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  1. Comtek PR-216 1/8 inch plug wiring

    I have a bad PR-216 output cable at the mini phone connector, just wondering about wiring, because it is a sealed connector. The XLR end of the cable has resistors and a small capacitor siliconed in. Just wondering if replacing this connector is possible - would like to use a Neutrix right angle mini-phone. I'll also contact Comtek on this and spread the word when a response is received. Jim Rillie
  2. Comtek PR-216 1/8 inch plug wiring

    Hello John, Love the jet powered porta potty, or whatever it is. This cable is a Comtek output cable (with the same choke on the cable as the one you refer to) with a mini TRS connector at the receiver end, and a male XLR at the other end to feed a line input The Option 7 receiver puts out up to +15 dB according to the specs. Jim
  3. Nagra Stories Sound-men won’t ever tell

    “Joseph Lucas - Prince of Darkness” we used to say regarding our British Motorcycle electrical systems.;-]
  4. Sound Devices Mix Pre-3 and Mix Pre-6

    Does synching in DaVinci Resolve keep all the metadata sound editors need? Jim Rillie
  5. Underwater Mics

    Tx must have been at least on surface or very near. My experience has been with actors wearing Mm400s, as they go in, you hear a few “ glug glugs” from the mic, then total radio silence. Jim Rillie
  6. Lithium batteries on board

    Just got on an Air Canada flight Newark to Ottawa, Captain claims I'm only allowed 2 lithium battteries. Comments?
  7. Comtek Questions - 72 vs 216 - Old vs New

    After reading Mirror's reply, and looking at Comtek's website, I believe yes. But i have never seen one either.
  8. Lithium batteries on board

    Hi Dan, I can confirm, the published Air Canada standards are still the same. I am carrying a copy with me from now on when travelling. I will also try to find an IATA? ruling, which is the same, I believe. Jim
  9. Lithium batteries on board

    Yes, it was a small plane and everyone was required to Deposit their Carry-on luggage for pick up on arrival. I revealed there were Lithium batteries in the bag, nothing to carry them in otherwise. The Flight attendant asked the Captain, he immediately said 2 only- no matter what capacity. We just spread them out amongst our crew to cover it. Lucky I was’t travelling alone. But they were all Inspired Energy batteries - 2 x 98 Wh, and 3 x 49 Wh, so Jason is right - no maximum amount of these allowed on board stated. The rule of 2 applies to batteries between 100Wh and 161Wh. This is in the airline guidelines, Captain didn’t know the difference between capacities. I’ll carry a printout of the guidelines in future to settle these things. TSA or security in Canada always spot batteries on their scans, and know what they are. Never had an issue at security checks.
  10. Looking Into Buying Zaxcom IFB

    Ao, As usual you are a very generous font of useful information, and HB2U as well. Not that I use those frequencies myself. Jim
  11. Love the last line. I woundn’t touch it with a ... ;-)
  12. 600 MHz gear

    Is there a market somewhere in the world where the 600MHz band will still be open for wireless mics? I have several MM400a and B transmitters in that range which can not be re blocked, as well as one UCR411. Best Jim Rillie
  13. 600 MHz gear

    PM sent
  14. Looking Into Buying Zaxcom IFB

    In my experience with BST 25-216 and BST 75-216, the Phase Right antennas make a huge difference in range over the rubber ducky for BST 75-216s or the Telescoping antenna for the BST 25-216s.
  15. 600 MHz gear

    Yes Mike, I was thinking that price range is fair. Jim
  16. 600 MHz gear

    Is there a market somewhere in the world where the 600MHz band will still be open for wireless mics? I have several MM400a and B transmitters in that range which can not be re blocked, as well as one UCR411. Best Jim Rillie
  17. 600 MHz gear

    Maximum bass, You,re right about the 2 years, but I have stuff I just don't use Anymore and need to divest of. EU won’t accept equipment that is not CE approved (no lead) I think. 5 waterproof transmitters and receivers in Block 24 available for people who might have a use for them. Looking for offers. Jim Rillie Production Sound Mixer
  18. Red Weapon 8K Audio Issue

    Auricon was mag stripe 16mm, I think. Jim
  19. Digital-analog sync sound

    Hi Jon, So true. What Time Code rate did you finally go with on set? JR
  20. Production Mix Structure

    I think that trying to correct timing with a moving boom and moving actors is best left to post, because the timing relationship of the boom and personal mics is always changing anyways. my 2 cents
  21. Does it have a time code input a 5 pin Lemo?
  22. Cos 11 Sticky cable- not from tape...

    Amazon.com in the US lists it - Try Remove Universal Adhesive Remover Wipes. I just get its at a Lawton's Drug store with a homeware section here in Halifax, NS Not Homeware, but home care. oops
  23. Cos 11 Sticky cable- not from tape...

    Yup, That's what Remove is. It is available in Drug stores that have a home care section. Jim
  24. Delivering files from multiple recorders

    ALE , PDF and CSV have all been offered as options on Cantar sound reports since the first Cantar X1 sound report function was introduced. They must have had their reasons. A sound editor I know has always asked for ALEs - they are helpful in some way.