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  1. I place (hide) them 10 different ways every day. It's hard to say there's a favorite, just one way works and others don't. Wish I had a one-size-fits-all solution.
  2. Flawless so far. Down to -10f* and light snow on it and no issues.
  3. Thanks! Zoom F8, Sanken CS3e, Senn MKH50, and 4x Lectros with DPA mics. And blimp systems for the shotgun when it's windy/snowy. My biggest project yet, indie feature for 5 weeks, but the DP said it's the best production sound he's ever heard. And he's DP'd 30+ features, so I'm doing something right.
  4. 10,000 ft in the Rockies shooting an indie period feature.
  5. How are you guys placing HushLavs? Just started using them and I take a 1/2"x3" strip of moleskin and place it at the bottom half of the HushLav and attach it to appropriate clothing layer. Anybody have other options?
  6. Assuming that you are able to coordinate with the wardrobe dept before major costume and outfits are created/selected, what is your standard operating procedure? What do you ask for, build in to costumes, etc? I ask because I was approached to do sound for an indie period piece / western feature, and I'd like to coordinate with wardrobe before they start making outfits exclusively out of starched silk, fresh leather and chainmail. The only other time I've been able to coordinate with wardrobe in past projects I was only able to say, COTTON COTTON COTTON.
  7. Maybe the sennheiser avx system might fit the bill for this. Paired with a zoom h6 or f4? It's designed for set it and go non-soundies. The agc on the avx system might actually be useful for this sort of scenario.
  8. Not that I saw, and it was happening in the apartments as well as the common areas (sky lounge, conference room, etc.), and it is a very modern building, so my first assumption is that something was installed in every room, most likely a pest control device.
  9. Thanks guys for the input. I'm trying as hard as I can, but just didn't have a reference as to what is considered the norm. No point in beating myself up if I'm getting an average amount of rustle. Sounds like I have some ways to go. However this past feature I've substantially increased my usability of my lavs.
  10. What's the average percentage for your lavs that you don't get clothes rustle/noise, drop outs or hits, etc on your lavs? I'd say about 40-50% of the time I lav someone it's clean without any really bad rustle. Sometimes I have no issues at all when I get the placement just right with cotton shirts, other times I'd assume it's completely useless. I do narrative work where I have to hid the mics almost 90% if I can't hide it in plain sight.
  11. No the issue occurred with or without the camera in the room.
  12. Got you. Thanks! I love the Cos11, but didn't know if there was a better alternative.
  13. Isn't the Cos-11 too bright to match?
  14. I have a Sanken CS-3e and was wondering what the best lav mic would be to match the darker/warmer sound of my shotgun. I mostly do narrative work where I have to hide lavs under clothing,
  15. Well the normal human ear tops out at 23khz, so it would make sense that it wouldn't bother a normal person. There was a dog in there as well, but it wasn't acting weird or distressed. But it was a pug and they are strange creatures.