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  1. jpb2

    Oktava MK-012 paint damage out of box

    Ha Perhaps his first name is not ben.. Doh Ha! google stiller mod oktava .... Darn edit it is Sitler... Hitler with a S and it is bill not ben... the DYI mod is only 39 bucks...
  2. jpb2

    Oktava MK-012 paint damage out of box

    If you are decent with a soldering gun Ben Stiller sells a kit, parts and detailed directions. Mod one of yours and A/B them, It's like riding a bicycle for the first time... It will wow you!
  3. jpb2

    Oktava MK-012 paint damage out of box

    Yeah, new should be show room clean. The real 012's to buy though is the modded vintage ones. The Russians made some great capsules on the early years but the active components they used were garbage, basically the mod's (Jolly, Stiller or Dorsey) replace all the Transistors, caps and a few of the resistors inside the mic. search ebay - oktava 012 modded. Night and day comparison to the stock 012's.
  4. my Favorite Phone I got that in the 1980's . About the time my daughter was born. I loved that little girl Almost as much as my phone...
  5. jpb2

    Filming in Dubai

    You might purchase some compressed canned air online and have it sent to your guy, buy two and sell one to the camera guys for a profit. Ha! Here is a link to a freq finder. http://portal.sennheiser.co.uk/sifa
  6. jpb2

    Filming in Dubai

    Your welcome, language is fickle. What means one thing in one language can call down some bad juju in others. Ha! Best to you're film and great luck! FYI, he used the word "shooting in" everywhere "filming" was for the curious of you all out there.
  7. jpb2

    Filming in Dubai

    Wow, this tiltle is going to have the internet robots working overtime. I would delete this post faster than all fast. You should have titled it "filming in". Dont bother with me robots I am in arizona... Ha! JP
  8. jpb2

    Our workflow on The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance

    Thanks for the answers Chris! I soooo wish I was part of this complex piece of art and technology you have crafted. I would say I am jealous but jealousy is like handling a hot coal, only the jealous get burned. Ha! Fantastic work and I wish you great success! - Big plus... I found something new to watch, thanks!
  9. jpb2

    Our workflow on The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance

    I noticed the puppeteers have a AD and a DA before it hits their ears, any delay?
  10. jpb2

    You think WE'VE got sync problems?

    I have always wondered why we don't use the Schumann resonance as the heartbeat of the world. We could easily adjust for the variables given that they are global. I'll bet some of you did not know the world produces a beat every 7.8 ms Not to mention it would be a part of US.... what we feel naturally (we cant hear that low but we sure can feel it!) https://www.sedonanomalies.com/schumann-resonance.html
  11. jpb2

    The best Paul McCartney interview ever

    Never knew about the inspiration for "Let It Be". Wow!
  12. jpb2

    Induction Kitchen Nightmare

    what do you think about wrapping the stove in foil and grounding it in a pinch?
  13. Hey Paul, I love the design of this 10t. Its a game changer for the price point! Can't wait to get one and try it out for Xmas. Ahhhmmm (clear my throat) hope my ex wife sees this to put it on my Santa list.... Wait, my ex ain't gonna buy me one... Hell, she's off my Xmas list and I am buying one for myself! I've been naughty enough! JP Borden P.S. Happy Festivus!
  14. Ditto, people are brutally rude here. I don't like to post anymore at this site, but I can't find a better one for the subject matter.