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  1. Folding Bag Cart v1.0

    Hi Max, Thank you for the helpful information!
  2. TentacleSync E review

    I have an older Win7 x64 laptop that does not have an Nvidia CUDA video chip, when I encountered this dialog box I just clicked on Update Configuration and then everything started working.
  3. Panasonic AJ-HPX3700 P2 Varicam timecode

    Hi, I worked with a HDX 3700 yesterday and couldn't engage the camera op's interest on this subject so I searched up this old thread. Can someone spell it out for me step by step? Assuming I am using a Sound Devices 6 series mixer/recorder and want to use a lock box on the camera to sync sound, what do I do if the project is at 23.98? How about if the project is 29.97? How about drop and non drop choices? For example; do I set my mixer to 29.97 to sync the lock boxes and then, if necessary, switch the mixer to 23.98 while leaving the lock box at 29.97? Do I go find the "Shooting/Recording Method" portion of the Camera's menu and make sure the settings are matched? Thank you for any help you can offer.
  4. Folding Bag Cart v1.0

    Thank you the "Dual side mast mount" looks a lot like what I am wishing for.
  5. Folding Bag Cart v1.0

  6. TentacleSync E review

    Thank you.
  7. TentacleSync E review

    For the sake of discussion; Is there a list of Windows video edit packages that have the built in capability to reference LTC on an audio track and sync "double sound" sound files? I bought my Tentacle E devices for use with cameras that have dedicated time code inputs, but have been curious about how a production would deal with the LTC on an audio track if it did not have access to the Mac OS Tentacle syncing software.
  8. Hi, The Lectrosonics SR9VBP battery pack seems like a clever backup system for use with devices that use SONY L series 7.2vDC batteries. Does it just place two 9vDC batteries in parallel for or is there some sort of regulation? Thank you.
  9. Lectrosonics SR9VBP battery pack

    Hi Larry, Thank you for the helpful information. The battery pack seems like a great idea for quick backup power.
  10. OT: Best all-round DI box?

    Choosing a good DI box requires thought about the application. The description of a Bass amp output, a electronic keyboard output suggests that a passive device will be ideal. The better passive devices have many advantages over the active systems, at least for the those who agree that a good transformer input offers benefits over "transformerless" inputs. The primary feature that some active systems offer is exceptionally high input impedance that is useful with high impedance low voltage output devices such as traditional electric guitar and bass pickups. If the bass player is plugging the instrument directly into the monitor/mains system without the amp, and the bass uses a passive high impedance pickup, then an active direct box is a good idea. The bass amp's line out and the keyboard's mystery meat output will work very well with a passive system, and will work well with an active system as well. Countryman have long been top quality active systems while Radial has aspired to become a top quality supplier. Radial has become so popular that they purchased the world renown Jensen Transformer manufacturer to insure a consistent supply of world class audio input transformers for enthusiasts who enjoy using transformers. Radial JDI passive: 140kOhm input impedance Countryman 85: 10MOhm input impedance I think its great that you want to support the kids and their music making. Good luck with your choices!
  11. NEW: Ambient | NanoLockit

    How do replace the batteries when and if you need to 5 years from now? Thank you.
  12. Comtek Questions - 72 vs 216 - Old vs New

    Any thoughts about what happened to allocations in the 72-76MHz band? Looking at the 2003 and 2016 Allocation charts I see some changes occurred, but don't see anything about assistive listening. Thank you.
  13. Update on the upcoming Tentacle Sync-E

    I had the impression that the level was continuously adjustable. Is that incorrect? Is it just "mic" and "line"? Thank you.
  14. Comtek Questions - 72 vs 216 - Old vs New

    Can someone please elaborate on the details of how most of the 72-76MHz spectrum has become illegal to use for IFB "assistive listening"? I am trying to consolidate a pros cons list for IFB solutions and searched for 72 vs 216. I got the impression from this thread that the 72Mhz gear is harder to find, but see that brand new units are still available today. I don't think I want buy any 72MHz gear but I would like to understand the circumstances to have a sense of perspective. I gather that most of the 72-76MHz band has been re-purposed for public safety but I can not find any info about assistive listening in the band having become illegal. I found a bunch of info about RC Modelers arguing whether or not it is a legal unlicensed band, but the only 72MHz assistive listening info I found still describes its use. Any info appreciated! Thank you.
  15. Oade Brothers Audio upgrades

    The Oades have been upgrading "taper" gear for live music recording for many decades, and are genuine legends in some circles. I have never had any upgrades, but have known the brothers for over 30 years, and think that they operate with sincerity.
  16. Looking Into Buying Zaxcom IFB

    Hi Steve, Thanks for explaining. I honestly did not know that there were (m)any choices below 32 Ohm, but I can understand why it is a good idea to avoid them if you want the output of the R1A to seem civilized. Thank you. Edit to add: http://soundfirst.com/images/Earbud_Impedance.pdf
  17. Looking Into Buying Zaxcom IFB

    Can I assume that there is a small typo, or at least some particular perspective that may be explained further? In the world of headphone choices, a 32 Ohm load seems relatively low. The Sony 7506 design is 60 Ohm which is already much lower than the dozens of "hi-fi" 600 Ohm headphones on the market, while the infamous Telex CES-2 earset is rated at 125 Ohm.
  18. Looking Into Buying Zaxcom IFB

    Thank you for the helpful information.
  19. Looking Into Buying Zaxcom IFB

    Thank you for explaining.
  20. Looking Into Buying Zaxcom IFB

    Thank you for explaining. I just read the SK300 manual and suppose I understand, but want ask to be sure. When you go to your bag setup do you sacrifice the ability to use a two channel send to the IEM receiver? Thank you.
  21. Looking Into Buying Zaxcom IFB

    Can you explain what transmitter you use? The two channel receivers seem very attractive for the price, but the SR 300 G3 Transmitter has kept me from considering them for bag use. Thank you.
  22. Update on the upcoming Tentacle Sync-E

    19ms = 0.456 frames at 24 fps. Just thinking out loud.
  23. Hello, Does anyone have any experience with Lectrosonics VHF IFB gear? If so, do you have any thoughts about how the use of the 174.100MHz to 215.750 MHz ( band III ) has been working out? Setting all the price differences aside, do you have any thoughts about how this gear compares to other VHF choices in terms of performance? I have been looking for a rental house that lists the Lectro VHF gear. I see the UHF at most rental houses but haven't found a VHF listing. Thank you.
  24. Any experiences with Lectrosonics VHF IFB?

    Hi, Does anyone know of any dealers who may have a demo set of these IFB units? Thank you.