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  1. I have a Petrol PPMB ( that fits it pretty well, without being overly bulky. You would have to find one used though. It looks like a PQMB might be another option as well.
  2. @Kisaha - Not sure if you understood what I was saying. I wasn't implying that this was a replacement of the 744t, but I was just offering a general thought (I know this is a thread about the Mix Pre 3 & 6, but it was based on @itaro's comment) about criticizing products or complaining about a lack of updates simply because of their age. @afewmoreyears - For me, this is something to be wary of simply because of the technological environment that we have found ourselves in. People always want something better (which is fine), but then relegate older gear to the "dinosaur" category (something that I have heard the 744t referred to). When something is an excellent piece of gear, it's any excellent piece of gear, whether it's 10 years old or 20 or 50. But, as you say, we are all adults, so if you believe differently, that's fine with me. And as I mentioned before, I am also considering picking one of these up, and like you said, I have full confidence that it will sound great, being a Sound Devices product.
  3. I don't disagree with any of this. And, I am considering getting a Mix Pre 6 for some of these very issues. But, also I think people have a habit of wanting something new just for the sake of having something new. And I think we should be wary of this.
  4. I also like the size. Initially, some of the color and font choice is what made it look sort of toyish, but that was before more footage of it became available. I think it will look fine in real life. The sound quality is certainly the most important thing. I've heard people complain that the 744t is too old and should be updated, but your statement highlights my thinking about it. If a 744t sounded excellent 10 years ago and still sounds excellent compared to anything else that is available today, what's the issue with it being 10 years old? I know there are some new features that are nice to have, but the core issue of sound quality is still there. I'm looking forward to hearing what these new Kashmir preamps sound like.
  5. Oh, that's great! Excellent news Paul. Someone else from SD (not sure who it was) had told me differently. Do you know how often the file is saved? Or does it work a different way?
  6. But it barely fits! C'mon Ferrari!
  7. Personally, I agree with you. The sound/build quality/limiters/etc. easily get my money. I've never lost a crucial recording due to a power failure (I did lose one that was able to be redone with the JuicedLink Little DARling - unfortunately there is no screen and no way to monitor power or signal while it's on the talent - but it had this feature, so it at least kept what was recorded) either, but my workflow is very different from his, so I can understand his situation as well. I'm also looking forward to getting my hands on this.
  8. Haha, I figured this comment would be coming. I'm not complaining about the feature set. I think they've developed a great product at a very reasonable price, but there are still some things that are unclear so I'm trying to find answers for those questions. It would be foolish not to inquire about something that could affect your workflow or potential gigs, like chrismedr pointed out.
  9. I realize that certain features have to go because of the price point, but seeing as this is a direct competitor to the Zoom F4, I'm just a little surprised (I mention this because a colleague has said that the lack of this feature is what pushes him solidly into the F4 camp for a backup recorder/mixer). Also, this feature is common on much smaller and lower end products, such as the Tascam DR-10CS and even the JuicedLink Little DARling, which is about as spartan as a small recorder can be. So, that's why I'm wondering if it is a hardware issue or if it could possibly be added in a future firmware update.
  10. Unfortunately, I just found out that the MixPre-3 and the MixPre-6 don't have this feature (which would be similar to PowerSafe on the 633 and 688). Does anyone know if this is hardware specific or if it could be added in a future firmware update? Also, any thoughts on the necessity of a feature like this?
  11. I have a 416 as my main outdoor mic, so I was curious how the Aputure Deity compared to it. I found a video recently that compares the two and throws a SuperCMIT into the mix as well. Around the 1:20 mark, the reviewer (who I believe is a member of this forum as well - Matt Price) tests the mics outside and the 416 has a lot of noise going on, so much so that it sounds significantly worse than the Deity. I have not had this experience with my 416 and I'm wondering if anyone else has? Also, thanks for the tear down and review of the Deity, Pete. The CMC4 you modded for me last year is sounding great!
  12. Paul, thanks for hanging around here and answering these questions. A couple more for you: If the machine gets shut off or the battery dies, will the file be preserved? And if so, what portion? How frequent would the backups be made? Every minute? Just before it dies?
  13. +1
  14. I'm not exactly sure, but I believe it was between 4000-4500USD new within the last year.
  15. Pardon my ignorance, but what are the downsides of having a combo input? I know it doesn't necessarily matter if the sound quality is there, but does anyone else think that this looks sort of like a toy? I have always loved the rugged look and feel of Sound Devices products (I have a 744t that I adore), but this looks like a step in another direction. Maybe it is trying to be less intimidating for more inexperienced users?