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    Production sound mixer in LA since 2012. Specialize in documentary ENG (Last Chance U), sports, and fitness (Beachbody).
  1. Syoung

    Will ADR turn into automatic pix replacement?

    I'm sure you guys have seen this, too. Adobe's Project Voco http://www.bbc.com/news/technology-37899902
  2. Syoung

    Telex Intercom and Block 19-21 Interference?

    Right. I guess I'm more concerned with the frequency deviation muddying up the air but it looks pretty tight (40kHz) Probably thinking a little too much into it. Thanks!
  3. The company I'm currently working with is considering buying a Telex BTR-800 system which operates between 470-600Mhz. It's a fairly small sound stage and I'm wondering if anyone has had any significant interference problems with these systems using Blocks 19-21 for their wireless. TIA, Sam.
  4. I work with these cams daily. I put some lockit boxes on them and re-jam after lunch, never had a problem. They do drift a bit without a lockit.. especially after batt swaps. Anytime the cam powers down re-jam it.