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  1. Question about passive splitter for bag use

    Thank you for explaining. This information increases my appreciation of the SR receivers. Thank you.
  2. Question about passive splitter for bag use

    Thank you for the suggestion. The block diagram shows a pair of splitters. One splitter per antenna. The descriptions speak of the diversity systems, and explain that two receivers can run independently while sharing the antennas in the SmartDiversity mode. My question, which has been inspired by this thread, is directed at the technology of the splitter(s). In other words, is it a passive splitter with signal loss, or is it active splitter with a "noise" increase? How did Lectrosonics achieve a level of performance comparable, or nearly comparable too, the 411 design with either a signal loss or noise increase? I had not appreciated the challenge that has been met until this thread caused me to think "wait a minute, the SR series must have on board splitters and all the gotchas associated with the use there of.". How did they do that? Thank you.
  3. Question about passive splitter for bag use

    Hello Larry, Can you explain, or direct me to published info, about how the SR series of receivers share the antennas between the two circuits? How does the SR design split the incoming signal and maintain performance comparable to the 411 series? Thank you.
  4. Naked Audio

    pictures and sound....
  5. 25 db cable attenuator scheme trs - trs

    FWIW, When I recommended the H-pad in another thread on this subject, I assumed the context was a balanced line out to a balanced mic in. I did not recognize that the use of the term "reflex" as referring to a digital single lens reflex camera and I hadn't guessed that the recorder had unbalanced outputs. A pair of L-pads does seem like the better choice in the intended scenario.
  6. 25-30 DB pad cable for reflex

    Try the H Pad: http://www.nu9n.com/tpad-calculator.html
  7. Thanks very much. Thank you.
  8. Hi, I am setting up my IFBT4 for an unbalanced connection. I just read over the section of the manual that describes the Mode Switches for the input configuration. I think that I may be able to memorize the choices more effectively if I learn what the RTS acronym refers too. Thank you.
  9. Lectro SRc field reports?

    Is there any explanation that a lay person may understand that describes why the walkies effect the B-1 band more so than the A-1 band receivers? Thank you.
  10. Lercto SRc TXBAT questions

    Hello Gordon, Thank you for explaining the details and for suggesting a method to make the best of the situation. Thank you.
  11. Lercto SRc TXBAT questions

    Hello, I read some threads about the SR series TXBAT function and most of the discussions seemed to focus on the confusion related to the wide variety of rechargeable batteries that are used. I am trying to figure out if I can use the indicators with disposable premium Akaline batteries (Energizer and Duracell) and or Lithium batteries such as the Energizer. With Premium Alkalines AA batteries, and the AA meter choice, a brand new battery seems to be reported as done after a very short while but it lasts much longer. I have noticed that when using the 9V TXBAT setting the indicators seem to correlate with premium Alkaline AA discharge rates. I can't imagine why a 9V reference seems more accurate when using the AA Akaline batteries. I generally change batteries using my instinct timer and am probably a bit conservative and wasteful, so I would like to learn if I can learn to rely on the indicators. Can anyone share any thoughts? Thank you.
  12. Question about passive splitter for bag use

    Thank you for taking the time to answer and for posting such a thoughtful reply. Thank you.
  13. Question about passive splitter for bag use

    Hello Larry, Do you have any thoughts about how the recent incorporation of aluminum framed structures in sound kit bags, and the resulting near proximity of the sheet of metal to both receivers and sources of emissions, may effect radio transmission and reception? Thank you.
  14. An observation at 493MHz.

    Thank you for the further explanation.
  15. An observation at 493MHz.

    Hello, I have one last pair of questions to ask: Is it being proposed that the 490+MHz "spur" does not exist in the "air", but rather only as an inter-modulation artifact within the radio scanner/receiver? Additionally, is it to be understood that these spurs will only occur within receivers that do not have front end filters designed to protect a receiver from an introduction that may cause inter modulation symptoms? Thank you.