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  1. Headphone

    Aloha, I have a brand new Beyer DT48E. New in the sense have not been used. There are some improvements that make them very popular for use. Old school I guess. Works great on both my Nagras. Cheers
  2. Headphone

    Aloha, sorry my choice is my brand new Beyer DT48E
  3. Large blimp vs smaller blimp

    Aloha, have both the small and large versions of Rycote's blimps. Huge difference much in favor of the large blimp. Have it on my MKH30/40 MS setup and it really works great. Also on my MKH70 the small blimp works great. All with Windjammers. Cheers
  4. Shotgun Mic Repair

    Aloha, Location Sound can repair your mic.Contact Mike Paul at 1-800-228-4429
  5. Purchasing first Nagra deck

    Aloha, Nagra 4.2 is the Cat's meow. Just think of all the sounds recorded on Nagra 4.2. I own a 4.2 and the stereo factory stc and they just cannot be beat. Cheers Clay Reeves
  6. Advice on Mid Mic in MS Configuration

    Aloha, having lived in Denver for a number of years, my choice for serious matrix recording has been the Sennheiser MKH 30 and MKH 40 mics. I send the signals into my Audio Developments Preamplifier/Matrix AD066-11 system. I can record into the box with the ability to adjust the stereo spread by increasing or decreasing the channels. Another feature using this AD066-11 is the ability to individually adjust the gain on each channel. When I arrive at the final sonic configuration I simply feed the signals to my Nagra 4STC stereo recorder. The Sennheiser mics have a very high sensitivity perfect for Nature recording. The AD066-11 also functions as post production. A return signal can have it's width controlled. All of this gear is easily used in the field for great recordings. Hope this helps. Thanks
  7. Seeking Cassette Tape Resolver

    Aloha, the Film Group actually made a resolver for your Sony TC-D5M and they called it Sony TC-D5M/Pro11. They modified a standard TC-D5m recorder to accept and include a sync resolver system. You may want to go on line and look up The Film Group. They have published all there products including the resolver. Cheers
  8. Nagra IV-S Please help me :)

    Such a deal happiness abounds. Enjoy your day
  9. Nagra IV-S Please help me :)

    Aloha, I just sent you 15 pages from the Nagra 4S service manual. Hope this helps
  10. Nagra IV-S Please help me :)

    Aloha, I will photo copy the pages for you, scanning is not an option. I will then send them to your email address. Please advise your email address. Thanks
  11. Nagra IV-S Please help me :)

    Aloha, I have the Nagra 4S service manual. It is not for sale or loan. However I would be willing to copy a few of the pages to help you with your project. The manual starts with the mechanical section and then the electrical section. Any adjustments or calibrations appear in these sections. I have no idea how they could be sent to you. I wander if USPS goes to Brazil. Anyway please advise if this will help you.
  12. Nagra IV-S Please help me :)

    Aloha these are really good sources, Forrest and Fred Ginsburg are very well qualified to help.
  13. Nagra IV-S Please help me :)

    Aloha, I went on the Internet for you and found the following. They say they have 4S service manuals on PDF file www.sharefx.com. search their files for Nagra
  14. Nagra IV-S Please help me :)

    They are extremely rare, why not just send your Nagra to Steve George. Location Sound may be able to help. Ask for Mike Paul. 1-800-228-4429. Last time I saw him he had all the manual. You may only need part of the Nagra Service Manual. Reproducing some of the schematics may help. Another possibility would be Trew Audio. Cheers