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  1. Here you go: folgende URSA-Produkte sind am Lager. Die Waist Straps sind voerst nur als Big Pouch am Lager. Artikelliste Art.Nr. Typ VK 1 USC Ursa Soft Circles (Pack of 18) MIXED COL 13,00 UCSBe Ursa Chest Strap BEIGE 29,00 UASBl Ursa Ankle Strap BLACK 34,00 UASBe Ursa Ankle Strap BEIGE 34,00 UWSMBPBl Ursa Waist Strap Medium / BP BLACK 35,00 UWSSBPBl Ursa Waist Strap Small / BP BLACK 35,00 UWSMBPBe Ursa Waist Strap Medium / BP BEIGE 35,00 UWSSBPBe Ursa Waist Strap Small / BP BEIGE 35,00 UTSBe Ursa Thigh Strap BEIGE 35,00 Mit freundlichen Grüßen, Dana Kurenz KORTWICH Film-Ton-Technik
  2. They have the Straps in Stock, just asked them yesterday and they sended me a pricelist...
  3. Kortwich Berlin is Dealer for Ursa Straps...
  4. I often worked in situations like that last year, entering in doc scenes unscripted with up to 10 people, no radios... we worked with two booms, thats it. Just take care to optimize the room (noise, light/shadow...) and try to make a plan with the camera department, To have good mics at the cameras is not a bad idea (short shotgun like neumann kmr 81) iI prefer booming with an mid/side stereo boom, so people speaking from the sides are not totaly lost, either with neumann rsm 191 or a combination of gefell m310/neumann km a 120. Dont be afraid, if you follow the conversation/the flow and look what the camera guys are doing there should be no problem.
  5. you should try to do one by your own for testing before spending the money at a shop like kortwich. in a multicable configuration your usb and audio normally gonna share the same ground/shield so chances are big that you get some leakage from the digital usb signal in your audio chain, so the cables would have to be individually shielded. for my DIY projects i normally use sommer cable, there is a big choice: http://shop.sommercable.com/en/Cables/ if you don´t want to do it DIY i much prefer the OPS Shop https://www.ops-shop.de/ the stuff he does is realy good (the low profil connectors are better shielded then the ones from kortwich), the guy is making custom cables too...
  6. hm, two np f970 its not an option for me, the ad071 mixer is not running with more then 15v... maybe best solution will be a rrc2040 -12volt should be good for 744t and ad071, seems reasonable priced and should be fun to build a powering system with the smbus reader...
  7. Hello everybody, i am looking for a smart solution to power my small audiobag with a 744t and a audio development AD071 premixer. i prefer to keep it light as i do a lot of documentaries and have to be mobil... The oportunities i am thinking of right now is either to use a Sony NP F970 with a step up converter to have 12v for recorder and mixer or to do a DIY (... I am not afraid of soldering ;-) ) powering solution based at rrc smbus batteries: http://www.rrc-ps.com/en/products/battery-packs/standard-smart-battery-packs/rrc2040/features.html or http://www.rrc-ps.com/en/products/battery-packs/standard-smart-battery-packs/rrc2054/features.html (that one is used by sonosax for the new r4 recorder) is there someone how has experience with both power systems (esmart vs sony np-f970)? pros and cons, runtime, weight... Thanx, Karsten
  8. Hi, i would choose from sound prefererences... My impressions where: Sennheiser 8050, 8060 and MKH 416 tend to sound sharp and compressed on some voices, Neumann KM 150 a little bit thin, lower output I prefer Gefell M 310 for indoor use... Also think about that with digital mics it can be a problem to use them in a ms configuration with an analog fig. 8... Had a schoeps digital cmit for a shooting and it was not possible to use it with a neumann kma 120, digital noise was bleeding at the 5pin cable as both mics share the same ground