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  1. Maybe a good business idea would be to sell a cable with a small scratch mic built into it...
  2. In my experience better jobs come with better credits and contacts, not with better gear. But I'm working in niche markets so it might be different where you're at. That said. Out of your kit I'd first pick better lav mics (while the G3 radios aren't great, I feel the biggest constraint is the stock mics, replacing those with DPA or something will see an improvement), smart slate + sync box(es) and a good indoor mic. Do you have a rental source for comteks and other situational gubbins? How's your situation with sound blankets and stands and miscellaneous?
  3. As I said, I haven't done nature recordings which is why I hoped someone with more experience would chip in. I've used the Sennheiser 30/40 MS setup (but for music recordings), and Earthworks omnis on choirs in AB. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend either, when paired with good pre-amps. I've also used AKG 414 pairs for MS (music, again) but I don't think it's useful for this application. The other thought I had is, if you want to compare F4 and some Sound Devices recorder, why not just hire both for a day and a matched pair of some mics? That way you should have the opportunity to compare apples to apples, identical recordings et al. It sounds like you've got a fairly good grasp on what you want anyway, might give you that final confirmation to your ideas? What, so he gets mugged even before he sets foot outside UK?
  4. For this kind of a project I would 100% bring some kind of a MS setup. It will give you the option of stereo but also gives you a very clean mono track. Easier setup than AB omnis. But how distant is "distant sounds"? As far as I know, at some point your only options are a parabolic (with the associated phase and frequency issues) or a binaural recording like Jecklin disk and some Earthworks omnis. Maybe someone else has more experience with pure nature recordings and would care to chip in on the topic.
  5. They do use lavs on the James Corden gag, at least occasionally.
  6. Cheers!
  7. In your mixer route your talkback mic to your boom op, not to the recorder channels. Should be possible on most integrated mixer/recorders as well.
  8. Anyone based on Java? Easy-ish 3 day shoot in Surakarta towards end of April.
  9. If you are running TC and smart slates, be aware that the Tascam DR70 doesn't have a TC option at all. The DR701 does, and it works okay but you'll need to feed it sync constantly or it'll drift horribly. The DR701 has a few ease of use features which make it overall nicer to work with though, but of course it does cost like twice as much. This is where you may have trouble: your location will have a lot more reflections / reverb or background noise than you anticipated the reason why cardioids are usually preferred to interference tube designs (shotguns) indoors is because reflections can sound pretty harsh since you are not used to booming, you'll either be too conservative with the frame line (and get too little presence), or too close and dip into the frame this comes with experience, work with camera crew (or focus puller especially on smaller shoots), buy them beers, make friends. related to that: ceilings and hanging light fixtures having the right shock mounting options helps here, express your concerns if you can't make the moves you need to capture the scene, maybe you can nudge it a few feet also know when to scoop (boom from below) and when not to you'll be late tracking between actors delivering their lines lavs can save you here in post, wider pickup pattern mics can also help since you aren't running lavs for backup, wide shots may be an issue if the director doesn't do half your work for you you need to make sure that either there is no visual sync cues and you can ADR, or dialogue doesn't get used from those shots where you can't record it; ADR with talent who aren't used to it can be challenging not enough room tone / forgotten room tone, or not taking location sfx or capturing the sfx so it doesn't work in the post I'm not an expert like some of the guys here though, so take it with a pinch of salt. These are just some issues I've seen. I hope someone else can give you a better idea.
  10. As a followup on this: Sennheiser replaced my unit for a newer one (with the black band) free of charge.
  11. +1 to keeping a 416 as a backup. My 8060 is with Sennheiser techs as we speak.
  12. I don't really care about Rode vs Schoeps. I'd much rather have Rode in the right place than a Schoeps in the wrong place. If there's sound issues, I'll discuss it with the director. "We can't get anything except a sync track here, if we stay at this location we'll need to do ADR. Ok or move?" If I have an outburst, I've already failed at my job. This is something that was never an issue in my 9-to-5 broadcast job (we had good directors who understood what matters for the production) but it's something I've really been trying to learn as a freelancer.
  13. I don't know if it's relevant to you but I have one older Rode blimp that I replaced the O-ring suspension with Rycote lyres. I can't remember it being particularly difficult, although I did have to put in some spacers for whatever reason.
  14. MS is a very nice stereo option, yes. 702 (and all 7 series recorders, afaik) have MS monitoring, so you can record MS as discrete channels. That'll give you the option of /just/ using the mid channel. The mono compatibility with MS is better than XY or AB anyway. Want stereo? Bam, you got stereo. Want mono? Bam, you got mono. Want slightly narrower stereo image? Bam, got it. All in post, with the push of a button.
  15. Which is precisely the attitude that's got you in the pickle you are in. http://www.bbc.com/news/world-asia-38114558 I try not to have opinions about the American political system. But looking at it from the outside it seems bonkers to me. In Finland if an election was as close as the American elections always are, there would be a re-vote. If no candidate on the list gets more than 50% of the popular vote, there is a re-vote. But even beyond that the president doesn't have anywhere near the power that the US president has - it seems to me completely alien to have any one person dictate national policy that strongly. Also, why on earth do you guys have just two political parties? In Finland there hasn't been a dominant political party for as long as I remember, there is always a coalition government these days because people just have different opinions and you need different parties representing those opinions. And why are there blue states and red states - why do people vote who their parents voted for? Why are the elections about personalities, rather than issues? All of it just boggles my mind. Sorry, I'll get my coat. :-D