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  1. Me too Robert. Not into fiddly, having just "a few more years" in the biz LOL Jim Rillie Production Sound Mixer
  2. Yup, I'm at it now
  3. I have 2 older Rycote conn box systems, and the NC3MZ connector pulls apart - pins come out with the mic when disconnecting. Is there a fix, or just replace connector? Best, Jim Rillie Production Sound Mixer
  4. Thanks for the info. I guess this whole range of machines (iv-l which I am familiar with)was just between the Nagra 3 and the 4.2.
  5. Nagra iv-d? I've heard iv-l, iv-s, iv-sj. What was the iv-d? Or do you mean Nagra D the digital nagra?
  6. But there is an SLO with it. It may have the Nagra mods for sync. Looks like 4 heads.
  7. 23.976, 23.98, 23.97 all apply - just abbreviations
  8. Old school SOP: any planted or spot mic should have some slack cable near the mic. In my case, a loop for strain relief and isolation, but also for adjusting position in many situations. Good one, hiro. Jim Rillie Production Sound Mixer
  9. No, I haven't , but rumours abound...
  10. If you go for a RA Lemo, just be aware that there may be several options available for what direction the Lemo goes. They are not like the XLR RAs , which can be directed to . The problem with the RA Lemo I bought is that it angles down, and the camera guys complain that it must be removed each time they change a memory card. Some may argue that this is good practice (re-establishing the sync) but that is not what the camera dept wants to hear, or deal with. Have gone back to regular Lemos. They don't really want to jam up anything too close so they can access to the memory cards, anyway. Just my 2 cents. (cents now extinct where I live, so we'll have to come up with a new expression here;) Best Jim Rillie Production Sound Mixer
  11. 70 here. Renovated prostate (TURP). Working mostly TV drama with a 3 person crew whenever a gig comes our way. Jim Rillie Production Sound Mixer Halifax, NS
  12. I'm with Jozzafunk on this one. Probably cable M or F connectors or mic male XLR pins with moisture. Sometimes it can be in the solder side of connectors as well. Open them all up and dry them - hair dryer, maybe, or just air dry overnight in a not humid place. Doesn't happen much to me anymore since we have been wireless, (fewer connectors in the line, and we keep connections out of the rain) Jim Rillie PSM
  13. Burnt dead cat would give you weird acoustic problems, not what you are talking about. Jim Rillie PSM
  14. You gotta love Larry Fisher's concise and human responses (always well thought out and often humorous at the same time) and technically on the mark answers to all questions. We love your input, Larry. (saying that for all of us) if i'm not being too presumptuous. Best Jim Rillie Production Sound Mixer