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  1. Boom Pole Quick Connect

    I have kept mine on the pole for years and was rear ended (in my car) last Feb. The wreck tore the mount and put a dent on my 416, it seems to work fine. How do you guys store yours? Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  2. Boom Pole Quick Connect

    Is anyone using one of the quick connects for their boom pole. I like the idea but am afraid of the connection rattling?
  3. shock mount

    My old Rycote shock mount is failing. Any suggestion on a new one? regards john in OKC
  4. VDB boom pole stiff

    Well, there was a day spent. After looking at it closely the locking collar had shrunk. Who knows why but they did. Finally tried some emery cloth then ended up with a rat tail file and took abut 1 thousandth off. After it was roughed up I could slide the section thru and the friction would mark the high spot and then work very carefully with the file, I did this a number of times. I used a small brake cylinder hone to smooth it out after getting a smooth action. Quite a chore but the pole works perfectly now. That coil cord was a bit of a wrestle to get into place. I fed a very flexible wire thru the top then soldered the tips together with some shrink wrap. I then pulled it thru and was back in business.
  5. VDB boom pole stiff

    I have the pole apart now, I washed the two largest sections with warm water and detergent, they were pretty dirty. There is still a lot of stiction with the two bushings. Any suggestions?
  6. VDB boom pole stiff

    thanks. It looks like I will need to remove the internal coil cord to do that, off to the work bench.
  7. VDB boom pole stiff

    I have a VDB that I bought in the mid 90's and both of the larger sections have always been stiff. Does anyone know how to take one of these apart? I want to see what is binding.
  8. Mixers expectations for Booms etc

    While we are talking booms. Is any one using Ktek boom poles? I recently used some ones Ktek pole and liked it over my VDB. Any suggestions on the best Ktek pole? I am looking for a short one they have a number of models. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk HD
  9. boom pole

    I recently used a K-Tex boom pole and loved the action of the tightening rings. They make a bunch of them and would love some recommendations. I plan on using this for any ENG jobs so I am looking at a short one. Any thoughts? I do want to spring for the Carbon Fiber, weight is every thing when doing ENG. I have a VDB that will work fine for many of the other shoots I do. It has always been stiff and lots of friction to extend the sections.
  10. Mixers expectations for Booms etc

    I worked on two movies this summer and they did not and would not let me hire a boom op. They said there are plenty of folks standing around? It was a nightmare to say the least. Lots of handling noise as well as off axis problems.
  11. Comtek M72 transmitter cable

    I put together a cable and I am having some issues like it is overdriving the transmitter if I try to get the volume to a decent level. Mic level is too low and line is too hot. -10 gives me the best result but if I turn the transmitter gain very high, i get distortion. Trying to figure out if the transmitter is bad or I need one of the cables from Comtek.
  12. Comtek M72 transmitter cable

    I bought a used M72 comtek system and of course it did not come with the right cable. The only ones I see for sale have a stereo cable to the transmitter. I checked inside the transmitter and it has a mono female. Will the stereo cable work if I am feeding it a mono signal from a ta3 plug? thanks, John in OKC.
  13. breaking up

    thanks every one
  14. breaking up

    I am really looking forward to my next movie and I am loving the work on this one. I am kind of bummed about how this is turning out. Thanks for the words. By the way, this guy does not drink and the constant Fox News speak and ranting is wearing thin on long trips. Last shoot he shot for about 15 minutes then thru me the camera for the rest of the long death march day of hand held coverage while he sat in the van. Kind of the last straw for me.
  15. breaking up

    Over the last two years I have had a steady date with a shooter who does mostly news and some corporate stuff. His health has become so bad that I end up carrying the water for the whole shoot. I am in my mid 60's and carrying heavy sand bags and setting up all the lights while he sits has just become too much. I booked a movie this month because I needed a change and some change for taxes. Needles to say I am getting the brunt of his resentment. Lots of whining to other professionals about how I am costing him work. I love the crew on this movie and hope that I can go this directing as I finish my career. I bought a used 664 last November just to dodge some taxes and it has been the perfect tool for the job. I also upgraded my wireless with 4 used Sennheiser 3041's I picked up from the Bexler auction earlier this year. I realize the best thing for me is to just be silent during this phase but I feel like I was being taken advantage of, and I am ok with that. I just want a break from covering his ass and would welcome some future work from this guy in the future, just no steady diet stuff. Clients, geez! Just venting a bit, I thought some on this list might relate.