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  1. I think it's due time Zaxcom figures out how to expand the limits of NeverClip. As a sound designer it's important I record at a high sample rate (96kHz/192kHz). It's 2017 and NeverClip only works for 44.1 and 48kHz sample rates. There would be many advantages of having NeverClip at a higher sample rate for sound effect recording. Zaxcom, please make this happen!
  2. Hi I will admit but I'm a new Zaxcom user and I purchased a Maxx recently. It is possible to record and monitor encoded MS in the Maxx? If so how? I have checked the forums and I'm seeing some mentions of M/S monitoring but I'm not seeing any detailed info on how to encode MS in Maxx in 96kHz. I emailed support and they told me I should be doing this in post. I was hoping Zaxcom could perform a simple MS task like most audio recorders do like a Sound Devices, Zoom, or Tascam.