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  1. Sound Devices 633 Distortion Issues

    Hey, so I haven't found any clues to this and was hoping someone else maybe had an explanation. I was using my SD 633 the other day with a Boom and a couple of WisyCom lav's into the main three XLR inputs of the device. I also have three TA3's connected to the line inputs, but nothing was running through there at the time. So the issues started as I shifted the bag's position, pushed a bit on the battery pack and probably onto cables at the bottom. I got these drop outs and crackles/distortions from the Lav channels, and also on the boom channel. I tested the cables everywhere and they should all be in good condition. I eventually found that the noise kicked in as I slightly pushed on the TA3 inputs, which had nothing going in, and whose lines were all turned off. So in summary, noise coming through inputs 1 through 3, when pushing on the cables going into inputs 3 through 6. I was wondering if this is a SD 633 Issue? Anyone have any similar issues? Thanks!