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  1. Cantar Majax?

    Hello Tim, Thank you for the helpful information. Thank you.
  2. moltin aka moleskin?

    Molton is the same, or similar to, Duvetyne. Check out the video at 3:45 where the double stick tape is applied to the custom cut slices of bulk fabric. I especially enjoyed the pencil mic, and wish I had the budget to glue buttons to microphones. I liked the pertinent pacing of the video. Thanks for the link.
  3. Ok, I feel a bit foolish, but maybe this will help someone who ends up on this thread after a search. WaveAgent does indeed allow for batch editing the metadata. I am using the Windows version. The catch is that after you select multiple clips and modify a metadata entry, the change only displays on the last .WAV file selected UNTIL you hit "save" and then all of the .WAV files update with the new edit. It is very convenient and very much as I had originally anticipated, albeit with the distracting exception that it does not appear to be working until you commit to the save. Long story short. :-)
  4. Lectrosonics SMWB coming soon?

    Thank you for explaining. I apologize for the reaction. I realize that manufacturers have a whole lot more investment at stake than I do and have similar pressure to keep up with all the changes. All the best.
  5. Lectrosonics SMWB coming soon?

    I just bought 4 SMQV's and two SRc's based on the explanation that wide band, 250mw output, and the "isolator" are not feasibly combined. I wanted the 250mw capability, and hope I did not miss out on getting both the 250mw and isolator performance AND wide band tuning in this fiscal round because I misunderstood the possibilities. Every single time I buy wireless gear, I find out, very shortly afterwards, that something better is coming out in a few weeks. I wish spending lots of money felt more fun. I never feel like I have made an investment with wireless purchases but rather feel like I am patching holes in a life raft. Buying microphones is a whole lot more fun.
  6. Cantar Majax?

    Hello, A question; Is the Cantar Majax 3 software free standing or is it just for accessing a Cantar remotely? Thank you.
  7. Hello, I am stumbling through the process of conforming a projects metadata to a desired nomenclature. I have very little experience with WaveAgent and have assumed that I can batch edit metadata with it, but it appears I was mistaken. Are there any good metadata batch editors that work with polywave files? Thank you. .
  8. SMA 50 ohm termination

    I am very interested in learning how these concerns are evaluated and hopefully solved. I have been interested in adding an active splitter to my tool set, and the comments above are discouraging. Thank you for highlighting the issue.
  9. What is this blue bracket?

    Yes Matt, I saw this photo on your blog. Thanks for the head start for finding out about these items. Thank you.
  10. What is this blue bracket?

    Thanks very much!
  11. What is this blue bracket?

    Hello, I saw this photo on a blog. Does anyone know what the blue bracket that holds the SRc receivers is? Thank you.
  12. Rental Rates

    I have assumed that production companies benefit with simpler accounting while renting by deferring the payment of tangible goods taxes to the owner of the tangible goods. I have thought that is why many lease or rent every thing they can get away with not owning.
  13. Low-End Saramonic Wireless

    Thank you. I was worried that I had to brush up on the morse code. :-)
  14. Low-End Saramonic Wireless

    What is the 'key test"?
  15. Hello, I am traveling to Denver this week and am curious about trying out this webpage in advance of working a shoot: http://sennheiser.us/freqfinder/index2.html Everything seems to make sense, but I do not have a reference to compare the dBm levels to a threshold for problematic interaction. Generally, I make a scan on location and use the quietest frequencies I can find. This works ok but I have never regarded the levels as power in dBm, so the data provided by the website seems a bit abstract. I am using Lectrosonics SRC receivers with digital hybrid and tracking filter etc. Does anyone have any insights about where along the scale a posted dBm spec would indicate or suggest a likely problem? Thank you