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  1. Hi all. My NOS UHER Report Monitor 4000 deck has finally arrived ! Very happy with it, sounds great. I am now going to embark on many field recording exercises with it, trying out several different mics that I have. This is just a hobby for me, for now at least. I know I am not in the mainstream by using a reel to reel deck, but I do love analog. Looking forward to using it lots. A few pics of the new unit, manufactured in 1996 :-
  2. Don't worry, I would still like to get a Nagra 4.2 one day, just could not afford one just yet. Plus most of my vintage mics already have the DIN plugs to suit the UHER units. Owning a Nagra is still firmly on my list. But most likely not a stereo model, way too expensive, unless I win lotto !
  3. Ok, I will, when I receive it ! Probably have another 2 weeks to wait now... I really look forward to being able to do analog field recordings again, using my vintage microphones.
  4. Hi all. Just to let you know, and finalize this thread, I have not gone with the Nagra option. I have purchased a Uher Report Monitor 4000, NOS never used, from a company in Germany, SDS Sprang Datensysteme. The Report Monitor 4000 units they sell were made in the 1990's, Uher manufactured these models up until 1997 ! Thanks for all your comments anyway. Chris.
  5. Ok Philip, thanks for the comment. I have found 2 companies in Europe that sell NOS UHER Report Monitor decks, for a reasonable price. One of them even has a complete line of NOS spare parts for them, and accessories. The Uhers they have are late production model ones, from the 1990's I think. The belts & all rubber parts have been replaced. On the other hand, the Nagra E I am interested in is definitely not new, and has some physical damage, but supposedly working ok. Still leaning towards the UHER...... Cannot beat a brand new unit...
  6. Ok. But I think the UHER decks are reasonably good, if in good working order. My UHER 4400 was great before it failed, the recordings it made are very good. But now I have decided not to buy any more 1960's vintage tape decks, unless they have been fully reconditioned, the electronic components are just getting too old now. Its down to just the 2 choices for me now, the Nagra E, or the brand new UHER Report Monitor 4000, going by suitable price & availability.
  7. Hi guys. Thanks very much for the replies. I have found a Nagra E for sale from a reliable guy in the U.K., has been refurbished & guaranteed working ok. So I might go for this one. Yes, I think the Nagra III models are a bit too old now for regular use. The other option I have is a brand new, never used, UHER Report Monitor 4000 deck, slightly cheaper than the Nagra. Which ever one I get, it must be reliable to use every day, not just a collectable. I can do some repairs on tape decks, I come from a technical background. Cheers, Chris.
  8. Hello all. I just joined this great forum, lots of interesting discussions here. I am a bit of a reel to reel tape deck enthusiast, I love using them for playback & recording. Lately I have become very interested in doing field recording with analog tape decks, namely a UHER Report 4400. It worked very well, for 3 months anyway, I was using it nearly every day. But it has now developed a nasty audio fault, making it useless for any HIFI recording. So now I want to upgrade to a better analog portable tape deck, a Nagra would be excellent. So I can probably afford to buy either a Nagra III, Nagra E, or Nagra 4.2, all mono. The stereo models are way too expensive for me, plus mono is fine for the type of recordings I do. I do not need any sync features, I am not working with film. The field recording I do is just a hobby at this stage. So what would you guys recommend I buy out of these 3 models ? The Nagra III looks nice, but is the oldest. The Nagra E is the newest, but with the fewest features. The Nagra 4.2 has the best features I think out of the 3. I really look forward to getting my first Nagra, just hope I can find the one I want for the right price. Cheers, Chris.