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  1. Thanks for explanation David. So I'm looking for universal mic pre, plexi cover, rubber gasket. Is there external crystal sync (record and playback) for Nagra SN? Purpose of red cover?
  2. And advice how use LN (low noise) vs. STD tape selector. Crystal sync works, QLSI is there.
  3. A bit strange T12 cannot be switched off.
  4. Yes Google explains opposite connection only.
  5. Nagra 4.2 can be started/stopped shorting Mixer pins - will test soon. But my newly purchased 4.2 has T12 only (no selector). How can I connect P48 mic or dynamic?
  6. It is key code because I did not have OriginC to initialize TC. I thought I can extract TC from audio file and see in let say Premiere.
  7. David, I have no problem requesting to scan whole are of film. See attached scan of Ektachrome 400. ASCII code is K452 from XTR.
  8. Constantin, I want point and shot and not bother with sound at all - like a camcorder. First we discussed trigger coupled with camera button but there is no solution we must hack remotes for popular recorders. Second solution is timecode exposed on film and in audio file but I am amateur and don't know how to handle in popular apps that why looking for advices. If I could have time code displayed with audio file then could copy fragment that is on film and combine. Is there any other solution without pushing rec or slate button each scene?
  9. Keylink is no go. I asked my lab and response was null. Why I can't do this manually?
  10. I'm interested if Aaton code could be read from audio file.
  11. This is how TC on film looks like but my XTR prints ASCII only.
  12. So there is no code in audio track I could import to popular applications and manually sync with picture?
  13. How to read time code from recorder when it is jammed with Aaton Origin and code is also exposed on film? How to match both?
  14. How to read code from recorder and visually match with code exposed on film? Both jammed with Origin.
  15. Zaxcom says it is not possible. Possibly my Aaton XTR can turn on Zaxcom using TC - camera has 5 pins Lemo. I need special cable with attenuator?