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  1. Obviously that's what I meant. The endless sarcasm on this forum brings me so much joy. My comment was intended as a question toward future resale value of 302s. Who would buy a 302 when they could buy this?
  2. Does this mean my 302 is as good as a paperweight?
  3. Constantin, like I said in what you quoted... The shoot evolved. And as I'm sure you've been in similar situations in the past, you start thinking along certain lines, then different requirements come up, requiring different solutions.
  4. I bought the waves broadcast bundle before I knew what I was on about... Total waste of money. The only thing I still use out of it is the Rcomp. Definitely don't have a WUP, and won't ever use them again. RX5 is fantastic. Spectral repair tools, dialog denoiser, and the automated "signal chains" are unbelievably good. The least useful tool IMO is de-reverb.
  5. Hi All. Lots of really great ideas. Thanks for the detailed responses. Hopefully this thread can serve as a reference for this particular situation. The shoot evolved a number of times before it ended up being the documentation of a language class with one teacher (on wireless lav) and four students (on wired Cos-11s). For a "one man mix", that ended up being my most cost effective option, and it worked out really well for this application.
  6. Thanks Phil. Surprise - they also want to shoot two cams!!! So, we'd have to choose a primary shooter for me to follow in order to boom. I like the idea of making sure there's an on camera mic recording to each cam as well.
  7. Hi all. I've got a documentary shoot coming up about languages. One scene will be a kitchen table discussion with numerous family members sitting around the table talking, unscripted. Production hasn't given me a number for how many participants will be at the table, and I'm not sure they'll know till shoot day. How would you mic this scenario if lavs weren't an option? I was wondering about hanging two cardioids from the ceiling and recording to separate channels, but feel like that's not necessarily the best option. Looking for recommendations. What say you?
  8. Hi All, long time lurker, first time poster. Recently, an established mixer near me posted a photo on IG of all his lavaliere miking accessories (clips, stickies, windscreens, tape, moleskin, etc). It got me thinking that I would like to see how everyone is organizing this stuff on location for quick access. So, if you're willing to share, let's see your lav kits!