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  1. Leonardo Re

    Rails for building cart?

    Hi everyone, Thanks for the help! Matt, I assume you mean item24.de - I've had a closer look already, the system seems great, offering tons of possibilities. Guess I'll need to get on with the design process now :-)
  2. Leonardo Re

    Rails for building cart?

    Pete, thanks a lot - that already helped! Didn't have any clue what to search for, but 8020.net helped me find the correct keywords. A quick google for "aluminium building systems" seems to reveal all the companies :-)
  3. Leonardo Re

    Text entry problem

    Hi Jeff, Bell (and the other Themes) don't seem to help me either, the editor to enter text just doesn't appear (neither in topics, nor for PMs). You probably already know that, but... from what I can see as a former web developer: the editor used (CKEditor) doesn't load correctly because the extension ipslink won't load. (see attached screenshot). The reason it doesn't load is a 552 error (a timeout). A quick fix could be to disable CKEditor completely in the meantime and revert to blank textareas. (Which is what I do to continue posting, enabling the JavaScript-free fallback...) Hope this helps!
  4. Leonardo Re

    Rails for building cart?

    I'm planning my first cart build, and was looking at the Gallery of Sound Carts to get some inspiration. Now - I am wondering what those rails are that most of you are using to build your custom carts? Can't seem to find anything on the internet or in the shops... I mean the rails that you can see on those carts: http://jwsound.smugmug.com/Gallerysoundcarts/i-bxhngc4 http://jwsound.smugmug.com/Gallerysoundcarts/i-6mLgLJV Any hints? Or any suggestions for similarly useful rails systems?