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  1. ahicomputer

    Nagra Stories Sound-men won’t ever tell

    By the way... present in those photos above is Dick Topham with the "shotgun" mic... (my boss at Audio Services), as well as Mike Riner and Paul St. Peter, all are top-notch guys I was privileged to work with at ASC, and then in the booth with the time code slates is Mike Denecke and (I'm not sure who was with him)... if anyone can jog the memories with his name it is greatly appreciated !
  2. ahicomputer

    Nagra Stories Sound-men won’t ever tell

    Thanks for the replies ! All those are old photos for sure - taken with my little 110 Kodak Instamatic pocket camera or maybe my Nikormat 35mm that I finally acquired. The caddy was the boss's - Dick Topham, best boss I ever had - in the parking lot behind the Audio Services building on Lankershim. Another old nagra that I often serviced was the SN, the tiny little pocket-sized spy recorder. I transferred many an SN tape to 1/4" for Beverly Johnson (Mike Hoover), and I listened to many hours of her material in the process. The most memorable (unforgettable and comical in my mind) was an interview of an old-timer up in Alaska (documentary for Armond Hammer I believe) where they were talking about the dangers of the river currents during the melting season. Quote from the old-timer Alaskan (probably a gold-miner guy) "There's a lot of dangerous currency in that river". I've always thought about heading up there looking for some loose twenties. Or Fifties... or Hundreds ! Here is me and Jim Camery. He was a great guy. A couple other friends to mention: Darrel Linkow and Frank Murphy come to mind today...
  3. ahicomputer

    Nagra Stories Sound-men won’t ever tell

    Just stumbled into this forum, and wanted to share some photos of Nagras. We serviced lots of them at Audio Services C. I washed out a nice III that had been dunged by an elephant in Africa, and I got to wear the rig that James Camery used for 60 Minutes. I could barely hold it up for 60 seconds, though. Karen Roulo is working at the bench, as well as a couple of great Joes. At a trade show, I caught Manfred, Danny, and Andy Cooper in the Nagra booth.