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  1. I'm looking for affordable audio recorder or smartphone app so that I could record sound pushing and holding button on wire and when release that button stop recording without much delay.
  2. Zaxcom says it is not possible. Possibly my Aaton XTR can turn on Zaxcom using TC - camera has 5 pins Lemo. I need special cable with attenuator?
  3. These are big and some heavy - would be nice something to be attached to camera. F8 has slate, haven't found any button trigger.
  4. Good point Olle. Will check F8. Just need fire 16mm camera with recorder. Tascam DR100mk2 uses proprietary trigger.
  5. Aaton can't advice how to use Origin. I think it is useless if can't trigger both camera and recorder or expose TC on film.
  6. Aaton is trigered (start/stop) with simple non stable button. I'd like trigger audio recorder same way but most use dedicated remotes. Any idea which recorders (portable) can be started/stopped with one button? I want keep setup simple as possible. Zoom is nice because record 10s earlier.
  7. What is Aaton coder MK4?
  8. My friend is working on this. He was director at Panavision Poland long time ago and service film cameras for over 50 years.
  9. Nagra IV TC is rare and cost fortune I can afford III.
  10. Which Nagras can be controlled via Origin C?
  11. If Aaton sends record TC then should fire any TC recorder?
  12. 744 is expensive. Fostex PD2? Question is: does Aaton send TC signal or must be initialized? Not sure.
  13. Any experience with Aaton Origin C? It fires camera and recorder by pressing #. Nagra IV TC was a standard that day but now is collector item very expensive and bulky.
  14. Question sent to Zoom but they are closed to 3rd January. I use Tascam DR100mk2. Both have remote plug with logic.