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  1. Paul, thanks for hanging around here and answering these questions. A couple more for you: If the machine gets shut off or the battery dies, will the file be preserved? And if so, what portion? How frequent would the backups be made? Every minute? Just before it dies?
  2. I'm not exactly sure, but I believe it was between 4000-4500USD new within the last year.
  3. Pardon my ignorance, but what are the downsides of having a combo input? I know it doesn't necessarily matter if the sound quality is there, but does anyone else think that this looks sort of like a toy? I have always loved the rugged look and feel of Sound Devices products (I have a 744t that I adore), but this looks like a step in another direction. Maybe it is trying to be less intimidating for more inexperienced users?
  4. I come from a more visually based background but have always had a desire for excellent sound, and I agree fully with RPSharman regarding the Alexa Mini. Obviously, the camera you buy depends on your needs, but poor sound quality with a slightly better image is far worse than good sound quality with a slightly worse image. Also, I have a 744t that I'll sell to you for cheaper than £1800. PM me if you're interested.
  5. Also, dinosaurs are badass.
  6. I've never used any of the 6 series, nor the 788t but I have a 744t and the build quality, the sound quality and Sound Device's commitment to their customers all inspire confidence. The only thing that is antiquated for me on the 744t is the firewire functionality, but it doesn't bother me either.
  7. 94 Accord Wagon 5 speed. I don't haul around much gear currently, but it has a fair amount of room if I need it. It's an older car for sure, but it's nice not to have a car payment!
  8. Thanks Phillip.
  9. Thanks for the information guys. Looks like I'll probably be shipping it off then.
  10. Hey Everyone, I just picked up a used 744t and when I was doing initial testing, the Rec button only functions some of the time (maybe 1 out of 20 or 30 presses, but it's not consistent), and this happens randomly after I haven't changed any settings. Also, once it actually starts recording, the Stop button won't function at all. I tried some of the menu shortcuts that involve the Stop button (Input Selection, Flashlight mode, etc.) and none of those worked either. This was my setup after resetting to factory settings: microphone in input 1, phantom power on, input routing was 1>A,B, I tried writing to both the INDD and CF independently and together and also verified that the CF card was working in another recorder. I also tested the exact same setup on my 702t and it worked fine. Has anyone else experienced this? It sounds like it is time to send it to Sound Devices for repair, but maybe I'm missing something? Thanks!
  11. Haha, I will keep that in mind.
  12. That's good advice and I will heed it. At the same time, there may be some universally held understanding about the size of blimps that I am unaware of and that someone with more experience than myself (I understand that it takes years of experience to get years of experience) could offer, which is why I posed the question. In any case, thanks again.
  13. Sorry, I should have been more clear. I realize that a blimp will affect the sound. I was more specifically wondering if this size of a setup would adversely affect the sound, as opposed to using a more traditional setup like a baby ball gag. I do have a ways to go in learning what to listen for, and will continue to do so. Hoping to get my hands on one of the v.2's to compare them. Thanks for all the replies!
  14. Daniel, Thanks for the information. That's really helpful. Which model do you have in particular? Is it this one - I also found this one, which seems to be the same thing, except you can disconnect the pistol grip, and it only comes with the large front pod - It seems like you should be able to use the other pod sizes for this as well? The reason I was wondering about the updated version of the Rode blimp is that it has the Rycote suspension system built in, and it looks like it even has a Connbox (though it doesn't look like it's Rycote). This is available for about $195 on eBay (, so I'm wondering if the 2x more expensive Rycote is worth that price difference. Thoughts?