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  1. Thank you Jason, I think it is time for me to download some manuals and read about these features in detail. Your explanations have been very helpful in getting me started. Thank you.
  2. Thank you Jack. What you mention is an example of how I am getting confused; A "2 Channel ENG Receiver" is only good for 1 transmitter and a "4 Channel ENG Receiver" is for two transmitters. I feel like I need a translation manual. :-) Your explanation is very helpful. Thank you very much.
  3. Thank you both for elaborating. I had just edited my question about the "QRX200" to say "RX200", but I can see how your answer applies. If the QRX235 is used, do you grab your time code from the Sound Devices 6 series TC output? Is the scratch audio straight off a mic rather than a rough mix from the mixer's output? Thanks very much for explaining what you have. I have worked for a couple decades as a field mixer for network news and prime time news packages shows. The work flow has evolved quite a bit while I have been doing the same old stuff (interveiws and run and gun) day after day. I feel it is time to catch up to what people are doing these days.
  4. With all respect, and I mean that sincerely, this is exactly the type of info I find confusing. I am asking about getting two transmitter signals into two analog inputs of an audio mixer and the information available seems to describe everything but. I don't understand the benefit of having IFB on a receiver such as te QRX235 if it is before the mixer inputs in the signal flow. I also do not understand how a camera link transceiver relates to a need to get the mic signal into the mixer. As I mentioned, I am interested in the gear and I am missing the obvious; what receiver serves as a good match for the front end of a system? Maybe the QRX235 is the best choice? It seems like it does so many other things beside output of two channel of analog audio. Is it the case where the RX200 is the answer to my original question, but the extra features of the QRX235 are too hard to ignore at this stage in the technology's evolution? No. I own a 633 and often operate a 664. I admire the 688 but probably will never work a call where it is required.
  5. Hello, I have been trying to imagine how someone would use Zaxcom gear as the front end for a bag kit. I get confused when I start reading about the receivers and all the extended features. Lets say you start with two lav mics and two TRXLA3 transmitters and want to get your signal into a Sound Devices 6 series mix-corder. What is the ideal receiver in the Zaxcom line for this "front end" of a system? Thank you.
  6. Thank you for the information about Micplexer 2.
  7. Hello and thank you for addressing the question. It has been my impression that using a better or better placed antenna system results in a net increase in signal even with the drop on a passive split. I am trying to learn about this stuff and still confused about many of the details. I have assumed that is why some engineers explain that an active stage is only necessary on a long cable run. Does this advice only apply when using the dipoles or sharkfins on a single receiver? Is it routine for people using extra antenna systems and multiple receivers to use active splitters in over the shoulder bags? What products are people choosing to use? Thank you.
  8. Hello, I guess I am confused. I assumed that you are using the 2 SNA600a dipole antennas to feed what ever receivers you add to you bag. It seemed like the kit would need a splitter for each dipole, with each dipole output being split to one of the two antennas on each receiver. I have been trying to learn what actual RF distribution products people are using. For example; are people using two separate 1x4 splitters or are there some 2x(1x4) splitters available. I have seen the PSC RF Multi SMA 2x(1x8) splitter and it looks nice but seems like possible overkill for a small bag mount system with a few receivers. I enjoy seeing all the bag and harness mounts for the antennas and I am wondering what choices people are making for RF distribution. Thank you.
  9. Thanks for sharing your insights.
  10. Is that a passive or active splitter? Thank you.
  11. Hello, I have a similar question; How are you distributing the antenna output to your collection of receivers? Thank you.
  12. Hello, I have been reading the Lectrosonics SRc vs UCR411s threads and have been learning a bit about how they are different. I see in the specs that the Third-order intercept specifications seem very different UCR411a = +8dBm SRc = 0dBm and after reading a Lectro white paper I see the following: IP3 Receiver Performance -5 dBm OK when operating in a clear spectrum 0 dBm Good for moderately congested spectrum +5 dBm Will tolerate fairly high levels of interference from external sources +10 dBm Excellent performance in almost any RF congested environment I am hoping to gain a better understanding of the terms "moderately congested" and "high levels of congestion". I currently own UCR210 receivers and am surprised to realize that they have a IP3 spec of +12dBm. I routinely operate corporate owned UCR411a receivers with the +10dBm spec. How will a SRc with a 0dBm spec compare in real world use? Are there other factors that offset the need for a high IP3 rating? Thank you.
  13. Thank you. I had read that but overlooked the info about the 39 month transition.
  14. Thank you for the comments and info. What is the time frame for the "replacing" of broadcasters below 600MHz?
  15. Hi, I am currently using older Block 21, 22 and 25 gear. I have not followed the latest news about which blocks have been or are likely to be ineligible for production use, but I am beginning to shop for new gear. The new Lectrosonics multi block gear appeals to me and my current use habits lead me to think the B1 band will be a good choice. The little bit of recent reading I have done suggests that the C1 band (blocks 24, 25, 26) has been sold off and so should be disregarded for new gear. How about A1 vs B1? Thank you.