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  1. AndeSchurr

    Lithium 9V Packaging

    You are very kind David! I have now ordered some. The shipping time of 25 days tells me they might be coming via the sea :-)
  2. AndeSchurr

    Lithium 9V Packaging

    It's nearly impossible getting rechargeable lithiums to us here in New Zealand. I have my eye on the new iPower 9V LiPo (700mAh) batteries but according to our local and only dedicated Pro sound shop in Auckland, Sound Techniques, the cargo planes which are permitted to carry them only go as far as Australia (no we are not an island of theirs :-) then from there the batteries which were put onto commercial planes for the short 2 hour journey to us in New Zealand now need to be shipped in containers - expensive and time consuming!! Let's hope this new and wasteful packaging that Josh found on his disposal 9V's gets proven to be safe and the IATA gives it their approval for commercial planes.
  3. AndeSchurr

    The Last Samurai

    That's really good to read Jeff, thanks for explaining. I hadn't considered the need for mutual respect in quite the same deliberate way as you are suggesting. I like what you say about getting the director to understand what I am doing.
  4. AndeSchurr

    The Last Samurai

    Very real and hard earned advice. Jeff could you possibly elaborate on your comment "a good conversation with the director in the morning will ensure a better sound track than any piece of equipment"? Thanks.
  5. AndeSchurr

    664 vs. Nomad Lite

    About 2 years has passed since Zack wrote this about the lack of slate routing options for the 664. Has anything changed? I want to help camera dep. by voicing my own ID's but I am only recording ISO's on the film. Thanks for any info.
  6. AndeSchurr

    Sony UWP-D Wireless Microphone Series:

    I found this review:
  7. AndeSchurr

    Sony UWP-D Wireless Microphone Series:

    Just following up here...has anyone had a chance to review these units? They're offered in New Zealand for NZ$1220+GST at Protel (plug-on and body-pack with receiver) but they went 'flying out the door' apparently and there are no demos!
  8. AndeSchurr

    FreqFinder Android 1.8, iOS 2.3

    Hi James, I've gone through many of your posts but can't see if you have discussed the inclusion of other countries in your 'TV database' as an Add-on in-app purchase. Do you have such intentions? Thanks for a great app. Ande from New Zealand
  9. AndeSchurr

    633: The New Sound Workflow

    This article is a very light-weight account of the Sound Devices 633 itself but hopefully you will find it a little bit motivating and relevant more than anything :-) It's really about me in my country of New Zealand fighting the battle we all fight to get work, to stay on top of ourselves. It helps having this great little unit. http://schurrsound.com/2013/12/sound-devices-633-and-the-new-sound-workflow/
  10. AndeSchurr

    Sound Devices 633…What do you think?

    Thanks for explaining Tom, yes it really is a wonderful solution to the previous heavier, bulkier combination of the separate mixer/recorder combination. I will reluctantly leave my desire to access those 'almost there' ch7 and ch8... :-) Best wishes from New Zealand.
  11. AndeSchurr

    Sound Devices 633…What do you think?

    Hi Tom, thanks for your post, I'm as keen as you are on the 633! I am particularly keen to learn how you can add the 7th/8th input that you are suggesting can be done via the Return Input. I don't quite follow your workflow - could you break it down for me please? Cheers, Ande
  12. AndeSchurr

    SD 702 + external FireWire drive

    Hi, I'm having problems connecting the 702T to my new Lacie 'Rugged Safe' 250GB SSD firewire drive. I thought it was cool how it needed the finger print swipe in order to unlock it but now it may be preventing me from connecting. I have tried powering the 702T both from battery and AC (as per advice in the previous posts) but the red light keeps flashing on the drive. Does anyone have experience with these drives? Thanks, Ande Photo: http://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/823973-REG/LaCie_9000120_Lacie_RUGGED_SAFE_250GB.html
  13. AndeSchurr

    Lectrosonics SMQV: First Impressions

    I thought I'd stick with the SMQV Sanken CUB-01 Thread: I have several SMQVs and very happy with them although from time to time I get frequency clashes within my units, but that is more a homework issue! My question: I want to connect the Cub-01 to the SMQV. Should I be aware of any special rewiring needed? I understand the CUB-01 has an XLR barrel - will I just need to get a simple XLR-TA5 converter? Thanks for any advice, Ande NZ