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  1. Dave Pullmer

    Sound Report Writer app

    Im also a fan of SRW, use it for my reports when Im doing documentary on the mix pre 6, otherwise its wingman. As for the leading zeros, Ive never thought of that as an issue. Its easy enough for an editor to understand that "T1" on your report corresponds to take "001" on your recorder. You can remove the Timecode field by going into settings, and customize the report with 'edit pdf fields'. Ive always liked the simplicity of the app.
  2. Dave Pullmer

    HN-7506 or something else

    I was looking into this alot as well for recording in louder environments. From what I gather IEMs will provide you with the most isolation... The new HN 7506s feel pretty comfy too I must say. I ended up settling on a pair of Sennheiser 280s, very affordable and they offer alot more isolation than your average pair of cans. I found them to be a nice middle ground in getting more isolation but not having to invest $4-700 in those mentioned above. Have been monitoring at way lower levels when I use them which is nice. For extensive rain I usually put my hood up over some old 7506s, but I'd imagine IEMs would be helpful for this as you could wear a rain hat/hood with no inconvenience.
  3. Dave Pullmer

    In ear monitors for production sound

    Yea, Ive demo'd shure 215s once and I couldnt get past the cable noise at the time.
  4. Dave Pullmer

    In ear monitors for production sound

    Anyone out there thats tried a few different brands of IEMs? Curious what noticeable differences there may be between etymotic, westone, ultimate ears etc...
  5. Dave Pullmer

    Sound Devices MixPre-3 vs Zoom F4

    +1 Highly recommend the mp6. Been using it as my daily driver for low track count work and its been great. Worth the small jump in size over the mp3.
  6. Dave Pullmer

    Sound Devices Mix Pre 6 With Zax wireless

    Oh damn, thats good to know! I use the hirose sled for my mp6 and primarily use the file transfer to dump files at wrap so I dont have to take the card out at all... its been real convenient.
  7. Dave Pullmer

    Sound Devices Mix Pre 6 With Zax wireless

    How has 2.20 been treating you? Id like to update in the near future for the output gain, but 1.53 has been rock solid and I dont want to mess with any bugs that may arise.
  8. Dave Pullmer

    Rechargeable battery management on location

    What Jon said, got that trick from a mixer I worked with and its the best! I used to have my chargers in my pelican 1510 that Id bring on location, but started leaving them at home. Havent had the need for on set charging lately...
  9. Hey Nathan, would be happy to grab a coffee if ya like. Send me a message. Cheers.
  10. Dave Pullmer

    Looking for a non audio looking bag for my MixPre 3

    Just a 49whr smart battery and an audioroot bds, heres another photo of the actual fanny pack. Right angle cables for the wires and cut a little cable entrance in the side to hardline the boom. The fanny pack acts as a protective layer, I dont need or want much more than that for this bag.
  11. Dave Pullmer

    Looking for a non audio looking bag for my MixPre 3

    +1 for a fanny pack bag Ive been using a jansport fanny pack from mountain equipment coop, its been great - inexpensive, and light
  12. Dave Pullmer

    Rain protection sound bag

    +1 Haha I started w/a DIY shower curtain and then eventually got a sea line map case. Works great!
  13. Hi all, a client of mine is looking for a omb in LA this monday. Simple interviews for the company Herschel. Contact matt.prior@herschel.com if interested.
  14. Dave Pullmer

    a dialogue editing roundtable with some big names

    Thanks for sharing! Great episode.
  15. Dave Pullmer

    Stereo Mix - scripted series

    As a utility I havent seen this workflow with narrative work. I find most mixers simply provide a mono mix. Ive seen this requested more often for unscripted/reality, when theres less time/money in post and they want to avoid digging into the ISOs.