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    I have mostly done music studio work. I also do a lot of concert, orchestral, and chamber music recording. Recently I started doing more work for location sound and sound for picture. I've been thoroughly enjoying it because it takes me out of the control room!
  1. yeah i hear that. six point system is not for everyone. but when shooting verite, or when shooting in crowds or certain things where you have to be mobile it's really nice.... i do hear you that when not wearing the bag it tends to sag slightly, i don't mind though
  2. i use the stingray harness with the small and big orca bags and i love it. i like that i can stabilize the bag with the 6-point system. some people say it takes a while to put on, but i havent had any issues. two thumbs up here
  3. I've had c300's do some weird stuff like that. Most of the time a power cycle will for whatever reason do the trick. Otherwise its probably an old firmware on the camera?
  4. at least the channel strips are modular. i've had to resuscitate a channel on a Ghost which is not modular, what a PITA!!!
  5. i've read about the schoeps being susceptible to humidity and such. that they're not really robust in that sense. i really don't understand it at all. i've used my CMIT in super humid weather (bornean jungle, mexican jungles, etc and in DC where it is a big humid swamp in the summer!) and have never had any performance issues. i've even had it in the rain with the cinela piano/kelly cover without any issues whatsoever. same can be said about my CCM M/S setup. no issues with weather. pretty solid. that sucks that your CMIT went bad. i'm sure LSC and schoeps will take care of you(perhaps at the cost of some $$$). it's part of the deal. my buss compressor just started giving me a transformer hum out of the blue. now i've got to send it in to Elysia to see what the deal is.......but yes, repairing and maintenance sucks for both hardware and plugins. keep us posted on the repair. hopefully it won't take too long to get back into the mic locker
  6. to me it seems like if i were to put two cardioids back to back i'd get an omni type feel(with proximity effect unlike omnis). i feel like the null of figure 8's are quite extreme. specially on ribbon mics. i've got a 77dx and a 44bx and you wouldn't believe how much the signal drops if you put the sound source in the null. one of my friends was telling me that radio broadcasters used this to their advantage. you'd have the person talking and reading the paper which was right by the null and you would never hear the paper sounds at all. i doubt you'd get that kind of behavior with two cardioids back to back
  7. I'd say get a nice DA and AD. The apollo boxes are pretty sweet since they have a basic 'master section' built in. The new apogee boxes are pretty sweet as well. I use a Cranesong Avocet mkII which is killer. Also, the new Avid boxes sound surprisingly good. Looking to do an HDX upgrade at some point. Even the HD Native is great but I enjoy the low-latency of the new HDX systems.... Unfortunately none of this stuff is cheap. But the headphone amp on the Avocet is stellar! It can drive any phones you plug in!
  8. this is a bit of a bummer. i was stoked to have a baggable solution. hopefully the manufacturer will comply with FCC spec or hopefully SG will make the amp themselves.... i know there's other solutions out there but man it looked like such a nice little package!
  9. hey rosa, sounds good! i unfortunately missed the shows. i had a last minute booking for a shoot in the DR and had to pack with only hours to get prepped for international travel. i'm sure the show was great. i gave the tickets to a friend who then gave them to people jonesin' to get in. inauguration was quite lame. not a lot of people. a lot of BS from both sides. women march was a whole lot more intense in a good way. for both days i just 'shot' with my 744t, zaxcom qrx235, and a boom. went wireless boom just because it's faster and quicker to do adjustments and move around without any cables. everything in the orca-or30. tiny bag perfect for run-n-gun. i was able to run, jump, keep up without any issues. i did pre-register my frequencies.... that small orca with the 744t and three channels of wireless is super compact and light. powered everything with an inspired energy battery for the whole day.
  10. funny vid, new small TX looks sweet. definitely will pick one up to try out
  11. Doing a search would be good. Lots of going back and forth about this. Like its been said, very personal. I've owned the WS4 for my schoeps MS setup for a long time. Recently I bought a Zephyx to replace it and all I can say is WOW! Transparent, reduces handling noise, for me its a much better system. I also own the Piano and again, it is amazing. Much easier to boom with and my boom ops love it for that reason. They are a bit more fragile but still very hearty. They always do the job. The basket themselves are floated which makes them move around and absorb any mechanical/wind noise without making sounds. It throws people off but man they work great.
  12. I'm definitely going to be there. Pretty sure production will have some sort of pass/credentials. It's going to be crazy me thinks! Got booked for the Inauguration and the Womens March. Then I found out about these shows at the black cat. If I have the energy I will be at the Anti-Ball show with some very cool bands and acts. On the 20th there's going to be the No Thanks show. Also looks very promising. So if anyone is in town and going to the black cat on the 21st for the Anti-Ball show, I already got my tickets! Join if you like any of the bands! EDIT to insert the Black Cat links: http://www.blackcatdc.com/shows/antibalas.html http://www.blackcatdc.com/shows/no-thanks.html
  13. NPR had a quick report in this. Looks amazing, really want to visit and go to some concerts! Let us know how it sounds Mungo!
  14. I went from powering my bags with v-mounts to the new IE batteries and it's been rock solid. Lighter and less bulky than the v-mounts with longer run times. The AR battery cups are super nice. After reading up on them here it really is true that they snap and lock into place. I use both the big batts and the half joints. Most of the time I'm on the bigger ones. I want to do an upgrade and get one of the AR distro units. Thats my next step..... I can power my 744t/552/qrx235 combo all day with a single 98whr battery. I can go 3/4 of a day with the x3....
  15. I really love the Zaxcom stuff. Before I bought a system I rented all sorts of lectro stuff. Then I decided to try Zaxcom and I just cant say enough good things about it. It's really not that hard to use! Like people have said, if you read the manual its surprisingly easy to use. Ontop of that, they have the OLED displays which spells all parameters out in plain easy to understand text. The new software even makes it simpler by breaking down the different parameters into sub categories which simplifies everything even more. For example, theres a submenu for time code, zaxnet, transmit, etc etc so you can make changes quickly. I use the QRX235 with my 744t/442 combo and my x3 with no issues. Seriously, dont buy into the online posts that say Zaxcom is too complicated to use. It's really easy and has a great feature set! All this said, I still rent lectro stuff when I need it, but really miss all the extras like remote gain change, transmitters record feature and all....