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  1. Show me your bag

    Hi Bernie, What do you use for RF distro? I have been happy with Stridsberg. Very neat looking, organized bag.
  2. Defending your Work

    Uh oh Just a few days after Ground Hog Day! ... Congrats to you KGraham. Visual Post has a long history of laying their misunderstandings on us, although I don't mean all of them , just a choice few. Usually , a thorough message describing how we shot it, and how to access the sound reports helps with these misunderstandings, in my experience.
  3. Hearing Follow Focus

    I have heard it now and then in quiet scenes. Often it is embarrassing enough to the camera dept, so I don't have to whine and they will use it judiciously and try to go between lines with the follow focus and re-framing. Good camera people like to see it all working to tell the story, just like we do. A set where everybody is cooperating is a set I love to be on, and produces memorable results
  4. Zaxcom ZMT3 Battery Life

    I hear you, just thinking that Mr Fisher's priorities may not include testing everything available, since Lectro has some tested and proven under their own label.
  5. Zaxcom ZMT3 Battery Life

    $5? Test it yourself : - )
  6. Greetings, all My MBP has been a workhorse for many tasks, but in the last year or so has been very sluggish in the WiFi department - losing signal, etc. To my tech mind, obviously an antenna problem, but Apple support has been skirting around the issue for months. Gurus at Apple store not able to find issues with their extreme in-store wifi, advisors from Apple having me go back to Mavericks, and re install everything, no improvement. I will keep digging away, but I do find my reasonable concerns and experience in the RF world are being ignored. Is this a systemic Apple thing, or the problem with the whole tech world at this point? Anyone else experiencing this? My Q and D solution will be to buy a USB adapter and disable airport card, rather not and get it resolved. Curmudgeonly yours, Jim Rillie Production Sound Mixer Elder (new category) Had to go sit on the basement stairs to send the topic - no send in the living room chair several feet from router
  7. Email for media question

    jw.org is the Jehova's Witness website. Not the same as jwsound;-)
  8. Soundfield on the cheap?

    LOL, Ron.
  9. recommendations for double-sided tape for plastic mounts

    I don't know what the DPA concealer mounts come with, but would Rycote Stickies work? or Top stick? Those are what I have been using for years, depending on the wardrobe, etc.
  10. Comtek PR-216 1/8 inch plug wiring

    Hello John, Love the jet powered porta potty, or whatever it is. This cable is a Comtek output cable (with the same choke on the cable as the one you refer to) with a mini TRS connector at the receiver end, and a male XLR at the other end to feed a line input The Option 7 receiver puts out up to +15 dB according to the specs. Jim
  11. Comtek PR-216 1/8 inch plug wiring

    I have a bad PR-216 output cable at the mini phone connector, just wondering about wiring, because it is a sealed connector. The XLR end of the cable has resistors and a small capacitor siliconed in. Just wondering if replacing this connector is possible - would like to use a Neutrix right angle mini-phone. I'll also contact Comtek on this and spread the word when a response is received. Jim Rillie
  12. Nagra Stories Sound-men won’t ever tell

    “Joseph Lucas - Prince of Darkness” we used to say regarding our British Motorcycle electrical systems.;-]
  13. Sound Devices Mix Pre-3 and Mix Pre-6

    Does synching in DaVinci Resolve keep all the metadata sound editors need? Jim Rillie
  14. Underwater Mics

    Tx must have been at least on surface or very near. My experience has been with actors wearing Mm400s, as they go in, you hear a few “ glug glugs” from the mic, then total radio silence. Jim Rillie