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  1. Question about passive splitter for bag use

    You've got it. Best, Lef
  2. Question about passive splitter for bag use

    OK. Each diversity antenna input on a receiver needs to come from different antennas. On the SRc, for instance, each input on the SRc needs to connect to a different antenna or different antenna splitter. Feeding each input with an identical signal would defeat the operation of diversity input (no diversity in the inputs). So, antenna A goes to splitter A and one splitter output from splitter A goes to an SRc. The other input on the same SRc is fed by antenna B through an output port from splitter B. Am I answering the question raised? Best Regards, Larry Fisher
  3. Question about passive splitter for bag use

    Yes. One antenna can feed multiple receivers through either an active or passive splitter. A passive splitter will have loss equal to the number of output ports. i.e., a 4 way splitter will feed each port (receiver) 1/4 of the incoming signal (-6dB). A 2 way spltter will feed each 1/2 the signal (-3dB). The loss may not be important depending on circumstances and may be negated by better or closer antenna placement. Best Regards, Larry Fisher
  4. ZMT3 & PowerRoll

    The ZMT3 was submitted to the FCC with a single power level of 35 mW. See https://fccid.io/PR6ZMT/Test-Report/Test-Report-3265921.pdf Additional public information on tests, photos and correspondence can be seen at https://fccid.io/PR6ZMT Some of these are HTML documents and even using multiple browsers, they are hard to read. However, they can be downloaded as PDF's which are easier to parse. Best Regards, Larry Fisher

    Happy Birthday and a big thanks for all the years of work on this site. Best, Larry F
  6. Question about passive splitter for bag use

    The 4 way has a little over 6 dB of loss. That is more or close to what you will gain with better antenna position. Your range probably won't improve. The 2 way has 3 dB of loss and that can be overcome with better antennas and position. Best Regards, Larry Fisher
  7. Question about passive splitter for bag use

    You are better off with a good antenna into a two way splitter than a week antenna into a splitter with gain. Getting the antennas up and also away from other gear will do more than some gain from an amplifier. Use a mini circuits or Lectro two way splitter. A four way splitter needs gain by the way.
  8. Lectrosonics UCR211 problem!

    Hi Lin, Dean's reply is that he hasn't seen it before. "Hello Larry, Can't say I've run into this issue previously; however, it could be that the pins of the interconnect jack on the RF PCB are not trimmed and are shorting to the housing. Seems odd that this would fail after so many years... Best, Dean" Best Regards, Larry Fisher
  9. Lectrosonics UCR211 problem!

    Hi Lin, John's explanation sounds as good as any and better than my guess of too much toadsbreath in the incense. I'm going to email your text to Dean at Lectrosonics to see if he has run into this in his many years of weird things happening whilst he repaired Lectro units. Best Regards, Larry Fisher
  10. Sound Devices Wireless (rebranded Audio Ltd)

    As Glen Trew told me at NAB, two wrongs don't make a right but three lefts do. LEF
  11. NAB 2018 Products update

    Hi John, I admire your discretion. Best Regards, Larry Fisher
  12. 25 db cable attenuator scheme trs - trs

    This L pad as recommended by John, has about 34 dB of attenuation. The previously recommended H pads and T pads require an additional resistor and are only necessary if you are trying to match input AND output impedances. Generally this is not necessary when going from a lower impedance output (most audio outs) to a high impedance input (most inputs). The L pad is easier to build as it only requires two resistors and is just as effective and much easier to build in a connector. Best Regards, Larry Fisher
  13. Induction Kitchen Nightmare

    The reason (probably) the Lectro was not affected is that the Lectro does not have multiple sections of pre-emphasis (treble boost) as does Sennheiser. It is exactly the reason some transmitters have problems with the key test; the large boost of supersonic frequencies. Also, the Lectros do a fair amount of supersonic roll off very early in the mic gain stage. This makes me strongly believe the induction cook top was a supersonic audio problem and not an RF problem. Thanks for the update. Best Regards, Larry Fisher
  14. The block is accounted for with the first 1/4" of the microstrip but it really is an undetectable difference. You are perfectly OK to remove it. Best Regards, Larry Fisher