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  1. Quick question about tentacle sync

    There is no display, but a little led light does blink on the top of every sec.
  2. Rodelink power solution

    Joon, you seem to be right. I was finally able to wire something that worked, used a 12v to 5v converter to get the power to the right voltage, but I am getting a ground loop when using the battery as well. I'll have to try the small charger to see if that works.
  3. Rodelink power solution

    @codyman I did notice that, but was going to see if I could find a cheaper solution first. I picked up a switchcraft 761k barrel plug, which I hope will do it. I do see myself just buying that cable in the end if I can't figure this out though, lol.
  4. Rodelink power solution

    So I noticed that the Rodelink wireless system has an option to power the unit through a micro usb cable instead of batteries. I've got a BDS system but unfortunately no one (including Rode) sells a micro usb to barrel DC cable. Anyone have any success making one? I tried but can't seem to get a working one.