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  1. Hey Cian, look into applying as a permitee for our unions IATSE 891 and ACFC West. Feel free to message me when you arrive if you'd like to grab a coffee. Cheers.
  2. I think it's common practice to do so, if that's what best suits wardrobe. Often I'll check with talent to see if they have any preferences of what tape is applied to the skin as a courtesy. As far as chests with a bit of hair go, I've still had success going to the skin... For REALLY hairy chests I've been meaning to add a chest strap to my kit as a 'hail mary' if nothing else works, or carry some under shirts along to go between layers. I worked on a show last summer where one of the actors had alot alot of hair, so our make up dept would prep an area on his chest with a gel of some sort (I cant remember exactly) that we could apply the wire too. Yay teamwork! I like to take it case by case and try to gauge what they're comfortable with.
  3. This is great! Was trying to find out how to make customizable shortcuts on the 744 then stumbled upon this. Perfect.
  4. I got a pack of hush lavs a while back but I never find myself grabbing them out of the wiring kit. Perhaps because of their size. I've preferred using an overcover for the same effect. Ive been meaning to try a hush lav on the TX antenna for separation from the skin though!
  5. More of the same over here. Keeping this little go case in the bag with me. One thing I can't do without though is chewing gum (not pictured!). I'll always pick some up before a gig and when working with other mixers I'll keep a stash in the wiring bag.
  6. Nice work! This looks awesome
  7. +1 Totally depends on the AC and their preferences. Though I've generally found on smaller shoots when working as a omb, camera ops are happy to give me a few minutes to set up tc / hops (I'll always refresh myself w/the camera manual beforehand). Working as an assist on union shows Ill just hand our tc boxes and jammed slates to the camera dept. I try to make a habit in double checking that the tc readout on camera matches the slates just to be sure. The main thing is to be flexible :-)
  8. Shooting by the water tonight here in Vancouver. Enjoying the last hour of sun!
  9. I don't think the product came to fruition. Saw this on their FB page a week ago - https://goo.gl/2mXBQ8
  10. I've been a happy tentacle user, fits my needs at the moment. Havent had any issues with them. The camera dept loves how light / small they are, but its looking like alot of the current tc options have that covered now :-)
  11. Hey Philip - I pm'd you with some options. Hope that helps.
  12. Using the 744T onboard power at the moment with Sony L batts. It does the job just fine with battery changes at lunch, but I've been looking at Audio Root for my first BDS system to give me room to grow, and simplify power management down the road.
  13. Copy that - thanks. Thanks for the info Rachel! It sounds like the 49Wh will definitely cut it. I am planning on upgrading to the 633 when the time is right, but for now it's helpful to know I'll be covered either way - and can lighten the bag a touch.
  14. Very cool. Thanks for sharing. Yep, I find myself taking the 302 out of the bag when I can (even if it's just for a couple scenes), and really enjoy working with only the 744 in my bag. This is good food for thought.
  15. Hey Philip, Wanted to see if you could point me in the direction of any outboard accessories you mention with the 744 I could look into for improving workflows. I've been through the manual several times and have found the machine's output and track routings to provide a good amount of flexibility for my needs at the moment (using a 744/302). I'm sure I'll find more ways to modify the set up as gigs call for them, or as I dive into the manual again haha. Would be interested to hear from your experience.