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  1. truelife

    Wisycom w/ Micplexer 2 + SNA600a?

    Thanks, Frido. I meant interference. I was just curious if this was a popular combo that people had used...
  2. truelife

    Wisycom w/ Micplexer 2 + SNA600a?

    Sorry guys if this has appeared elsewhere, just wondering if anyone using Wisycom has used the MicPlexer 2 with SNA600A combo to increase range and lessen RF? I was interested in this for the SRCs but it appears that the SRCs aren't a viable solution for my work because of their continued RF issues. Any thoughts would be great.
  3. truelife

    Anyone ever mix with a clavicle injury?

    Thanks guys. Good advice from all. I have my own Worker's Comp and since it was actually a job I was producing, they should theoretically cover me, even working for my own company- but with insurance I guess you never know. Particularly bad timing since I'm also moving next week Still, it's a particularly meaty job so kind of painful to let it go...
  4. Just broke my clavicle through an unfortunate meeting with a magliner. Anyone have any ideas for holding a 633 with four wireless and a boom? Was thinking of rigging up a monopod to lighten the load on my good shoulder and sling the bag with a strap, saddle-bag style. Booming could be problematic, but my gig is not totally run and gun...
  5. truelife

    SD 633 lock up problems - anyone else?

    I just used my 633 at an event where we'd shoot interviews then break for about an hour then another interview. So I would power down gear and then power back up for next interview. I experienced the 633 locking up three times over the course of 3 days. Luckily I used the menu button trick but the initial inability to do anything causes a great deal of panic. Hoping there's a fix for this soon... Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. Thanks guys- very helpful!
  7. I'm doing an audio installation and wondered if I could use Wave Agent to manually create a 6 channel recording from which I could play direct outs to 6 different speakers. The idea would be to create the recording in Wave Agent and then playback on the 664