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  1. Show me your bag

    Awesome. Trs cable for hops or comms?
  2. Any soundies based out of Amsterdam on the forum? I'll be in the area mid March and would love to meet up for a coffee while I'm there. Cheers.
  3. Lectro SRc field reports?

    Is lectro mailing the aes bottomplates to people individually? Or would it be possible to send one to trew audio here in Vancouver different people in the community can access.
  4. Remote Audio Hi-Q Batteries

    +1 There's a huge difference between the RA and audioroot cups. Get the audioroot one.
  5. Remote Audio Hi-Q Batteries

    I'm not sure about wisys, but I get approx 6-7 hrs with a 49whr/633/2 Sr's and more than a full day on the 98whr. I mostly just use the 98whr batt for sit downs, and when I'm wearing the bag definitely the 49whr for less weight.
  6. Sound Devices Mix Pre 6 With Zax wireless

    Nicely done, I'm also planning a mp6 rig (tho with Sr's) and I figure the weight of internal batts on each device will likely be very close to a 49whr audioroot batt/bds to power the bag.
  7. It's the Little Things...

    Cool! Going to try and remember this one.
  8. Show me your bag

    How are you liking the mp6 for daily use? What types of jobs are you taking on with it?
  9. camera link

    That sounds pretty good to me.
  10. camera link

    How does this translate to fidelity with the G3 receiver being fed by a lectro tx? Same as using a G3 tx?
  11. Burnout, stress, depression: experiences?

    Great article Crew! thanks for sharing
  12. Sound Devices Mix Pre-3 and Mix Pre-6

    Very nice! Gotta say I'm tempted to pick one up myself for an ultra light rig...
  13. Mics on women

    Aside from using the bra holder with non actors it's also been a good tool for those sweaty days where the tape just won't stick :/
  14. Mics on women

    Yea that has happened. To remedy that I just attach a small piece of moleskin around the bottom of the bra holder to the cos11 locking it down. I've also had better success using it with the mount on the inside of the bra strap (facing the body), as opposed to just facing outwards.
  15. Mics on women

    I've had great success with the hide a mic bra holder on non actors, it's real simple and there's never any miscommunication I find... it's turned into a staple in my kit for docs https://www.hideamic.com/product-page/bra-holder-black-cos11 Past that, perhaps something like a rycote stickie would be easier for them to just "stick" on the skin. There's less room for error - a non actor wont know exactly how a piece of moleskin or transpore should be applied without specific direction.
  16. Bag Cart

    I've really been trying to not wear the harness whenever possible this year... so far so good! This is a foldable handtruck I've been using from home depot with a couple utility pouches for wiring kit etc...
  17. Reading a client

    I wanted to start a discussion on "reading your clients". This may not be as important in sectors with relatively set rates such as union/commercial in my market, but surely applies to any negotiation we have. Working as a omb on anything from doc/commercial/epk/corpo I've been constantly refining my questions to get the info I need so I can provide an educated quote for the job. Every little bit helps, and after each negotiation I try to think of items I may have missed or how I can improve. Here are a few notes I try to keep on hand when gauging a potential job. Sometimes its all laid out clean and clear I find, but others require a bit more detective work... How do you approach this? Anything you would add? - how many talking heads on camera? - what/how many cameras are we shooting with? - description of shoot/storyboards - crew size? script/DIT/VTR/agency? camera dept size - 1st/2nd AC? - how many comteks required? - is this an in house production? or are you servicing for another co. ?
  18. On My Radio

    Was driving along today and heard a song that reminded me so much of Lou Reed - maybe it was one of his songs hidden in a late 80s or 90s album I hadn't heard before... turns out its a current band but hey, I'll take it! https://youtu.be/liXRe7t7v2M
  19. Bag cart DIY build

    Cool - interesting build!
  20. Signing out comteks

    On commercials we hand out what I call a 'comtek buffet' for the folks at VV. As mentioned above I've found it very effective for people to know where to return their headsets (...where they found it!). In the drama world there are a couple mixers in town that use the Bluetooth tracker app called tile. It's saved us a couple times, and allows you to name each gps chip you put in the ifb pouch. An extra expense, but we were happy to have it when the time came.
  21. Sennheiser G3 with cos 11D

    I'd recommend it, I went this route before upgrading to lectros and got through lots of gigs with them... you can use your G3s for camera hops later on and reterminate the cos11s when the time comes. Win win.
  22. I'm about to make a couple cables up for use as camera hops from a Sr receiver (TA3F - XLRM), and am curious if people commonly use mini star quad on their cam hop cables for the extra shielding it provides - or if this is an irrelevant consideration for an 18 inch cable...
  23. MKH50, Sennheiser vs Rycote mount?

    I've been using a bongo tie for strain relief with the stock Sennheiser mount, pretty much in the same spot the rycote invision mount has it built in just to lock the xlr down. Other than that little mod I've had no issues with that mount...
  24. #metoo and sexism in general

    With wiring non pro talent in docu situations, I've found the hide-a-mic 'bra holder' to be very well received by female subjects and has made for an even smoother wiring process as it's pretty simple to understand mic placement etc..