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  1. The feed point of the lpda is at the small end of the antenna. It has to be balanced, hence the balun in Mark's schematic. However, regular coax is unbalanced and having coax hanging at the front small end of the antenna will distort the pattern. A clever way of accomplishing a balun is to run coax down the exact center of the lpda coupled to one leg of the dipole array (soldered along its length) with the connector at the big end. The connected coax should move perpendicular to the final dipole arms, not in the direction of the arms or next to them. Lectrosonics uses a four layer board with internal microstrip acting as the balun. Others use external coax soldered to one layer of the dipole arms. Either works. It is very difficult to measure or characterize the performance of an antenna without a very sophisticated setup. About all a hobbyist can do is follow the directions carefully. A coat hanger soldered to a coax cable will work 90 per cent of the time. It doesn't mean it is a good antenna. Just follow directions. There are a lot of solid reasons that things are positioned just so on antennas. Happy Experimenting, Larry Fisher
  2. Try a 1K resistor. That will give you 12 dB more output from the mic. Any noise after that should be self noise of the mic, which is a bit higher than that of the normal output mic Best Regards, Larry Fisher
  3. 14. SM and SSM are splash proof. (TA5F on SM will not stand submersion but will recover. Battery contacts on SSM can get wet with submersion but can be wiped off.) 15. Lots of backwards compatibility between current and very ancient Lectro systems. 16. Old (+15 years) units are still serviced. We are, however, having difficulty getting good quality anthracite coal for the steam boilers. Best, Larry F Stoker First Class
  4. Hi Axel, Hma design can provide higher currents than conventional 48 Volt Phantom power setups with less voltage drop. It starts out at 42 Volts since the voltage drops less under load. As you sumised, voltage isn't the problem. The Hma is not a balanced input though it presents a balanced resistive load to the mic. As I remember, pin 2 is audio in and pin 3 is a resistor to a big capacitor to ground. My guess as to what is going on, is that the mic is putting out audio on one pin only (pin3) and that pin is not the hot pin on the Hma. Into a conventional input, audio on either 2 or 3 produces a good signal. You can test this with a phase reverser at the mic to see if it now works with the Hma. The mic is still not right. Best Regards, Larry F. p.s. "Guess" is the most important word in my post above.
  5. Crickets are getting louder. LEF
  6. Hi Ben, We were going to add another 14 steps to the sequence but we ran out of memory. Best, Larry F
  7. Re: The PDR door. The latches are plastic but the external door, hinges and pivot points are all metal. The hinge pin is the full length of the door. The door can be replaced by driving (drifting) the old hinge pin part way out with a new one, grabbing the old rod with needle nose pliers, pulling it out, lining up the new door and pushing (drifting) the new pin into place. Very similar to the SSM hinge pin, with which we have had no problems. The unit has been dropped many times (repeat: many times) with the door both open and closed with no failures. We feel it is reliable. As the traveling door-to-door door salesman said "We stand behind every door". With apologies to Walt Kelly, Larry F Re: PDR battery life The battery life of that AAA battery can be greatly extended by using the dweedle tones to "Stop" the recorder. Current drain is then very low in the same way as on our dweedle tone controlled transmitters when put into their sleep mode. Best, Larry F
  8. That SSM door is a special stainless steel that is "soft" and can be formed easily before it is heat treated. After heat treating, it is spring steel hard. Best, Larry F
  9. Several points, some that Derek made. There's a lot of gear out there that we would like to be compatible with, ours and others. It's about as good a form factor as any, though cameras are getting smaller. As an engineer, it is quite relaxing to have the packaging all thought out and even better, proven in the field. We tried square wheels once and decided to be more conservative in the future. Best, LEF
  10. Again, cue crickets stage left (right if you are Republican) LEF P.s. Vote
  11. Hi Chris, I saw the same discrepancy amd I'm kinda.... I can't get to anybody for an explanation till Tuesday as I'm stuck in the airport in Dallas, but I'll get one. Sharp eyes, by the way. Best, LEF
  12. -18 db Just a little niggle. 3 bits = 8x = 18 db
  13. A recorder with time code is a recorder with time code is a recorder with time code. With apologies to Gertrude Stein. Best, LEF
  14. No problem. PMR sounds pretty good. As you would expect, we researched this and got solid legal advice. I don't think it was very important to Tascam. Best, lef Yep. Lef