Q Batteries

    I'm not sure about wisys, but I get approx 6-7 hrs with a 49whr/633/2 Sr's and more than a full day on the 98whr. I mostly just use the 98whr batt for sit downs, and when I'm wearing the bag definitely the 49whr for less weight.
  6. Sound Devices Mix Pre 6 With Zax wireless

    Nicely done, I'm also planning a mp6 rig (tho with Sr's) and I figure the weight of internal batts on each device will likely be very close to a 49whr audioroot batt/bds to power the bag.
  7. It's the Little Things...

    Cool! Going to try and remember this one.
  8. Show me your bag

    How are you liking the mp6 for daily use? What types of jobs are you taking on with it?
  9. camera link

    That sounds pretty good to me.
  10. camera link

    How does this translate to fidelity with the G3 receiver being fed by a lectro tx? Same as using a G3 tx?
  11. Burnout, stress, depression: experiences?

    Great article Crew! thanks for sharing
  12. Sound Devices Mix Pre-3 and Mix Pre-6

    Very nice! Gotta say I'm tempted to pick one up myself for an ultra light rig...
  13. Mics on women

    Aside from using the bra holder with non actors it's also been a good tool for those sweaty days where the tape just won't stick :/
  14. Mics on women

    Yea that has happened. To remedy that I just attach a small piece of moleskin around the bottom of the bra holder to the cos11 locking it down. I've also had better success using it with the mount on the inside of the bra strap (facing the body), as opposed to just facing outwards.
  15. Mics on women

    I've had great success with the hide a mic bra holder on non actors, it's real simple and there's never any miscommunication I find... it's turned into a staple in my kit for docs https://www.hideamic.com/product-page/bra-holder-black-cos11 Past that, perhaps something like a rycote stickie would be easier for them to just "stick" on the skin. There's less room for error - a non actor wont know exactly how a piece of moleskin or transpore should be applied without specific direction.