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  1. BoroParmo

    Removing rough sea and wave noise?

    Thanks for the response Jesse will have a play about with different effects.
  2. Hi all, I'm currently helping a friend out editing sound for his short film and there is a couple of scenes shot on and around a beach, we are struggling as one of the actresses speaks quite quietly and is conflicting with the sound of the rough sea and waves, just wondering if anyone knows a fixable solution to either lower the background noise of the sea, effects in audition or premiere that might be helpful or how to raise her voice without raising the full track so it doesn't conflict as much, ADR isn't an option really so it's got to be something we can fix In the edit if we can. Thanks in advance
  3. BoroParmo

    Rode NTG2 horrible hiss?

    Hopefully not, did you manage to get it fixed?
  4. BoroParmo

    Best way to record in noisy environment

    Haha Daniel your exactly right :') will have to have a word with the director and DOP to see what they say, I was planning on recording a lot of buzz track anyway so the post mixer has a bit of an easier job! Richard - The thing is I'm trying to get the noise from the locations in the film for example machinery being operated, just as long as it doesn't overpower the actors voice.
  5. BoroParmo

    Rode NTG2 horrible hiss?

    Thanks Rick, I'd love to be able to afford proper gear but unfortunately at my current position (working on my first couple of short films) I don't really have the budget to spend, hopefully one day though!
  6. BoroParmo

    Best way to record in noisy environment

    Thanks all for your feedback Mirror - I thought that might be the case, just have to find ways to hide them in costume now haha Philip - Unfortunately the locations are set so I've just got to do the best I can with the equipment I have Jim - Thanks for that I'll have a look into it, sounds very interesting
  7. Hi all, I'm working on a short film (very low budget) next month and have been to scout out the locations the other day, I found out that both exterior locations are going to cause me problems as ones next to a noisy road and the other is next to a scrap yard (lorry's and wagons moving about quite regularly) I am an amateur sound recordist so I dont really have much access to different microphones, my kit for this is going to be; Rode NTG 2, Rode NT4, 2 Sony radio mics, Tascam DR 60D, boom pole and blimp Just wondering what the best sound quality I could achieve is (radio mic or shotgun) Thanks in advance and let me know if you need anymore info
  8. BoroParmo

    Rode NTG2 horrible hiss?

    Yes, Ive tested all different combinations and unfortunately although they record at the same level the hiss is still there - Im going to send it off today and see If it can be repaired or changed for another one Thanks for your help
  9. BoroParmo

    Rode NTG2 horrible hiss?

    Hi Mark, I have tried it both with batteries and phantom and the hiss is still there unfortunately
  10. BoroParmo

    Rode NTG2 horrible hiss?

    Hi all, First time commenting here so I hope I'm in the right place. I was recently purchased another NTG2 and after trying it out I've realised it has a horrible hiss when recording, Im recording into a tascam DR60d and using the same cables so It must be the microphone that has a problem, does anyone know why this is? Thanks in advance