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  1. Lectro SRc field reports?

    Maybe, but I can only relate my own experience. I do not think I can make a truly logical conclusion based on the limits of the premise, yet it seems like a comfortable intuitive assumption. I am very interested to learn about the improvements made to the PCB layouts etc. I have two SRc A1 and two SRc B1 receivers and I thought I had waited long enough before buying them. When the improvements go online, I will be eager to learn if my radios can be upgraded to be the very best they can be.
  2. Lectro SRc field reports?

    From the Facebook site: https://www.facebook.com/groups/69511015699/permalink/10155840314545700/ ‎Gordon Moore‎ to Lectrosonics February 8 at 1:14pm · "Doug Pearson for the win! Doug recently posted pictures showing a discrepancy in the scans between a block 19 SRB and an SRC -A1. After several days of trying to duplicate the problem we finally found it (and are kicking ourselves for not catching this sooner). This answers the problems you ALL have been having with getting interference on "good frequencies" as shown on the scan of the SRC-A1. There is a bug in the firmware that runs the scan. It was improperly indexing the channel selection in the scan and the hexadecimal value for the frequency was off by 9.2MHz! That's why Dougs pictures showed clear at EE on his SRB and messy EE on his SRC. The SRC receiver was working fine, the scan firmware was not. This also skews the values in the SmartScan by 9.2MHz. (not so smart, huh!) So, while we will continue with beta testing the SRC new rev boards for their improvements - there ARE improvements there - we have FINALLY found the smoking gun for the majority of weirdnesses the SRC-A1 has shown. This will require a firmware update for ALL SRC-A1's . We are investigating the B1 and C1 as well to make sure there isn't a similar offset problem. It will take some time (not too long we hope) to program the bug out and get it tested to make sure we don't break something else with the firmware. Stay tuned - we will post the new firmware on the website as soon as it is fixed, tested and released. In the meantime, next time you see Doug, buy him a drink. His post helped us zero in on this bug (which has been plaguing the A-1 from the beginning). Thank you Doug, and all of you for the constant feedback/nagging/patience." I never use the SRc scan function because I use a frequency analyzer for scanning, but it is interesting to learn about this discovery and planned fix.
  3. TentacleSync E review

    Hi Erob, I am still getting used to my Tentacle E devices and your post sparked my curiosity. I have been confused by the app a few times, and find it disconcerting as I consider the app to seem potentially reassuring, but when it doesn't work as expected I find it distressing. FWIW, I have downloaded the latest version of the app. Here's my latest experience: 1) Started with a long hold on a Tentacle E. It blinked green. I saw it on my app. It was set at 29.97. I powered it off. 2) Turned on a Sound Devices 633 set time code to 23.98 frame rate. 3) Turned on the Tentacle Sync E with a short hold. It blinked red. The iPhone app saw the Tentacle and reported that it was set at 29.97. I plugged the Tentacle into the Sound Devices 633's TC output and the Tentacle switched to blinking green. The iPhone app showed that the Tentacle was now in 23.98 FPS, but while watching carefully I could see that the iPhone app timecode display did not match the mixer's display. The iPhone app was advanced by approximately one frame while the mixer seemed to lag behind. Additionally, the iPhone app displayed the triangular warning icon and offered a dialog box that claimed the Tentacle was not generating time code (despite the fact that it was blinking green) and the dialog suggested that a cable needed to be connected. (FWIW the Tentacle Sync Sound Devices Lemo connector cables are wired so that you need two different cables; one for in and one for out so it seems routine to have to pull one out and replace it with another) I pulled the 1/8" mini plug out of the Tentacle E and re-inserted it and the warning went away and more importantly the iPhone apps timecode display seemed to sync with the mixer's display. The approximate one frame time lag was gone. I had not actually switched to the proper timecode cable for sending time code out of Tentacle E with a Lemo connector. All I did was remove and insert the 1/8" connector at the Tentacle E device. I do not know how, or if, this differs from what is intended but it does seem like a fuddle through operation, when a green blinking green light is presumed to mean that everything is good but the iPhone app says it is not.
  4. TentacleSync E review

    At the end of step 2 does the Tentacle actually switch from the red to the green light?
  5. Timecode and Varicam?

    Hello, Thank you to both for the helpful information. It helped me to search further and find extra info. I was thinking the term "cross jamming" was an abstract idea, but now I think I understand that it is a specific function that occurs within an appliance that is capable of cross jamming. I also found this page at Sound Devices: https://www.sounddevices.com/tech-notes/double-system-sound-with-the-panasonic-varicam which has seemed very helpful. Thank you..
  6. Timecode and Varicam?

    I have read examples such as this: If the project is 23.98fps you set one of the Varicam's menu settings to work with 23.98 but send it 29.97 timecode, and then somehow it converts the 29.97 internally to 23.98. So, does this mean the step by step is: 1) Set my clock on the Sound Devices 6 series 2) Set the timecode to 29.97 (drop or non drop?) 3) Jam to the camera or to a lock it box and attach it to the camera. Then, once the camera is running with the 29.97 timecode 4) Switch timecode on the Sound Devices 6 series mixer/recorder to 23.98. Is that how it works? If so, that seems easy to remember... Now, I have to figure out how to understand the menu choices in the Varicam. I gather that the System level choices are more specific to timecode selections than the Variable Frame Rate settings that the camera operators seem to be interested in. Thank you.
  7. Timecode and Varicam?

    Hi, I have a camera colleague who wants to use his Panasonic HPX3700 Varicam with a wireless hop, and I want to use my Sound Devices 633 as the sound recorder and or backup recorder with a Tentacle Sync on the camera to keep timecode matched. I tried searching and reading and ended up getting confused about how to sync the Varicam to various project timecodes and framerates. For example; I saw some mention of "cross jammimg" and I am unfamiliar with the process. Can someone offer a step by step procedure for doing this properly with a Varicam type camera? Thank you.
  8. Folding Bag Cart v1.0

    Hi Max, Thank you for the helpful information!
  9. TentacleSync E review

    I have an older Win7 x64 laptop that does not have an Nvidia CUDA video chip, when I encountered this dialog box I just clicked on Update Configuration and then everything started working.
  10. Panasonic AJ-HPX3700 P2 Varicam timecode

    Hi, I worked with a HDX 3700 yesterday and couldn't engage the camera op's interest on this subject so I searched up this old thread. Can someone spell it out for me step by step? Assuming I am using a Sound Devices 6 series mixer/recorder and want to use a lock box on the camera to sync sound, what do I do if the project is at 23.98? How about if the project is 29.97? How about drop and non drop choices? For example; do I set my mixer to 29.97 to sync the lock boxes and then, if necessary, switch the mixer to 23.98 while leaving the lock box at 29.97? Do I go find the "Shooting/Recording Method" portion of the Camera's menu and make sure the settings are matched? Thank you for any help you can offer.
  11. Folding Bag Cart v1.0

    Thank you the "Dual side mast mount" looks a lot like what I am wishing for.
  12. Folding Bag Cart v1.0

  13. TentacleSync E review

    Thank you.
  14. TentacleSync E review

    For the sake of discussion; Is there a list of Windows video edit packages that have the built in capability to reference LTC on an audio track and sync "double sound" sound files? I bought my Tentacle E devices for use with cameras that have dedicated time code inputs, but have been curious about how a production would deal with the LTC on an audio track if it did not have access to the Mac OS Tentacle syncing software.
  15. Lectrosonics SR9VBP battery pack

    Hi Larry, Thank you for the helpful information. The battery pack seems like a great idea for quick backup power.