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  1. Hey Guys, I need to clamp my iPad Mini onto my sound cart. Any ideas? Products? I'm in the UK. Thanks,
  2. Antennas for Micron Explorers

    Hey Guys, what do I need to connect either Dipole or SharkFin antennas to my Micron Explorers. (I have two). Do I need passive or active, also would I need a distributor? It'll be a cart set-up. Would a distributor need power? ................ Waddayathink?
  3. 4 tracks...6 Radios and 1 Boom

    Hey Guys, I'm a UK based sound recordist and I've got a TV pilot to shoot.I have a Sound Devices 744T and 442 mixer. I need to use 6 radio packs and a boom for this job and would welcome any work-arounds or maybe you've done the same thing.There's no budget to hire in any more gear so I'm thinking I'll have to "double up" on some channels.Waddayathink???
  4. 4 tracks...6 Radios and 1 Boom

    Hey Guys, a development..........my boom op has bought himself the same kit as me. He has a 744t and a 442. I reckon we can link these and we're good to go. Waddayathink?
  5. 4 tracks...6 Radios and 1 Boom

    Hey Guys, thanks for all your input here. It's really cool to get different options and opinions, all of which make sense. Don't get me wrong, I'm no novice but this kind of TV shoot is something new to me. (6 lavs......doh!!) I shall deffo enlist the aid of a boom op and suggest to the production manager we need a 788T or at least a Zoom F8. Thanks again guys; this is a cool forum. I shall report back with how I got on and will indeed keep smiling!!