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  1. Are there any sound recordists here relying specifically on recording to computer only without running an external backup recorder?
  2. I recently purchased the Mackie 1620i. I plug it into my Mac Mini and when I plug in a mic I can hear a doubling effect on any input I use. How do I stop this. I had not have this happen using my alesis mixer. It's like my audio is looping through the mixer. Also I I push the solo buttons the effect is no longer heard. What do I need to do to correct this issue?
  3. Mackie 1620i and Boom Recorder

    Thanks. I will take another look at using the faders to control the mix in Boom Recorder again. Someone else pointed out the inserts to go into the F8. It had been so long since I used a console that I had completely forgotten about using them in that way. Thank you all again for the response.
  4. Has anyone ever adapted any TA-5F mics to work with any Sennheiser G2/G3 wireless systems? I have some lavs I could sell in order to purchase new lavs or just change them over to see if I can get them to work. Just curious if anyone else has done this before.
  5. Adapting TA-5F Audiotechnica AT898 to Sennheiser G2/G3

    Wow thank you guys. I will try one of the YAMs. Not sure if the wiring for the audiotechinca and the lectrosonic are the same, but it is worth a try.
  6. Adapting TA-5F Audiotechnica AT898 to Sennheiser G2/G3

    Awesome!!! I think I have a couple extra TA5 male connectors. I just have to wait on the 3.5mm to arrive. Thanks
  7. Duplex Box

    Do you have any schematics on this? Do you have any schematics on this?
  8. Solely computer recording?

    Wow!!! I never knew that about the insert points. I can always play around with a cable to figure this out. I will make this happen. I see why there are hero members on this board. I have played around with studio boards for quite some time and never heard of anyone doing this. Thank you. https://supportloudtech.netx.net/loud-public/#/asset/13617 Thanks again I just looked at the video Mackie has on its support website.
  9. Solely computer recording?

    My apologies. I meant strictly Boom Recorder or Metacorder. I just interested for my own curiosity. I am in the process of expanding my recording setup to include an external multi track recorder, the Zoom F8. My previous multi track recordings took place on two separate recoders, the H4n and the Tascam HD-P2. That was tedious with two different recorders and file naming file system. I am planning to purchase the F8 in the next month or so. My sit and mix mixer is the Mackie 1620i. Before I made the purchase I failed to the specs on the outputs. There are no expansion ports on the back of the 1620i. The expansion ports are only on the 1620, 1640 and the 1640i. When I purchased the mixer it was from an estate sale and there are no returns. Therefore I am stuck with the delima of purchasing the 1620 or just deal with using only using the two recorders until
  10. Mackie 1620i and Boom Recorder

    The 1620 does indeed, but Mackie left it off of the 1620i for whatever reason. It kinda sucks that I didn't go for the 1620 instead, but I would have had to purchase the FireWire card separate. I probably could have found the together on eBay. Maybe not in as nice condition this mixer is. But it would have been better to have
  11. Duplex Box

    This is an awesome thread. Thank you gentlemen for sharing your knowledge and pics. I am going to try and build one of these as well. I want to build a passive volume duplex box if at all possible.
  12. Mackie 1620i and Boom Recorder

    The mixer itself is great. I am only using it for the Boom Recorder application, so it's purpose is more than sufficient. However I would have liked the mixer to have at least 8 direct outputs so that I can run a parallel recording deck as well. I am able to send channels out through the sends, a total of 4 sends. Also the lack of having the ability to mix via the faders is a little bit of a let down, (i may be doing something wrong, but it is pretty straight forward). When mixing and recording to BR I have to adjust the volume through the gain pots instead of the track faders. The mixer is more designed for studio DAWs and live sound mixing for small venues. It really isn't designed for production sound for film and video. I can figure out ways around the setup for the parallel mix via patchbay and y-splitters. I would have to mix through the Mackie for BR and via my iPad for the zoom F8. But I want to keep it as simple as possible and mix through 1 unit. With that being said, the trade offs the good out ways the bad as far as I am concerned I have 16 channels I can record as opposed to having 8 that I previously had. I have extremely quiet preamps than the preamps on the alesis multimix firewire 8. It was an okay mixer and it had limitations that were obvious in channels, xlr inputs, preamps, and a few other issues. Overall the money I spent of the Mackie wasn't wasted. It will serve me well enough until I am able to step up to something more suited for film and video production.
  13. GMP NP-1 Powering issues 664

    That actually worked. I recharged the battery and today it powered up my camera and recorder like nothing happened. I put gaffer tape on my mixer in an attempt to keep this from happening again in the near future. Thanks.
  14. GMP NP-1 Powering issues 664

    It looks like GMP, but there is honestly no brand on it. I just found a name by Beillen when it say only Charge with a specific charger.
  15. GMP NP-1 Powering issues 664

    Any news as to haw this worked out. Unfortunately I had a similar issue. However I know why my battery stopped working. I accidentally touched my bds supply chord to the metal body of my mixer. I saw a small spark. The battery stopped working immediately. I tried a different battery and the equipment powers on properly. The defective battery shows a full charge but does not power anything on. Does anyone know how to reset a li-ion battery , if that is even possible?
  16. DIY battery eliminator for sennheiser G3/2

    I really like the work on these battery eliminators. How did you construct the fake batteries that fit inside of the G3s? I understand the voltage regulators and wiring for the most part, but the issue of fitting the fake battery on the inside of the units are my biggest concerns.
  17. Mackie 1620i and Boom Recorder

    Thanks guys. That FW button was the issue. I was looking all over the board and could not figure out what I was missing. It's a new board and it all comes down to operator error. I guess I will go through a couple of test projects to ensure I am secure with all of the I/O before taking this out on a paid gig. Thanks again.
  18. Getting gigs and quality Gear

    I really like to read the comments. There is a vast amount of knowledge and insight from all of the members on this forum. I recently found this group by accident.