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  1. +100
  2. My expendables case. The small one is for my boom op and small jobs.
  3. Thanks! I actually have one of these and didn't even realize it could be used this way.
  4. Hey everybody, long time lurker taking the plunge. I'm on a project and just found out that tomorrow there will be a segment shot on an iPhone. I'm still waiting on details from production, but I wanted to ask how others have handled working with the iPhone. I'm assuming sending audio to camera isn't realistic, so I'm thinking double system with a TC slate. I see to get conflicting information online regarding frame rate. Does it shoot 29.976 frames or true 30. As far as I know they are planning on shooting in the iPhone camera app and not an app like filmic.
  5. Here's a picture of my small Stingray bag with a similar setup. Really small with plenty of room!