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  1. thenannymoh

    Lectro SMV battery drain

    I sent mine to Trew, for that and another problem. Put new paste on it, and now no problems. I had the same issue: 45 minutes to a battery red light. Now it last all day.
  2. thenannymoh

    Sennheiser MKH 8090 experiences?

    Hello all - I'm looking for any thoughts and experiences people here may have in using two MKH 8090s in a stereo setup, for either environmental/background recordings, or for music recording (for orchestral or single instruments, for example). Thanks! Stephen
  3. thenannymoh

    Treatment in production

    For anyone wanting gushing accolades and glory, this isn't the right profession. And, there is nothing wrong with accolades and glory...but we are the bass players of film production. In the end, usually, the right people know who does a good job. My perspective is limited to indie films and commercial work.
  4. thenannymoh

    Zoom F8n.

    If you want to argue that the F8 preamps are good value for $, people will probably agree. If you want to argue that the F8 is good overall value for $, it is debatable. But those preamps are not in the league of the 600 series, and nowhere near the 700 series. If you objectively think they are on par then (and I'll misquote someone else around here), you need to lower your day rate.
  5. thenannymoh

    Securing connections to Inspired Energy / Hi-Q / eSMART batteries.

    Audioroot cup + Remote HiQ batteries... Been using this for a year never had one fall out of the cup. The one issue I am having is some rf buzz when the HiQ battery is close to the audioroot box. I have a Comtek BST in the bag powered by that battery, and I can hear short steady intermittent buzz hits in the comtek rx. Took me all sorts of trial and error to realize that the cycle bar on the audioroot display timed exactly to the buzz hits, and that the only way to reduce it was to get the battery as far away as possible. Tried every combo of batteries and power cables to the BST, and the results were consistent. Not major deal, but new clients have to be convinced that they are only hearing a comtek glitch, not the actual recorded sound.
  6. thenannymoh

    Rechargeable battery management on location

    I have empty AA and 9v cases and caddys... If the case has any yellow electrical tape on them, they need recharging. PSA: don't let your 9v batteries ever touch each other at the connector ends in storage... They may seriously overheat, drain, and even present a small fire risk
  7. thenannymoh

    633 track names into Premiere Pro

    I can't be the first to struggle with this, but I can't seem to find a solution... My editor is having problems migrating the track names from my 633 into Premiere Pro. Files are poly wav. He is only seeing track numbers, not custom names. I know he can check out the sound report, but is there anything we are both missing in the process to make this automatic? Anything I can do on my end with the 633? Thanks in advance!
  8. thenannymoh

    Location Sound Van build

    So far, I feel there is very good value for cost. The design, dimensions, layout are very practical. The 9-speed automatic transmission is a bit odd in practice. The design is completely Fiat, and is geared to working in European cities with tight spaces, which lines up well with film work. Practical and not flashy: peefect for soundies 😀
  9. thenannymoh

    Location Sound Van build

    All my cases lock together, and rubber tarp bungies keep them secure to the wire mesh so nothing moves in transit.
  10. thenannymoh

    Location Sound Van build

    Hi folks - I've been putting together my sound van for a while, modifying a Dodge Ram 2016 Promaster City. I'm sure others have done similar things, but I haven't been able to find builds specific to our industry (lots of stuff for handymen etc). Still have lots to do: - marine battery hookup for laptop and charging station powering - ramp for the cart - possible hookup for receiver fins - wifi network for files and security I'd love to see/hear what others have done, and get any advice on what I still have left to do. For context, I'm working smaller scale commercial shoots, docs, low/medium budget films, music. If I was on higher budget stuff, this would like quite a bit different. But here in Canada, with long distances to some locations, this setup is where I've ended up in terms of practicality and preparedness. cheers!
  11. This is amazing...a real eye opener, particularly with the Glengarry clip, and the distant dialogue of the off camera actors.
  12. thenannymoh

    Remote Audio Hi-Q Batteries

    Audioroot with the Hi-Q 98: almost 7 hours simultaneously running 633, 1 phantom input, 4x lectros, Comtek BST. Been using two of these batteries, they've been flawless for 6 months so far.
  13. thenannymoh

    Rycote Mic Protector case

    I did neglect to say that the twist-style tubes for the mics look pretty cool..they are more compact than mine, and fit better in cart drawers. I can be clutzy, so I gravitate to gear that can take a beating lol
  14. thenannymoh

    Rycote Mic Protector case

    I realize that Rycote and K-tek need to make money where they can on peripheries, but so many of these things can be made better and cheaper with a little DIY...these cost about $4 each to make, for example (shockproof, waterproof, customized size):
  15. Hi all! Here in Canada, today has become an annual "Bell Let's Talk" Day, where people talk pretty openly about their battles with all kinds of mental illnesses. I've noticed that it is almost par-for-the-course that people in the film/tv business burn-out at some point. Long hours and a gig-based economy seem to combine to put alot of strain on nerves, relationships, marriages, physical health. I don't know if the nature of sound work puts any particular flavour on it...probably not...but maybe other's know differently? I've been on the edge of burnout for a couple of months now, and would like to hear how other's deal with the stress. For those suffering from depression, I think everything is even further amplified. What do you do? Do you schedule vacations? Are there consequences to talking openly about it with your peers and colleagues? Thank you for your time!