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  1. thank you again I hope they'll come out with windows version soon. So the Encoder basically is for mixing Ambisonic 360 audio. And workstation does more? Like adding single point sound in 360 space? I think i will try Reaper for now.
  2. Thank you Dejan Thank you. Yes that software seems like a great place to start but they don't seem to have a version for windows? If that's true, do you know similar software?
  3. Thank you for the links! Do you have a editing software you'd recommend for VR audio? I use windows.
  4. Hi, I am a location sound guy for film. I am very interested in VR audio/recording/post-production and have been researching about it for a while now. I wanted to know what the best place to start. Any recommendation for where i can find more information about VR audio?? It is hard to find a good information source(like website dedicated to it or smt) for total noobs like me. Thank you
  5. Hello!! my first comment on JWsound:) Im on a market for a bag for my 633. Im torn between sachtler, orca and stingray. Does stingray require angled xlr cables for proper fit? I don't want to buy new cables.