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  1. A-Box by Wooden Camera

    Ah, this opens up another question. I consider the link/scratch track to camera part of the price of my Basic Kit rental. Are most of you all charging extra for that?
  2. A-Box by Wooden Camera

    Thanks All! If I get an A-box I could also have adapters made to input into different camera types. I am thinking about getting an A-box for the mini with adapter cabling for the new Red camera DSMC2 body type. That would cover the two main culprits for about $400. Not cheap, but maybe I could get a rental, hardy har har. One of my biggest concerns is precedent. Though I am already running into many a lacking camera package, AC's that do not bring cabling or uncommunicative productions that will not answer my camera audio interfacing questions, I wonder if I am not doing a disservice to other sound operators by supporting an undue expectation that they should have gear in their kits that should come with the camera. That is why I am viewing this as a possible rental item: it would say YES I am prepared for your production and this level of preparedness is worth something. Thanks, alek
  3. A-Box by Wooden Camera

    These days I am running into a Red or Arri Mini owners who bought the camera, but not a proper audio interface for it. Because of this I am considering purchasing a Wooden Camera A-Box wired for the Mini and adapter cables from that to the newer DSMC2 style Red camera audio input. Having this in my kit could save the day. and perhaps be a rental item. Any thoughts on this? Thanks!