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  1. Agreed, Ao. that's my usual tack. We all have read and heard the script many times over, but the audience gets to hear it only once before they give up and watch something else...
  2. agreed , Constantin - That person must have had old-school real training. So rare these days. I have always encouraged my boom ops to listen, but the best boom op I ever worked with never needed to hear - it was a distraction to his proper mic placement. He knew his mic patterns, lenses etc. We found ways around the communication issue. Today's work style pretty well necessitates boomers wearing headphones/earbuds or something for both monitoring and communication, but why not adjust to that style if the results are good? Best Jim Rillie
  3. In my region (Atlantic Canada) the bell and lights are operated by the third AD or his/her set PA.
  4. I'm with Vale on this. My thinking is that it's quicker for post in the long run.
  5. I think it's just the lavs with 2 wire connection.
  6. It's a Sanken thing. A good few years ago, I was in touch with audio post at the start of a show, and I sent him some tests. The post guy (Fred Brennan- sound supervisor) checked waveforms, and discovered the anomaly. This was with Lectro transmitters, but the problem may have to do with the requirements for two wire connections (which seem to be the most common for radio mics) and the voltage polarity on Sankens, I think. At any rate I have always reversed the phase on my body mic receivers since then. The reversed polarity was between transmitted boom mics and the sankens.
  7. In my experience, having a TX and an RX in the same block within less than 6-10 feet or so, sometimes even further can cause grief - I haven't scanned in that situation, just moved TX far enough away so gremlins go away.
  8. Hear hear
  9. Don't know if I'm normal...
  10. 1 dB is supposed to be the threshold at which a normal human can hear difference. I think, by definition...
  11. Me too Robert. Not into fiddly, having just "a few more years" in the biz LOL Jim Rillie Production Sound Mixer
  12. Yup, I'm at it now
  13. I have 2 older Rycote conn box systems, and the NC3MZ connector pulls apart - pins come out with the mic when disconnecting. Is there a fix, or just replace connector? Best, Jim Rillie Production Sound Mixer
  14. Thanks for the info. I guess this whole range of machines (iv-l which I am familiar with)was just between the Nagra 3 and the 4.2.