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  1. alenK

    Countryman B6 caps?

    Hi Mike, Thank you for the warning.
  2. alenK

    Countryman B6 caps?

    Thank you for the suggestion. I have thought about doing something like this, but have never taken the step to try it out. Thank you.
  3. further reading: http://cdm.link/2018/06/behringer-responds-to-reports-defends-reverse-engineering/
  4. alenK

    Countryman B6 caps?

    Thank you. I imagine it is a pain to get the wire mesh stuck in the tiny caps but it sure seems like this part is made from $0.05 worth of materials and then a whole lot of *overhead* turns it into a $10 item. It seems like the kind of part that should sell in ten packs for $10 and get drop shipped direct from manufacturer in a small envelope. I can not imagine claiming "lost and damaged" for a part that seems destined to get lost, and when lost is rarely, if ever, caused as a result of carelessness or malice. The darn things just slide off when people are retrieving the mics from their hiding spots. Once they fall into clothing or onto the ground it takes a search team to find the missing part. Never the less, every time it happens it feels like I pulled $10 out of my wallet and threw it in the trash can. I was hoping someone knew of a alternate source etc. Thank you!
  5. alenK

    Countryman B6 caps?

    Hello, I like to use B6 mics frequently. Infrequently, but too often, I learn that a protective cap has been dislodged and misplaced while the mic was being removed from talent. The cost of the replacement caps seems unnaturally high at approximately $10 each. Is there a best price source for the protective caps? Thank you.
  6. alenK

    Zaxcom Slate

    Clocks that have not been synced with gen lock may seem to be rounded up or down by comparison to another and appear as +/- 1 frame at different instances, but here the comparison wobbles beyond a rounding boundary when the 3 frame difference is displayed as 21:16 and 21:19.
  7. alenK

    Wave Agent split track with TRACK INFO Name?

    Hello, For example; A 5 track Polywave which was named in the Sound Devices 633 recorder as Scene-001-01.wav would be split to 5 files named as such: Scene-001-01_Lmix.wav Scene-001-01_Rmix.wav Scene-001-01_Jacks-Lav.wav Scene-001-01_Jills-Lav.wav Scene-001-01_BOOM.wav As I think I now understand it, the only current option split a 5 track Polywave which was named in the Sound Devices 633 recorder as Scene-001-01.wav to 5 independent files produces naming such as this: Scene-001-01_01.wav Scene-001-01_02.wav Scene-001-01_03.wav Scene-001-01_04.wav Scene-001-01_05.wav Thank you.
  8. alenK

    Wave Agent split track with TRACK INFO Name?

    Hello, Than you for your response. I was hoping there was an automated way to include the track name in the names of the new files that result from the split process. I will assume by that I am not missing any opportunity to select an option to include the TRACK INFO name in the name of the split files. Thank you for your help.
  9. Hello, I just used Sound Device's Wave Agent to split some Poly wav files from my SD 633. I was surprised there was not an option to include the TRACK INFO "Name" in the processed split files. In other words, my channel that was labeled "boom" was processed and split with the designation "_03", where as I will prefer to retain the "Boom" designation. I used a generic file renaming utility to do what I wanted but had previously thought the ability was a basic capability with Wave Agent. is it possible with Wave Lab? Am I missing something? Thank you.
  10. alenK

    Orca OR-32 bag with SD 664 fitting issue

    I own an Orca OR-32 and while I admire the design and quality of fabrication, I have never actually used it. The interior space is simply to constraining for my real life needs. I have been disappointed with the fact that all the latest bags are designed for tight fits that require low profile connectors and are generally optimized for scenarios where no cables emanate from the bag. For example; on board recording with wireless inputs and wireless hops. In my work I need to be able to wire up a mult-to-camera cable and have the connectors protected by the walls of the bag. I can't have them sticking out unprotected. I also need to be able to mix and match connectors on my inputs and have the same sort of protection. Having said that, in the past thirty years of working in the field, the only bag that has met my needs is the Porta Brace A0-4. It has never been optimal but has always been serviceable. Indeed, If I were to have a dream bag custom made it would be slightly longer than the AO-4 and have facility to bolt the recorder/mixer and wireless brackets in to the bag. My gear sits a little loose in the Porta Brace A0-4 but I have worked in the midst of crowded news scrums, public celebrations, public demonstrations, out and out riots, and natural disasters with it, and my gear has more or less been protected. Plus, the generic versatility of the Porta Brace A0-4 bag lets me deal with the "rigors" of sit down interviews without having to tear my package apart just to re-patch some connection. I have been trying to love the new style, form follows function bag designs, but they simply don't function for me. I have yet to find a bag that seems like an optimal fit for the 552/664/688 form factor. I try to not to complain on the interweb, but I sure wish some of the bag designers would provide a solution that better meets my needs. Thank you.
  11. alenK

    Question about passive splitter for bag use

    Thank you for explaining. This information increases my appreciation of the SR receivers. Thank you.
  12. alenK

    Question about passive splitter for bag use

    Thank you for the suggestion. The block diagram shows a pair of splitters. One splitter per antenna. The descriptions speak of the diversity systems, and explain that two receivers can run independently while sharing the antennas in the SmartDiversity mode. My question, which has been inspired by this thread, is directed at the technology of the splitter(s). In other words, is it a passive splitter with signal loss, or is it active splitter with a "noise" increase? How did Lectrosonics achieve a level of performance comparable, or nearly comparable too, the 411 design with either a signal loss or noise increase? I had not appreciated the challenge that has been met until this thread caused me to think "wait a minute, the SR series must have on board splitters and all the gotchas associated with the use there of.". How did they do that? Thank you.
  13. alenK

    Question about passive splitter for bag use

    Hello Larry, Can you explain, or direct me to published info, about how the SR series of receivers share the antennas between the two circuits? How does the SR design split the incoming signal and maintain performance comparable to the 411 series? Thank you.
  14. alenK

    25 db cable attenuator scheme trs - trs

    FWIW, When I recommended the H-pad in another thread on this subject, I assumed the context was a balanced line out to a balanced mic in. I did not recognize that the use of the term "reflex" as referring to a digital single lens reflex camera and I hadn't guessed that the recorder had unbalanced outputs. A pair of L-pads does seem like the better choice in the intended scenario.
  15. alenK

    25-30 DB pad cable for reflex

    Try the H Pad: http://www.nu9n.com/tpad-calculator.html