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    I'm a student at Emerson College doing some professional work on the side. I've been a freelance location sound recordist for 2 years now and have been recently training in post-production audio. I do mostly small commercial, narrative, and documentary type work.
  1. cjmarino96

    A Water Tank Turned Music Venue (New Yorker article)

    That's inspiring. There's always beauty lying somewhere. It's just a matter of finding it I suppose!
  2. cjmarino96

    LA Post-Audio Houses?

    @Philip Perkins and @dfisk Thank you for the leads guys!
  3. cjmarino96

    LA Post-Audio Houses?

    Hey Everyone, This is my first post, although I've been around JW Sound absorbing wisdom for a few months now. I'm headed to LA this fall for my last semester at Emerson College and I've been looking for Post-Audio houses to reach out to for potential internship or apprenticeship opportunities. If anyone has any recommendations I would greatly appreciate it! Thank you in advance, and you guys are awesome. JW Sound has gotten me out of quite a few pickles in the field already, and I appreciate how supportive the community is.