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  1. Cantar sound reports have always been closely related to the originating machine an very precise, accurate and having the ability to generate csv, pdf and ALE files. I don't know if anything else is needed? What does push back mean or is it relevant?
  2. Good Luck. antenna mast here we come;-}
  3. I've also been coming around to this, and so far DITs are happy (and they are aware of any hitches in sync if they are doing their job) which makes production happy. Frame rate changes and camera reboots are another matter. Funny that the "known issue still hasn't been dealt with.
  4. Sync boxes on cameras, or not?
  5. I would think, probably about the same as an NP-1, unless the chemistry is quite different. Maybe about 10% higher.
  6. I second RPs advice from experience, this works well. Don't care whether it's the camera dept, or us , and re-jam after frame rate changes, and battery reloads and all should be well. Regards, Jim Rillie
  7. 2 Boom ops for me if it's multi camera drama, but I don't work as much as I used to LOL
  8. Don't know how to quote Jeff, but I agree. The last sentence of Jeff's post says it all for us Lectro invested people. Gordon, Larry and Karl - are you booking this? Thanks Jeff for keeping this open for both camps. We are not at odds, just keeping up with the technology. What works, works in our circumstances. Feel the love. Best regards, Jim Rillie Production Sound Mixer
  9. I couldn't leave this alone any longer. Is this possible, or damaging? maybe what is required is "To boldly go where no man has gone before" credit: Star Trek original intro VO by actor William Shatner from NDG, who knows how to use his voice.
  10. No, they aren't , but I agree...;) They are a hiring agency sort of. Seem Ok, but just wondered if anyone else here had come across them. I will report back after the gig if anything untoward occurs, but they seem on the up and up. Jim
  11. That would be my "Ok I'm out of here" if they don't understand that simple concept.
  12. Anybody have experience with this compAny? Jim Rillie
  13. Ask the grips. they are friendly.
  14. Understood, Ant. I work with a cart. And it's always too heavy no matter what I do to alleviate that fact:) I think there may be a technical reason, but would love to be proven wrong. Jim
  15. I am wary of Rf weirdness, Anthony. So I go with tried and true. I use 2 BST75 TXs with the Phase Right antennas. My channels are "Bourgeousie" for Director and others who don't need to hear me communicating with boom ops, and "Proletariait" for my guys. No issues. All channels vetted for IM with NewEndian's App, freqfinder. Splits, I dunno, seems like complication for no reason...