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  1. Sony MDR 7506 coiled cable

    Thanks for sharing it!
  2. Sony MDR 7506 coiled cable

    Not my trick! But i was really happy to find that a while back myself - puts the cable at the perfect length for your ifb while booming/utility or mixing out of the bag. A small bit of extra weight on the cable but I don't mind it.
  3. Sony MDR 7506 coiled cable

    This is a good trick, I've done it to a few pairs of mine
  4. Looking Into Buying Zaxcom IFB

    +1 Working as boom/utility I've used the ERXs mostly on commercials. We've been using a RF venue CP beam to hit set (director/script/erx's on camera), and have been remoting a L-com omni antenna right beside village. For exteriors we've achieved up to 100 ft line of sight with the CP beam (though well always run a range test on the day). Range hasn't been as great with the omni so we'll generally not take any chances and get it as close to village as we can. I've only encountered 1 issue with interference on the ERXs - couldn't pinpoint the source but we changed frequencies on the ERXs and no problems after that. Hope that helps. Past the ERXs I've definitely found the lectro R1a's to be the most rocksolid of the bunch.
  5. Boom op-less

  6. Folding Bag Cart v1.0

    Quickfists - you can find em on amazon
  7. Folding Bag Cart v1.0

    I've been thinking of going down this route for a simple omb cart that would allow me to cut down on harness/bag wearing time, and hold my poles/cases when on the move. How have you been liking this set up? Anything you would change if you had to do it again?
  8. Safdie Brothers Talk About Audio on 'Good Time'

    Despite this odd interview I really enjoyed the movie! On top of directing, one of the bros also played a lead role in the film. I'm curious if it was a OMB doing sound on set - don't think I saw a boom op credit in there
  9. How to hide a Sennheiser ME 2 on talent

    I'd push to rent COS11s wired for G3s from a local rental house. For $10-15/day you'll be a happy camper!
  10. Need a new boom stand. Suggestions?

    Recently picked up this stand for a few travel gigs and its been working great. Been hanging my backpack off it with a carabiner and its been very solid. Thanks for the recommendation!
  11. High temperature lav mic technique

    +1 It's been getting hot up here, and when the skin or clothing gets soaked through a few non tape solutions can definitely save the day. Chest straps, and the hide a mic bra holder have worked well. For moderate heat i find iso prop and transpore are able to handle most situations.
  12. filming in a suana

    Haha! Now there's an idea. Yea, I think I may try a stereo pair of sm58s should the occasion arise.
  13. filming in a suana

    I may have the opportunity to record the audio of a First Nations sweat lodge ceremony on a documentary Ive been working on, and wanted to see if anyone has advice for what mics to bring for these conditions. The lodge is about 9ft × 9ft, a dome structure built with branches and covered by tarps. There's a pit in the middle that is filled with red hot rocks, and eventually water is poured on it creating alot of moisture in the lodge. We participated in the sweat lodge ceremony our last time up, but didn't document it. I've seen in this thread people have had success letting their mics warm up with the room, but I still feel hesitant about leaving 416 in there with the amount of moisture that is released. I'm leaning towards a waterproof solution, or perhaps non lubricated condoms over the shotgun... Any suggestions would be welcome, as recording in a sweat lodge would be a first for me.
  14. Rates & other tips when traveling?

    Copy that! thanks everyone for weighing in on this
  15. Rates & other tips when traveling?

    To clarify - are you suggesting bill the overnight flight as 1 travel day (full rate) and the shoot day as usual - totalling 2 days?
  16. Rates & other tips when traveling?

    This seems like a fitting thread for a question I have on travel days. How do you bill your travel days with overnight flights or travelling the same day as shooting? A client of mine may have a 1 day shoot where we'd take an overnight flight (5 hours), arrive at our destination in the morning - shoot for a few hours and fly back in the afternoon/night. Im used to breaking it down when a travel day is its own separate day, but this one's got me a bit confused. Any tips?
  17. View From The Office:

    Shooting a doc up in Alert Bay, British Columbia. It's supposed to be summer up here but we've got high wind and rain!
  18. Ultrasone headphones for location work. Which ones?

    Appreciate the responses. Funnily enough I daycalled on a show yesterday and the mixer had a pair of the 550s - I took a good look and the size didn't bother me at all.
  19. Ultrasone headphones for location work. Which ones?

    Ah cool. Yea I've found the 7506s to be 'harsh' at times aswell. Seems like there's a little trade off with size/weight but that may be well worth it for the ears.
  20. Ultrasone headphones for location work. Which ones?

    I've been thinking about switching up to a new set of cans. Im using the 7506s for bag and assist/utility work, but have been interested in the ultrasone 680s or beyer dt250s after reading people's experiences of less fatigue on the ears after a days work. Was curious if you had any insight on how bulky the ultrasones may be compared to the 7506s. I've seen a few on different mixers carts but I'm curious if anyone's putting them to use for bag work. Going to try and track some down locally, but any insight would be appreciated in the meantime!
  21. Hey Cian, look into applying as a permitee for our unions IATSE 891 and ACFC West. Feel free to message me when you arrive if you'd like to grab a coffee. Cheers.
  22. Taping mics to chest

    I think it's common practice to do so, if that's what best suits wardrobe. Often I'll check with talent to see if they have any preferences of what tape is applied to the skin as a courtesy. As far as chests with a bit of hair go, I've still had success going to the skin... For REALLY hairy chests I've been meaning to add a chest strap to my kit as a 'hail mary' if nothing else works, or carry some under shirts along to go between layers. I worked on a show last summer where one of the actors had alot alot of hair, so our make up dept would prep an area on his chest with a gel of some sort (I cant remember exactly) that we could apply the wire too. Yay teamwork! I like to take it case by case and try to gauge what they're comfortable with.
  23. What´s your SD 744t workflow?

    This is great! Was trying to find out how to make customizable shortcuts on the 744 then stumbled upon this. Perfect.
  24. Placing HushLavs

    I got a pack of hush lavs a while back but I never find myself grabbing them out of the wiring kit. Perhaps because of their size. I've preferred using an overcover for the same effect. Ive been meaning to try a hush lav on the TX antenna for separation from the skin though!
  25. Let's see your lavaliere kit!

    More of the same over here. Keeping this little go case in the bag with me. One thing I can't do without though is chewing gum (not pictured!). I'll always pick some up before a gig and when working with other mixers I'll keep a stash in the wiring bag.